Jonah Hill Teases Move Into The World Of Fashion

Jonah Hill has been referred to as an actor, funny man, director and now maybe a fashion designer. He started quite the rumor the other night at the At the Man of the Year's GQ LIVE event, but is there any truth to it?

Hill has had a slew of accomplishment throughout his career. He has tackled comedies, dramas, and now directing — the 34-year old named director of the year by the magazine. However, it is not his directorial film debut Mid90's.

During his panel discussion with his cast from the film, Hill alluded to what he is looking for in his next project. No, it is not another film. He did reveal that his next venture or project was going to have to do with clothing. Now, it doesn't necessarily mean he is venturing into the fashions world, but there is the possibility the actor might be starting his own fashion line.


Although moderator Zach Baron, did not press Hill on his next venture, they did talk about his fashion choices for the press tour. The Wolf of Wall Street star shared that for this tour it was all about having similar outfits to make his life easier. Again, that doesn't mean fans should expect a Jonah Hill clothing line any time soon, but he clearly has an interest in fashion.

He could also be joking with his fans, and his next project involving clothes could very well be another film. After all, he is a big jokester, and his message was very vague. It would not be unlike Hill to have his word mean something completely different than the way people are taking it.

Should Jonah Hill decide to launch his own clothing line, he would be in good company. The past few years have seen an influx in celebrity fashion lines. It has become all the rage for Hollywood stars to venture out into the clothing business. Since Hill is not clarifying his statement at all, fans are just going to have to wait until he has decided to make an announcement.

What do you think about the rumor that Jonah Hill is jumping into the fashion world? Do you think that is what his message meant or are fans entirely off base?

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