Khloé Kardashian Has Amazing Response To Post-Baby Paparazzi Photos

Khloe Kardashian Has Amazing Response To Post-Baby Paparazzi Photos

Khloé Kardashian got a look at her post-baby paparazzi photos and responded in the only way she knew how: determination.

Gaining baby weight is fine. It’s natural. It’s even expected. But for some of us it can be an almost insurmountable mountain to climb after the baby is born and it’s time to get back into shape.

After photos of Khloé made headlines last weekend, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star’s response is nothing short of inspirational.

But first, the photo. Khloé was out walking baby True in Cleveland Park on the weekend of May 5th shortly before getting back to LA. She’s wearing an all-black ensemble with sunglasses, sneakers, and tight black leggings that do nothing to hide her added assets, as the saying goes.

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Khloé has always been the Amazon of the Kardashian clan, but that badonkadonk is too much even for her. Writing on her personal blog, Khloé was in shock at how big her backside had gotten.

"I couldn't believe how big my booty looked!" she wrote. "I can't wait to tone up again and get my body back to where it was."

Apparently Kardashian won’t have to wait long. She’s been given the a-okay from medical staff, so it’s time to get her body back in action. "I'm super excited because my doctor finally cleared me this week to work out, and I'm going to meet with Coach Joe! I've literally been counting down the days."

That’s a level of enthusiasm for exercise that few people can manage, but it’s a shining beacon of hope for mothers everywhere that might’ve let things go a little too far in the baby weight department.

Khloé is so excited about getting back in shape it is literally the only thing she can talk about on social media.

“Old pics,” the new mom wrote on Instagram. “But I’m loving My Revenge Body looks on tonight’s episode!! Hi old body 👋🏽 I’ll see you very son! I promise 💋”


And of course, we can’t forget about Twitter, where Khloé tweeted a picture of her weight rack waiting for her at her home gym in LA. “All the pics of my home gym in LA!! I can’t wait to get into BEAST MODE you guys!!!”

"I'm actually proud of myself for not being as big as I assumed I would be, LOL—but I'm ready to start getting my body back and feeling mentally clear again," she added. "Bring on summer and the hard work—I got this!"


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