Instagram Founders Quit Facebook Inc After Rumored Issues With Mark Zuckerberg

Instagram founders quit Facebook Inc. after rumored issues with Mark Zuckerberg.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriege released a statement announcing they are leaving the social media platform they created in 2010. Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, but Systrom and Kriege stayed on as the chief executive officer and chief technical officer of Instagram.

Six years later, the men are parting way with the company they founded. Although the statement they released said their decision to leave was so that they could explore their "curiosity and creativity again," rumors are circulating the real reason is Zuckerberg. Reports have surfaced that the Facebook CEO was a little too involved their business and the guys had grown tired of his meddling.


According to The Guardian, there has been a lot of growing tension among the three men regarding the direction of Instagram. The disagreement has allegedly got worse over the six years since Facebook bought the company. Speculation has mounted that Systrom and Kriege wanted to run Instagram more independently than Zuckerberg and their parent company Facebook was willing to allow.

Whatever went down behind the scenes, all three men are putting on their best faces for the public. In a statement released by Systrom, he expressed that both he had his Instagram founding partner were grateful for the past six years with Facebook. Zuckerberg issued his own message on the departure of Systrom and Kriege, wish them nothing but the best, praising their brilliant work and expressing joy over working with them the past six years.

The news of Instagram founders leaving comes hot on the heels of WhatsApp, which Facebook bought in 2014, co-founder and CEO Jan Koum leaving as well. Koum announced earlier this year he would leave the company he created alongside his friend Brian Acton. The departure was also rumored to be amid arguments with Facebook over privacy issues. Acton left the company a year ago.

It is fascinating that both the Instagram and WhatsApp created have all said goodbye to the companies they created. Rumors suggest there is behind the scenes drama with parent company Facebook. Even though none of the parties involved have confirmed the rumors, four departures within one year do tend to make one believe there is more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye.

What do you think about Instagram co-founders leaving? Do you think there is any truth to the rumors disputes with Zuckerberg is the real reason?


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