Justin Bieber Saves Woman From Assault At Coachella Party

Justin Bieber saved a woman from an assault at a Coachella after party.

Is the Biebster now a hero? According to sources speaking to TMZ, the former pop-star turned religious recluse rescued a woman who was being attacked by an ex-boyfriend at a Coachella party, punching him in the face and pushing him against a wall so the woman could escape.

Insiders at the Coachella party, which was being hosted by Patrick Schwarzenegger, reported that Justin Bieber showed up Saturday night with a friend of his and started making the rounds. Shortly after, an unidentified man stalked into the party and made a beeline for his ex-girl and started to choke her.

The guy may have been on some sort of drugs, according to witnesses.

What happened next was even more shocking. Both Justin and his friends approached the man and screamed at him to let the woman go. The man shouted back, “Go f--- yourselves,” and kept choking the woman out. That’s when Bieber stepped up and clocked the guy in the face and shoved him against the wall, allowing the woman to break free and escape.


The belligerent dude was tossed from the party, although no charges were filed with local police and the man was not arrested.

After the party, the chemically-altered guy went after an SUV believing Bieber to be inside. He shouted Justin’s name and tried to damage the SUV unsuccessfully. Bieber wasn’t even in the car.

And that’s not the only wild Bieber story to make it out of Indio, California. The following day Bieber was spotted at a local church putting out an impromptu mini-concert for loyal fans. Rather than sing some of his historic hits though, the Biebs busted out some Christian classics: “Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury, and “Tremble” by Mosaic MSC.

Could this be the beginnings of a Christian music album from Bieber? We’ll be sure to keep our eyes and ears open for the next crazy thing the pop icon performs.


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Justin Bieber Saves Woman From Assault At Coachella Party