John Goodman Breaks Silence On Roseanne Cancellation

Actor John Goodman breaks his silence on the cancellation of Roseanne! But he is doing his best to stay out of the scandal that caused the demise of the ABC show.

He played Roseanne Barr’s onscreen husband for 10 seasons, well nine and a half really, considering he wasn’t around much of season nine. Despite recently losing his job thanks to Barr’s racist Tweets, Goodman is taking the high road and doing his best to keep out of the drama his costar has created.

Entertainment Tonight has video footage of the 65-year-old actor in a New Orleans body shop, where is reluctant to even talk about the scandal. He is very pleasant to the person asking the questions but shares he would “rather say nothing than cause more controversy.” The actor clearly does not want to be there but still continues to answer questions, despite saying he wasn’t going to say anything.


Goodman was quick to let his fans know everything is just fine with him. When asked his thoughts on what Twitter was saying about the controversy, The Big Lebowski star simply shared he does not read social media. He then told the cameraman good luck as he walked to his car while keeping his cool and composure.

However, the cameraman had to get one last question in asking Goodman about rumors the show Roseanne would no longer be eligible for the Emmy’s. This did not bother the actor at all. He gave the most perfect reply with a smile on his face the entire time.

“I wasn’t gonna get an Emmy anyway. I’ve been up there 10 times already, and if I didn’t get one, I’m not gonna get one,” he said grinning as he was finally able to get into his car.

John Goodman has broken his silence on the controversy surrounding the cancellation of Roseanne. The actor was nice and polite, answering every question while making it clear he is staying out of the drama. Whatever his true feelings on the drama are, he is keeping those to himself and we tip our hats to him. It is a classy move to still talk to a reporter, all while keeping your opinion to yourself.


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