Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Spotted Leaving Miami In Private Jet

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are rumored to be getting back together after they were both spotted leaving Miami in the same private jet.

And that’s after spending the weekend clubbing in Florida.

Bieber and Baldwin briefly became entwined way back in 2015 during one of the Bieb’s many breaks with Selena Gomez. They both seemed to make a cute couple--her with an Evangelical Christian background and Bieber having then recently become a born-again Christian.

But as things often do in Bieber’s world, things fell apart and he got back together with Gomez for the umpteenth time.

Now that things are once again off with Gomez it’s back to Baldwin for round two. At least, that’s what it looks like on the surface.

The two were seen together in Miami Florida this past weekend attending the VOUS conference, which has already updated their website for the 2019 conference with an inspirational and very Christian poem. But when they weren’t getting their religion on they were spotted hitting up downtown Miami’s club scene.

According to sources speaking with ET Online, the two were also spotted out and about in downtown Miami in between conference events. Both Bieber and Baldwin wore VOUS-branded black sweatpants, which must’ve been hot, while Bieber topped off the bottom with a blue t-shirt and white baseball cap. Baldwin kept things simple with a jean jacket and white crop top.


Later on the pair got done up to go clubbing with Baldwin in a white satin slip dress and Bieber in plaid pants and a black hoodie. Not sure what’s going on with that look, but then again, nobody’s been quite sure what’s been going on with Bieber for a very long time.

Afterward, the two were spotted getting cozy on a balcony with Hailey in cut-off jean shorts and Justin without any top at all.

via ET Online

They departed Florida Tuesday afternoon on a private jet. By then Bieber had found his shirt, which turned out to be a yellow t-shirt, along with khaki pants and a black baseball cap. Baldwin waltzed up the stairs in baggy jeans and another crop top.

As for what this all means, who can say? Bieber has a tendency to bounce from ex to ex on a whim, while Baldwin has called their relationship as “best of friends.” We’ll see where this goes in the coming weeks.


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