John Cena & Nikki Bella: A Timeline Of Their Relationship & Breakup

John Cena and Nikki Bella have been making a lot of headlines lately since abruptly ending their six-year relationship weeks before their wedding. Their once low-key private romance, well except for what was displayed on reality television, has become one hot topic these days, but how did it all begin?

The former flames were friends for years before they started dating. Both Cena and Bella were part of the wresting circuit when they first met. However, their friendship turned to something deeper in 2012, when Cena asked Bella out to dinner. She was a little skeptical because he was recently divorced from his wife Elizabeth Huberdeau. However, the brunette beauty took a chance and was surprised how quickly things turned romantic. In fact, the reality TV star admitted in an interview, she became tongue-tied around him once their relationship was no longer platonic.

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Bella being at a loss for words did not last long, as the couple was soon in a very loving and committed relationship. About a year after their first date, they moved in together. But Cena had a surprise for his then-girlfriend that was going to shock her, as well as those close to her. The Blockers star presented her with a 75-page contract that she had to sign before moving into his Tampa Bay home. He explained to her twin sister Brie on an episode of Total Bella’s, the contract was a necessity since he had already been through a divorce. Cena compared the contact to owning a handgun for protection, “you hope you don’t need it but it’s a dogfight without it.”


The lengthy agreement did not deter Bella, she signed it and they began cohabitating. All seemed well in their romance for a couple of years, except for one issue that the actor would not budge on marriage and children. She was open about her desire to marry and have kids, while he was open that he had no desire for either.

Friends of the couple even said the couple wanted different things and should of broken up before moving in together. Things came to a head in an episode of Total Bellas that same year, as Cena actually predicted the subject was a ticking time bomb that would explode their relationship.

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Despite their huge difference in life goals, Cena and Bella did not break-up. They continued their relationship with Bella finally giving up on being a mother in order to be with the actor. However, it was not all wines and roses for the two. In 2015, an ex-boyfriend of hers came into the picture offering to give the WWE wrestler her life dream of a husband and children. In the end though, she remained committed to the man who her heart belonged to, Cena.


It seemed the subject of marriage and children had been put to rest, but two events were about to change things drastically for Bella. First, despite his insistence, he would never get married again, Cena proposed to his girlfriend in April 2017 at a WWE wrestling match where the two were a team. He got down on one knee and popped the question in front of 75,000 adoring fans. She said yes, and life was good for the couple.

One month after becoming engaged, Bella’s twin sister Brie gave birth to her first child—daughter Birdie. Immediately after watching her sister embrace motherhood and fall in love with baby Birdie, Nikki’s desire to be a mom was sparked. Although she kept it to herself, as she continued to plan her May 2018 wedding to Cena, she eventually realized it was something she could not give up. Previews for the upcoming season of her hit reality TV show on E! reveal her telling her fiancé she needed to be a mom.

April 2018, John Cena and Nikki Bella shocked fans by announcing they were splitting up instead of getting married. They released a joint statement on social media, claiming the decision was mutual and proclaiming their deep love for each other still. In the weeks that followed their break-up, speculation that his unwillingness to have kids eventually caused a rift that could not be fixed.

However a month after the split news broke, Cena went on the Today show to share he still loves Bella. But it wasn’t his declaration of love that has people talking, it was his admitting he wants to marry and have a family with her. Yes, it looks like someone had a change of heart.

Later the same week, he used social media to send what appears to be a couple of messages to his ex-girlfriend. One Tweet talked about the lack of communication in relationships, while another talked about listening to your inner voice as opposed to those around you. For her part, Bella has only responded to Cena’s declaration by saying she still loves him, but she is working on herself right now.

With Cena’s change of heart on parenthood, can he and Bella find their way back to each to other? All signs point to maybe, especially since the two were just spotted together in San Diego for the first time since the broke up. Stay tuned it looks like this love story may have a happy ending after all.


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