Justin Bieber Slams Celebrity Lifestyle After Met Gala

It's looking more like the true signs of the Apocalypse are events you won't find anywhere in the Book of Revelation. Obvious indicators include the surprise World Series wins of the Cubs and Red Sox, the decline of retail in the face of online shopping, and now this: Justin Bieber challenging the facade of the high life.

Yes, that Justin Bieber, the former resident of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, which boasts another cultural export who answers to William Shatner. He who owns a fleet of cars that include a few Ferraris and Lamborghinis. And he who's reportedly worth roughly $305 million, thanks to hits like "Baby," "Believe," and "Beauty and A Beat," even though he hasn't had a hit since his latest album Purpose dropped in 2015.

Yep, that Justin Bieber.

It turns out the superstar took to his Instagram account on Tuesday, to advise his millions of fans that the starmaker machinery he stoked on his way to the top is far from glossy.

"Hey world, that glamorous lifestyle portrayed by famous people on Instagram. Don't be fooled thinking their life is better than yours," wrote Bieber. "I can you promise you it's not!"


Whether escapades surrounding his own personal account of life on the top will be taken as a warning by his faithful gaggle of Beliebers remains to be seen. Only, there isn't really much evidence of why he resorted to social media to share that thought nugget. It's likely he's still reeling from his breakup with Selena Gomez, who's currently hotter property, thanks to hits like "Wolves," "Fetish" and the Talking Heads-influenced "Bad Liar." And she's making headlines with her latest outing "Back To You," while Bieber wallows in faux obscurity.

As well, she was at the recent see-and-be-seen fashionista Mecca known as New York's Met Gala earlier this week. Also showing up was Hailey Baldwin, another Belieber ex. His absence from that event, probably indicated that his celeb stock was falling, so a dispatch on Instagram probably seemed like band-aid relief.

Still, it's not like Bieber's the type to remain unattached for very long, as he's lately been seen with model Baskin Champion, whose sister Abby is dating Bieber's bud PatricSchwarzeneggerar. That name association also suggests Bieber's become more body-conscious these days, as he and his beau have been spotted working out.

Maybe pumping himself up might do the trick in getting on that "staying real" bandwagon.


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