10 Reasons We Want Kylie Jenner To Be Our BFF

The Kardashian-Jenner name is famous around the world due to their reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kylie Jenner is the youngest member of this family, but she's also a self-made billionaire and a great mother. Fans love Kylie and all the ways in which she deals with life, love, and business.

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She keeps in touch with social media and her photos on all the platforms are loved by everyone, and often serve as inspiration for fashion and makeup. There are so many interesting facts about her that we would truly love to be her best friend forever. Here are the top ten reasons why!

10 A Cool Cheerleader

Kylie Jenner was just like most of us who were cheerleaders in school. She went to Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, California, along with her sister Kendall Jenner. A lovely cheerleader, she enjoyed school and all the simplicity that it had to offer.

But once her reality TV stardom career took off, she was homeschooled for her senior year. In 2015 she got her diploma from high school. It would be great to have Kylie Jenner in our school or college, sharing her stories and experiences with us. Being her BFF would have been so cool and amazing. A real treat!

9 She Loved To be a Simple Girl

A humbling thing about Kylie Jenner is that she didn’t choose to be famous. She was in front of the camera when she was just 9-years old and had to live her life for all to see. She admits that she really didn’t want to be as famous and popular as she was.

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With fame comes a lot of stress and this is what Kylie has tried to run away from. She has taken a break from the reality TV show so that she can do things in a normal way. It’s really heartwarming to see this need in her. We love her attitude and always wish her the best. Another reason why we would want her to be our BFF!

8 She is Shy

Since Kylie has been in front of cameras much of her life, we would think that she is absolutely comfortable talking to new people. But Kylie says she is a shy person who really can’t talk in public.

This started even while she was in school, and continues to this day. According to one of her YouTube videos, she messed up a school presentation by saying her favorite foods were soccer and basketball! Isn’t that what so many of us also do? It’s so nice to see that a huge reality TV star like Kylie Jenner can mess up, just like us the rest of us.

7 She Doesn’t Doll Up Always

Kylie Jenner has always loved makeup and her routine can take up to 22 steps to complete. Kylie is a lovely woman without makeup, but she has learned to use it to her advantage. This whole routine takes Kylie up to two hours.

This is the reason why she doesn’t really wear makeup all the time. She only does it for special occasions. It’s nice to see that Kylie likes to keep things simple and decks up only for special occasions. This makes us feel close to her! It would be great to just hang out with her at her home and try out different types of makeup.

6 She's Not Perfect, And She Doesn't Care

We feel celebrities are perfect and have no blemishes. So it’s heartening to see a famous celebrity share something like having a scar with us. Kylie revealed that she has a huge scar on her thigh. This is something she got when she was quite small – about 5-years old.

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She was playing with her sister and hid inside a gate. While trying to come out, she slipped and the pole went into her thigh. We all have some blemishes that we try to hide, so it’s nice to hear Kylie freely accepting hers even though she is such a huge star. She also admits having problems with acne in the past.

5 We Can Relate To Her In The Love Sphere

Kylie Jenner sometimes stalks her exes! Yes, she has admitted that she does. Isn’t that surprising? She will go over social media and look up her exes to know what’s going on in their current lives.

Though this may seem unusual behavior, Kylie isn’t obsessed with it. We all are known to peek into our exes lives on social media and it’s endearing to see this similar trait in a big superstar. In her interviews, Kylie has said that she doesn’t necessarily bother herself about other celebrities or people. She only checks out her exes, those she was romantically involved with.

4 She Loves Her Family

With a huge family surrounding her all the time, Kylie Jenner feels really blessed. Her sisters and she have a great relationship and this helps her in various ways. She takes advice for different things from different family members.

She loves to get fashion advice from Kim, family and boy advice from Khloe and motherly advice from Kourtney. All this makes us really feel close to Kylie, knowing that she’s willing to ask for advice. Since the family is so important to her, Kylie understands the needs of everyone. She finds it a great blessing to have.

3 She Doesn’t Binge-Watch

Now, this is something really interesting and unknown about Kylie Jenner. She has admitted that she has never finished watching any TV series ever. We would have thought that being part of a reality TV show, Kylie would be interested in other TV series as well. But Netflix isn’t one of her vices.

Again, it would be great to have Kylie as our BFF so we could introduce her to the amazing world of bingeing TV shows and movies! It would be an amazing thing to share with a best friend, and we're almost sure she'd be hooked.

2 She Too Was Bullied

We have all been bullied at some point in our lives. Knowing that Kylie Jenner also was bullied makes us feel closer to her. She has admitted that she has been bullied her whole life, either by her peers or through the comments on social media.

People who bully do it to make themselves feel superior in some way and it’s sad to know that despite her success, Kylie has been bullied too. She appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show in 2015 and admitted that bullying has been part of her life and that she never really spoke about it, assuming it comes with the territory. It does when you’re a celebrity, but also just living.

1 She Loves Her Makeup

Even though Kylie doesn’t doll up every day, she does love her makeup and has become extremely rich designing and selling her own makeup lines. She has said that she would like to be a makeup artist. If reality TV was not thrust onto her, she would have certainly been a makeup artist by now.

She loves to carry with her a chapstick and probably a thousand lip liners. Kylie likes to do her friends’ makeup and this is one reason why we would like to be her best friend for sure. Having Kylie Jenner do our makeup would be the icing on the cake. A huge plus why we would want her to be our BFF!

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