Kat Von D Under Fire For Anti-Vaccine Stance With Her Baby

Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D has been hit with a wave of backlash after she went ahead and publicly stated that she does not want to vaccinate her child.

Her plan to become an anti-vaxxer parent was announced via an Instagram post.  The post states that she'll not be vaccinating her child. She also mentions how she'll be raising a vegan child.

The news that she would raise a vegan child didn't really hit people as hard as the vaccines. Generally, people can live with the idea of having a vegan child hang around with their kids. However, when a child is not vaccinated, it can create a mindset that the parents are irresponsible.

One of the main issue people have with who don't vaccinate their kids is that a child could carry a disease and give it to another who was unable to be vaccinated due to age or other illnesses. It's a possibility, but not a direct fact. People get concerned about this because they don't want to hurt other people's kids by just being around them.


Vaccines are considered by many as incredibly important. This is true since they were created to keep people alive and healthy against diseases that can be devastating.

This is the case with Polio. It was wreaking havoc back in the early to mid 20th century. People would contract the illness through infected food or water that has been contaminated with the stool of infected people. The polio vaccine was introduced as a preventative measure since there's no cure for it, at least people could prevent themselves from getting it.

That's why people make sure to get their kids to get vaccinated. Yet, some parents don't follow that line of thinking. Their reasons range from the ever notorious: "it gives kids autism," to: "the ingredients are dangerous."

In Von D's situation, her lifestyle must also be noted, she tends to live a healthy, green lifestyle. So it's likely just because she doesn't want to have any toxins that aren't completely natural in her child's body.

Kat Von D got this backlash for those reasons. People are both worried and questioning why she did this. They don't want the child to become ill, or worse, give a child who was unable to be vaccinated a disease.


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