Lindsay Lohan's Mother Loses Actress' Childhood Home To Foreclosure

The mother of Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan has discovered that things are about to get lean.

Dina Lohan has lost the possession of her long island house, the very home her famous daughter grew up in, to foreclosure on Tuesday after defaulting on her mortgage, according to EOnline. A New York court determined that the home will be put up for sale within 90 days at a public auction. The 55-year-old mother was last reported in December to owe nearly 1.5 million in mortgage charges and had her home taken away after not responding to a foreclosure lawsuit.

Lohan, who at one time took $40,000 from her daughter to save the home, had a previous run-in with foreclosure after JPMorgan Chase in 2013, but an agreement between the two halted any further action. The lawsuit was reactivated in 2018 when it became obvious that conditions of the agreement were breached.

Daughter Lindsay's efforts to save the house may have been for the sake of her mother, but the two had been seen locking horns in situations that grabbed headlines. In 2012, police were called to the home to investigate what was reportedly a domestic disturbance. There was another publicized fight between the two four years later.



The two have since settled their differences, with Lindsay, whose own troubled past was the source of headlines for years, declaring back in December she was planning to move to Dubai.

“I love living in New York, but I do love the serenity and peace that I find living in the Middle East because there are no cameras in Dubai and I can actually focus on what I want to do in life,” she said. “I don’t always have to be scrutinized every second. I can have a private life and have a public life, but when I choose to. And I think that’s really important.”

The actress, also known for her roles in Freaky Friday and The Parent Trap, was last seen in Sick Note, a British sitcom, which premiered in 2017. She also managed to open a bar, Lohan Nightclub, in Greece in 2016.

But during a visit to New York to see her mother, Lindsay was apparently not in a position to bail her mother out, given that her latest acting ventures, such as being the face and voice of lawyer.com aren't anywhere near the paychecks she received in her prime.

As for mother Dina, who used to call herself The White Oprah, there's no word on what she'll do next. The former Wall Street financial analyst wound up managing her daughter's career for a while, before turning to production with such reality TV shows as Living Lohan and Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


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