See Kendall Jenner Shove Her Assistant At Met Gala

See Kendall Jenner Shove Her Assistant At Met Gala

Kendall Jenner shoved someone out of her way while so she could get the best camera angle on the red carpet at the Met Gala.

Some celebs will do anything for the camera. At the annual Met Gala fundraiser, the whole plan for every attendee is to show off their costume to the dazzling flashes of the paparazzi. But for Kendall Jenner, it looks like this time the pursuit of the perfect photo-op came at the expense of some of her fans.

While posing on the red carpet, Kendall was seen to press her hand into the back of a security guard in order to push him out of her photos.

The security guard, who has his back turned to Kendall, steps a little too close for comfort, nearly backing into the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. A shove from Kendall convinced him to take a few steps forward so that she could continue to show off her white dress for the adoring public.

Or not so adoring, after footage of the shove made it online. It seems like the physical contact wasn’t welcomed by many of Kendall’s detractors, who took to Twitter to express their outrage.

Still others came to Kendall’s defense, pointing out that it looks like she really just placed a hand on the security guard’s back and statements that she “shoved” him are a little overblown. You can see in the footage that she doesn’t seem to exert much pressure and the security guard hardly seems to stumble at Kendall’s touch.


Kendall’s alleged “shoving” of a security guard wasn’t all that she landed in hot water for. This year’s Met Gala theme was “Heavenly Bodies”, with attendees encouraged to wear costumes inspired by Catholic imagery. Kendall showed up in a white dress that was reminiscent “of a modern angel” but many Twitter users said she just looked bland.

A few even accused her of dressing up in toilet paper.

Some celebs just can’t catch a break.


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