League Of Legends Developer Riot Games Faces Sexism Lawsuit For Past & Current Employees

Riot Games—the video game developer behind the massive hit League of Legends—has managed to garner plenty of critical and financial success due to their well-made video games. Unfortunately for the popular developer, however, they're facing some new massive legal troubles over employee treatment.

According to BBC this past Wednesday, Riot Games is facing accusations from former and current female employees out of California. The first main complaint has to do with female employees allegedly being paid less than their male counterparts. The second complaint concerns multiple instances of sexual harassment. Two employees included other complaints that concerned how they were each treated respectively.

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The pay issue is one that was put forward by former employee Jessica Negron. Negron revealed that she was earning about $56 000 when she was asked to take on more responsibilities for a former manager. That individua—a man—was earning $160 000 at the time. Negron carried on those extra roles for six months but never had her pay increased, or was interviewed to take on the former manager's role entirely. After that role was filled by men, Negron resigned as a result.

Regarding the latter issue, there were many examples of alleged sexual harassment. This includes female employees being sexually objected via email; a co-founder mocking the idea of consent, employees being subjected to sexist remarks by male supervisors, receiving inappropriate pictures from male employees, and female employees being bullied during online games. Another former employee behind this complaint, Melanie McCracken, revealed that when she complained to Riot Games' human resources about a supervisor's alleged sexist hiring practices, that supervisor told her that he had been made aware of her complaint. After that, McCracken was falsely accused of showing off photos of an executive at an adult club, as well as putting inappropriate photos of him on the dark web. McCracken was passed over for a promotion due to these false claims, forcing her to leave.

As of now, Riot Games hasn't revealed whether or not they will challenge the aforementioned allegations. In a statement, they explained that they plan to investigate everything in a thorough manner. With the lawsuit new and pending, it will be very interesting to see what happens next, as well as what the outcome of this lawsuit will be for both parties.

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