John Schneider Serves Hilariously Short Time In Jail

John Schneider’s divorce from his ex-wife Elvira Schneider recently landed him behind bars for a hilariously short amount of time.

The Duke Of Hazzard’s star was in a long post-divorce war with Elvira who claimed John Schneider owes more than $150,000 in support. Because John wasn’t paying her the money, she was relying on income from a Louisiana property. As luck would have it, however, her ex-husband hadn’t paid taxes on the property as well. In January, Elvira blamed him for blowing his money on producing low budget films instead.

As a result, John had to transfer his property in Apple Valley to Elvira and resolve the tax issue on the property before the March deadline.


He failed to do so, and the actor was sentenced to three days in an LA County jail for not making good on the alimony he owed. Aside from the time in jail, he was also sentenced to 240 hours of community service. He was locked behind the bars on Tuesday, but that didn't stop him from trying to sell his books and T-shirts as he encouraged his fans to support him while he's in jail by buying his merchandises.

His time inside the LA Country jail was incredibly short, however. He checked in at 10:29 a.m. and was out at 3:46 p.m. The reason for his early release wasn't because he's famous—the jail was overcrowded, according to TMZ.

That release doesn’t mean he is off the hook though. The man still has a lot to do in order to avoid getting thrown behind bars again. According to court documents, Schneider still has to file his tax returns for 2014 through 2016. He was also required to make his financial situation transparent.  Aside from that, he has to pay Elvira half of all the money he earns. If he fails to have everything done before the end of 2018, he will face five more days behind the bars.

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