Kanye West Is Reviving The XXL Cargo Pants

Kanye West Is Reviving The XXL Cargo Pants

Kanye West is bringing back huge XXL cargo pants.

What year is it? 2002? Because it’s hard to tell based on Kanye West’s choice of attire. The largest container of “dragon energy” known to man seems to be trying to revive the late ‘90s and early 2000s by wearing cargo pants the size of a small moon.

West appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Last week where he discussed a wide range of topics, all the way from how he feels about the current President to his choice in adult entertainment videos. And equally as controversial as his political and entertainment stance was his fashion sense.

Let’s start off with those pants. Is West actually trying to feed an army with those things? They’ve got enough pockets to store the entire 4th Mounted Infantry’s rations for a month. Although he’d certainly have trouble keeping up with them after tripping over those giant pants for the umpteenth time.

Kanye West Is Reviving The XXL Cargo Pants
via Jimmy Kimmel Live

Then again, this shouldn’t be all that surprising. The guy also tried to bring back sweatpants and huge sneakers, to very mixed success.

Continuing with the military theme, West also brought an oversized and geometric (as in square) white t-shirt that could also be army-issue if it weren’t a size too large. And of course, it wouldn’t be the armed forces without a pair of mil-spec army boots. Only, those are definitely Yeezy-branded and not US Army.

Completing the look is a set of definitive gold jewelry that actually wasn’t too ostentatious if you looked past the hugely baggy clothes.


Of course, going on Jimmy Kimmel meant that West didn’t need clothing to look particularly awkward. After launching into a brief diatribe about both Kimmel and West’s favorite President of all time, the conversation quickly veered into West’s infamous TMZ interview where he declared that slavery was “a choice.”

Next up came some philosophizing about Galileo, which went about as well as could be expected:

"Right or wrong, or even if I changed my mind about it or thought about it more, which I'm not saying I did, just place the thought out there that everyone's not thinking sometimes. Galileo, they wanted to chop his head off for saying that the earth was—what did he say? That the sun revolved around the earth, and vice versa. So when you have modern—"

Kimmel had to bust in to correct West, explaining that it’s the Earth that revolves around the Sun, to which West replied: "I'm not concerned about the specifics, sir." Classy.

The rest of the interview was more low-key, up until the very end anyway. You can check it out in the vid below.


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