10 Highest-Paid Music Acts in Las Vegas, Ranked

There was a time that being a resident in Las Vegas was the end of the road for an artist's career. However, things changed, and now A-list stars have multimillionaire contracts. Now it is possible to attend concerts of multiple A-list stars like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Calvin Harris, and Bruno Mars.

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It is undeniable that their presence boosts the showbusiness in Sin City. Having a residence in Vegas is very lucrative for those artists, and some of them make millions thanks to exclusive contracts. Keep scrolling and discover the highest-earning artists in Las Vegas.

10 Jennifer Lopez - $350,000 per performance

Jennifer Lopez is one of the A-list singers who are among the Las Vegas residents. In 2014, she signed a contract to perform at The Axis at Planet Hollywood. Lopez made $350,000 per show. In 2016, it was the highest-grossing show in Vegas, and it made $34,600,000, according to the Daily Mail. It is no surprise they wanted to renovate the contract.

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In 2018, she celebrated 100 shows in Vegas, and she got a party with cake and everything in a resort. After all, she has all the reasons to celebrate!

9 Mariah Carrey - over $30,000,000 contract

During an interview at The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2015, Mariah Carrey announced she would start her first residency in Las Vegas. Some sources claim she signed a contract that is worth over $30,000,000 with Caesars Palace. The singer performs 18 songs that were number one on radios.

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It seems that the diva is happy with her deal. In 2018, she released her new show, The Butterfly Returns, at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. She is still performing in the city, and it is the chance to see one of the ultimate divas in the world on stage.

8 Calvin Harris - $400,000 per performance

Calvin Harris is the DJ with the highest income in the world for many years now. And Vegas is the reason why the Scottish DJ is so wealthy. He has an exclusive contract with Wynn Hotel in Vegas, and he makes $400,000 per performance, according to The Guardian. He has a net worth evaluated at $190,000,000.

Last year, he confirmed that he extended his contract until 2020. That means that we will probably see Calvin Harris will keep his title of richest DJ in the world for a couple of years.

7 Cher - $60,000,000 contract

It is impossible to talk about Las Vegas musical performances and don't think about the legendary Cher! In 2008, the singer signed a three-year contract to perform at Colosseum at Caesars for $60,000,000. Her show, Classic Cher, was a success among critics and the public.

She kept playing in Vegas after the initial period, and In 2014, Cher decided to extend her contract due to the public demand. Cher is still performing in Vegas, and her shows are always a big deal in the city. It is unclear how much she makes today but she certainly has a multimillionaire contract.

6 Celine Dion - $476,000 per performance

Celine Dion has a long term contract with Circus Maximus at Caesar's Palace. For many years, she was the highest-paid artist in the Sin City and made $476,000 per show, and she kept the record for some years until the next name on this list took her crown.

The "My Heart Will Go On" singer performs in a place that has 4,300 seats. In 2003, CBS broadcast her first show in Vegas and invited Justin Timberlake to be the host. That means since day one everybody had big expectations about the show, and they were not wrong.

5 Elton John - $500,000 per performance

Elton John is one of the most celebrated artists in the world. His extravagant outfits, performances, and outstanding talents are the perfect match with Las Vegas. He signed a contract with Circus Maximus and became a Vegas resident. The artist reportedly makes $500,000 per show!

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According to TMZ, he takes 88% of the door for each performance. It was his second long-term contract in the city. To date, he's made 197 shows, that means $98,500,000 and 776,518 people attended the concerts. It was a memorable experience for the fans and also amazing to Elton's finances.

4 Britney Spears - $507,000 per performance

Oops! She did it again. Britney Spears is among the highest-paid artist in Vegas. In 2018, the singer signed a two-year contract with Park MGM Hotel, and she earns $507,000 per performance, the most significant salary for a long term performer, according to the Daily Mail.

Spears announced the big news during her appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show. The Toxic singer was already a big deal in Vegas. Before that, she had a contract with Planet Hollywood for four years, and she made $400,000 per show.

3 Bruno Mars - Reportedly $950,000 per concert

Earlier this year, Bruno Mars announced a mini residence in Las Vegas Vegas. The singer has booked 11 shows in the city a the MGM Park. There is no doubt the fans will demand more shows, and perhaps he will extend his residence as other artists did.

It is not the first time Vegas tried to attract Bruno Mars. In 2016, many sources said he was offered $950,000 to become a resident. Although he did not reveal how much he earned in 2019, there are chances it was a great deal with a similar amount.

2 Lady Gaga - $1,000,000 per performance

Lady Gaga signed a two-year contract with MGM Park Theater in 2017. The star and singer of A Star Is Born was $75,000,000 richer thanks to this deal. This also means that she earns $1,000,000 for each time she performs in Las Vegas. According to The Guardian, the contract set a new level for artists in Vegas.

The artist performs two different shows: Lady Gaga Enigma, where she presents new versions of her most famous songs. The second show is the Jazz and Piano, where she presents “stripped-down versions of her hits as well as music from the Great American Songbook.”

1 Rod Stewart - $2,700,000 per performance

In 2012, Rod Steward signed a $50,000,000 contract for 18 shows in Las Vegas at the Colosseum, Caesars Palace. That means that she made $2.7 million per show. This amount makes him the highest-paid performer in Vegas.

Rod Steward is still performing the show Rod Stewart: The Hits in Vegas, but it is unclear how much he makes. However, it goes without saying that his shows are a big deal in the city. In seven years, half a million people attended his show, and he extended his contract in 2017. For him, it is something worth doing in Las Vegas.

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