Justin Bieber Involved In West Hollywood Car Accident

Justin Bieber Involved In West Hollywood Car Accident

Justin Bieber has found himself in yet another car-related mishap.

The Biebs just doesn’t seem to have that much luck when it comes to cars. Or maybe it’s just the crazy Hollywood drivers. But either way, everyone’s favorite Canadian-turned American pop-star Justin Bieber is once again involved in a car crash.

It happened Friday night just before 9 PM. The Biebster was driving on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood when he was rear-ended by a Range Rover right next to a Bank of America.

It wasn’t just a minor fender bender either. The Range Rover was totaled, with the entire left corner of the hood caved in. And Ranger Rovers are not cheap, costing anywhere from 50 to well over $100 thousand depending on model and options.

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As for Bieber’s wheels, he was driving his Mercedes G-Class SUV. Now that is a pricey ride, with the newest model starting at just under $130,000. This being the Biebs, he’s surely shelled out for some pricey optional extras.

Lucky for the Biebster, his wagon wasn’t all that damaged. The fender looks to be a bit bent, and the housing for the spare tire was dented, but other than that he seems to have walked away without a scratch.

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Police were on the scene shortly after the crash as one of the car’s automatic crash assistance notification was sent out to local law enforcement. Officers ensured everyone was alright, which thankfully they were, but didn’t write down a report.


At one point while both parties were checking out the damage, Bieber came alongside the Range Rover’s window and gave the double thumbs-up, either to signal his car was mostly undamaged or that he was personally unharmed. Both Bieber and the Rover driver exchanged insurance info under police supervision.

A few moments after the crash were caught on a Twitter user’s camera phone, which shows Bieber in a pink hoodie conversing with the other driver before meandering back to his car. The cops hadn’t shown up by then, so it must’ve been shortly after the accident.




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