15 Photos Of Lindsey Morgan Proving She Is Always On That Gym Grind

Lindsey Morgan might be petite, but she is a rising star whose acting skills are sure to set waves soon. If they don’t, then we’re confident that her abs will. The Texas-born actress has a habit of working out and showing off her hard work on her show, CW’s ‘The 100’ and her Instagram feed. Both feature Lindsey in crop tops and getting sweaty in moves that make us all jealous of her abs. Her abs are the product of hard work. The petite actress has shared her love of Maui Thai which is a form of Thai martial arts, on her social media pages. She has also shared photos of her lifting weights at the gym. She’s a girl who isn’t afraid to pull out the dumbbells or enjoy a quick HIT session to ensure that she stays lean and strong. After all, she needs to keep in shape for her job which often sees her taking on physical roles such as tough girl Raven on ‘The 100’. Her workouts also keep her in shape for the occasional bikini photo-shoot or desire to show off her abs in a crop top.

We’ve rounded up her top workout pics to show you just how she gets in shape. Granted, we don’t all have to hit the gym or the track quite as Lindsey does. Although, if everyone did it’s nice to know that we would all have abs just like Lindsey. So, read on for this young actress’s workout. You might even get a few cute workout outfits ideas too.

15 Add Pink To Be The Cutest Boxer Ever

Lindsey's cute pink boxing gloves in this one show that although she is tiny and loves to rock girly colors, she isn't afraid to get down and box. We have no doubt that she’s probably better at throwing a punch than either you or I are. It’s always the small ones that you have to watch out for.

While hitting a punching bag, Lindsey smiles through her workout. Knowing well that she can get a fun workout routine to release any stress, Lindsey challenges her workout routine by trying out multiple exercises to tone her body. An exciting way to let go of any built up emotions. Whether you want to let out emotional stresses or get in shape, this one is great for achieving both. Depending on your wants and desires for a better body, boxing is great to start off with.

14 Flex A Sense Of Humor

Leave it to Lindsey to show you how it’s done. We love her face and muscles in this pic. She knows that she’s put in the hours to get those muscles. After hard work hitting the gym boxing, lifting weights, using stability balls and much more, your body would start to look like Lindsey’s too. Yet, don’t be fooled, her tiny waist isn’t just for show.

With her toned abs and small figure, that shouldn't fool you about her strength. With arms like these, Lindsey’s flexing proves that even the tiniest of women can get strong, toned, and flaunt muscles. Sure, she’s not competing with Arnold Schwarzenegger in size, but she’s strong enough to show you who's boss. A tight stomach with brawny arms indicates that Lindsey takes her health and body seriously.

13 Lift Like Wonder Woman

Back to the gym she goes. When it comes to staying in strong physical shape to keep up her health and career, Lindsey isn't playing. Just to let you know you have to have some serious upper body strength to be able to lift your body at a 90-degree angle on a stability bar like that. They’re the ultimate, if not also one of the hardest ways to get toned abs and arms just in time for summer. They will also strengthen your legs if you choose to replicate the form Lindsey is working on.

Stability bars activate your core strength while strengthening your arms too. They protect the wrists while challenging your workout altogether. They’re a fantastic way to tone it up. And, if you haven’t tried them before, they’re a challenge that will have you wanting to wear crop tops all summer long.

12 Walk Away Love Handles

Lindsey loves to show off her body. Who can blame her? She works very hard to accomplish what she wants to look like. The actress also lives in Los Angeles so she has every opportunity to show off her muscular arms and toned midsection.

Here is Lindsey in a low-key picture going for a walk in the Los Angeles sunshine. Walking should not be overlooked when it comes to building a tight midriff. The faster you walk, the more calories you burn. Swing your arms and you’ll kick up your heart rate and engage your upper body including your abs. If you’re looking to further tone your abs by simply walking hit an incline. You can also make sure that your posture is perfect and your waist is drawn in when you walk.

11 Kick Your Abs Into Shape

With boxing comes kickboxing too. Lindsey’s workout varies depending on her mood and the body part that she wants to train that day. As I mentioned before, hitting the punching bag can be an excellent way for releasing any built up anger or tension.

Here Lindsey is reducing stress by throwing a few kicks at her bag. She’s also getting a nice workout on her hips and obliques. For those not familiar with the term, it refers to the pair of muscles on the side of your abs. By throwing a few kicks at the punching bag you’re sure to kick love handles away; literally. So, copy Lindsey for a great way to tone your body and boost energy. Did we mention that high-energy sports such as kickboxing release ‘happy’ hormones that improve your mood? It’s a win-win situation.

10 Don't Forget To Tone Your Back

Want to have the ultimate toned backside? Try lifting a dumbbell behind you and rising it slightly when you workout. A strong backside also means a strong midsection. By strengthening your back muscles you’ll improve your posture and draw your stomach in. Lindsey shows us how to lift the weight for getting a perfect back. Here you can see that she loves to do breathing exercises too.

With putting weights on your body and squatting comes patience. Determined to keep fit Lindsey does what it takes. We all know how difficult squats can be on their own. So this means lifting weights on top of that is a challenge. However, it is well worth it. Squats with weights have endless amounts of benefits. Increase body muscle. Strength. Circulation. Reduce any cellulite. Improved posture. A toned body. The list goes on and on. So, give it a try!

9 Run Your Way To A Slim Waist

Ah, running. How could we forget running? Possibly the go-to workout routine that is easy and simple. Running is a great way to get the blood flowing. It helps the heart and it’s a killer leg and abs workout. Plus, did you know it counts as meditation? Yes. Running is not only another efficient way to burn calories. It forces you to take deep breaths and focus.

Lindsey looks severe and focused here. It probably has something to do with the fact that she’s adding sprints and jumps to her run. The focus is important while working out. It increases your need to have a beneficial workout. However, running will help lift your mood. Even if you work out for only half an hour, it makes a difference. Become a happier you. Every bit counts.

8 Don't Forget To Get Your Skin Glowing

Working out will even help your skin, believe it or not. Exercise and a healthy diet do the trick to have a smooth and even glow like Lindsey’s. Blood flow will help nourish your skin cells. Not only that, but when you get your body moving you’ll flush cellular waste out of your body. And, some of that waste will include excess pounds you don't want around.

Your body will function better at digesting and getting rid of excess toxins when you get your blood pumping. Lindsey doesn’t have that flawless complexion from eating Cheetos on the couch. She’s clearly putting in the hard work to get her heart rate up. It’s clear that her diet is healthy too that includes a lot of fruits and vegetables high in vitamins and antioxidants to keep her skin glowing.

7 And Heart Rate Pumping

Handstands can also be a part of your workout. However, only give them a try if you’re good at balancing yourself and you’re familiar with the pose. If you haven’t done them since you were a kid, you might want to ease yourself into this pose with yoga. If it seems too risky or dangerous, trust your instincts, protect your neck, and don’t do it. If you're confident, then you can then go for it.

Handstands are a great way to enhance your upper-body strength. It will increase the muscles in your abs since you need to keep yourself up. It might seem easy, but it's a lot harder than it looks. This one will increase your mood too! Since the blood rushes to the brain, this means two things. Good energy and calmness. This is a great way to improve any depression, or anxiety one may have.

6 Be A Kid Again

We all remember jump rope, possibly from our childhood right? We recognize it as fun. Well, that’s precisely what it can be for you too. If you're looking for a more exciting way of working out, this is it. Lindsey works out in style. Wearing her lovely purple outfit with her Nike shoes.

Her appeal might be flattering, but jumping rope is still a tiring workout. Just look at her muscles, which prove that she’s clearly exercising the right way. Jumping rope is a great way to get the heart rate up and burn calories fast. Yet, if you haven’t done it since you were a kid you might find that you’ll need to build yourself to be able to do it for five minutes straight. Be patient. It takes time. But, stick with it, as it’s a good way to melt fat if you’re aiming to have Lindsey’s abs.

5 Have A Water Break

Lindsey loves workout clothes too. She tends to stick with her favorite workout brand, NIKE that is known for their durability, cool styles, and movability. And, the brand clearly offers a lot of crop tops to work out in. Here, Lindsey is striking a pose in her workout gear taking a much-needed water break. She proves that she stays smart when it comes to working out. You should never overwork your body. You’ll only end up burning out. That’s where water breaks come into play.

Proper hydration is vital for maximum gains while working out. Lots of water equals healthy joints. Not only that but also a healthy mind and body overall. It will reduce any fatigue you might experience while working out. This will help with weight loss, and build your muscles. The health benefits and work out benefits are endless!

4 This Is The Perfect Ab Exercise For Watching TV

Floor exercises with weights are another critical part of a well-rounded workout routine. Not everyone may want to do these exercises though as they can be tough. Lindsey looks to be lifting a 20-30 lbs. Imagine doing several reps with those weights! Yes, your abs will probably look like Lindsey’s. But, to get there it’ll burn.

Most likely, the actress has worked her way up to that weight. Most people will have to start with 8 lbs weights. Her legs are raised to ‘activate’ her muscles in her upper abs. She’s also working out one arm at a time, so she might be focusing on her obliques to ensure that the sides of her abs are trim and toned. Now, we wonder if she does weights before or after she heads out for a run?

3 Lift Strong For Strong Abs

Weights are the latest fitness craze in Hollywood. Everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kim Kardashian is raving about how lightweights keep them in the best shape of their lives. It appears that Lindsey got the memo.

Her abs and arms are the results of her not being afraid to be lean and strong by lifting heavy. Now, when we say heavy, we mean that she’s probably in the 8-15 lbs range. Although, once you start doing a few reps you’re bound to get your muscles working and growing. Over time that endurance training will give you results similar to Lindsey’s trim arms and waist. For an added challenge try keeping your balance on a stability ball while you raise a weight over your head. Your abs might kill you now, but they’ll thank you later.

2 Lunges Aren't Just For Legs

Here is Lindsey at the gym practicing her lunges with a weight. This is a great exercise for chiselling the abs and achieving balance throughout your entire body. Hold a single weight with both hands while you do this move. By doing this, you will maintain your leg strength by working on bending your legs.

You’re also using your abs and back muscles for balance while you define your glutes. Your abs will contract while you do this move and after a few weeks of including this move into your workout regimen, you’ll notice a chiselled midsection. Breathing is key to this move. By working on your posture, it is forcing you to work on your breathing techniques. It'll ensure that the oxygen is given to your muscles being worked out.

1 Don't Forget To Flaunt It!

Lindsey is clearly proud of her hard workout sessions. Here she is in a crop top again letting us know that she’s just had a good kickboxing session. It’s punching bags and water again. Remember how we said that water is essential while working out? Staying hydrated is especially important if you are hitting the gym to do intense workouts such as Lindsey's.

You need to stay hydrated while taking breaks in between. Breaks are necessary for recovery to allow the muscles to grow and your body to lose excess body weight. If you aren't in the mood for a complicated workout, hit the punching a bag. It's fun. Lindsey lets us know that even with success, fame, and status it is never out of style to take care of your body. It’s the secret to a happier (and more toned) version of you.

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