10 Crazy Things Joe Rogan Does To Achieve Success

There’s no one quite like Joe Rogan. Some may know him as a stand-up comedian, others as a mixed martial arts commentator, but most people will know him as the host of Joe Rogan’s Podcast, aptly named after the man who started it all a decade ago. Rogan seems to have done it all, and he shows absolutely no signs of wanting to slow down his winning streak at life.

But what is it that makes him so successful? How is it that a man who’s more famous for a podcast than any other mainstream forms of entertainment becomes so loved by many people, from all ages, and all around the world? Of course, the charisma and over the top personality help, but there’s something more to it, otherwise, success would come easy to everyone. Let’s take a look at 10 things about Joe Rogan that helped him become the icon he is.

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10 He Stays In Top Shape

Rogan has been a commentator for Fear Factor and the UFC since the 1990s, but one glance at him would make us believe he’s actually one of the pros fighting it out on the ring. While he’s not the tallest man out there, Rogan has been sporting an impressive physique, even now at 51.

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Many of the most successful people in the world talk about the importance of exercising. Of course, we won’t list the benefits of putting your body to work, but Joe takes it to heart. Every Sunday, he schedules his workouts for the entire week, including Yoga, running, and weight lifting. Keeping a healthy body is obviously very important to remain in touch with yourself and plays a huge part in staying successful.

9 He Eats Like A Pro

On the same note as working out, Rogan also places huge importance on his diet. Working out alone isn’t going to keep a body and mind healthy, and Joe applies extreme discipline in both departments. A healthy diet takes anyone a step further towards a more fulfilling and successful life, and he’s a great example of it.

So when it comes to diet, he keeps it strict. Almost no carbs, no bread, and as many vegetables he can down. For protein, there’s quite a heavy presence of meat in his daily intake, along with vitamins and supplements to keep everything running smoothly. It might sound complicated but it definitely works wonders for Rogan.

8 He Keeps An Open Mind

There are several reasons why Joe’s podcast is so unbelievably successful. He’s done well over a thousand episodes, and the podcast seems to be a constant presence on the Top 10 list of iTunes, putting above some serious household names. And it’s not even that great of a production. So what gives?

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Well, one of the factors that come into play is how open-minded Joe is. Clocking in on so many episodes, he’s not afraid to bring people from every race, gender, and belief into his show to hear their thoughts on pretty much everything. Even if he doesn’t agree, he’ll give it a shot and spark some sort of interesting conversation so as to learn more about. This is a fantastic trait to have, that obviously fans feel drawn to. It’s refreshing to see a show where the host isn’t afraid to keep their mind open to fresh new ideas, even if they seem crazy right off the bat.

7 He Stays Natural

Remember when we said there’s no one quite like Joe Rogan? Well, that’s another factor that makes him extremely successful, along with the one mentioned before, and equally as refreshing. Whether it’s while he’s hosting, commenting, or performing, Rogan never bothers to put on a mask, a fake persona built to appease those who are watching.

Most people who work in the entertainment industry and have dabbled in the things Joe Rogan does always have the tendency to manufacture themselves up to a certain point. And that feels fake, and it becomes harder to connect with the person we’re seeing/hearing. Rogan is so natural and unapologetically himself, it’s a breath of fresh air to see him. It’s an act of bravery, especially in the era of social media perfection, to be exactly who you are - no filters needed.

6 He Experiments With Drugs

It comes with keeping an open mind in regards to everything that you will keep an open mind about drugs. Now, obviously, we’re not saying Joe Rogan is an advocate for hard stuff like crack and heroine, championing everyone to give it a go. That’s simply not true, and would hardly help him be successful. We're also not suggesting that anyone follow this particular step - only that Joe himself talks about it quite a lot.

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He has been open about the fact that he is an advocate for the medical and recreational use of marijuana, making it the topic of many of his podcast conversations - he’s even smoked it on the air a couple of times. Joe is very passionate about this discussion, and believes that the properties of marijuana can indeed help live a better life.

5 He Challenges Himself And Others

Another thing that’s great about Joe Rogan is also something that many people seem to be scared of doing. Anyone who’s heard at least a handful of episodes from his podcast knows that it’s all about engaging conversation, and Joe is often the fuel that feeds the fire.

When it comes to asking questions to his guests - often very important and respected people from their respective fields - Joe is not afraid to challenge them. He will never let anyone get away with an answer he’s not fully satisfied with, and he will keep pushing until people present convincing, rock hard arguments that prove their points. No one is safe from being questioned to death by Rogan, which makes his podcast a thrilling experience in its own right.

4 He’s Not Afraid To Go Deep

We are very lucky to live in a day and age where free speech is the norm in the great majority of the world. Many of us are blessed enough to be able to sit around a table at a coffee shop and exchange ideas with our friends about sensitive topics, without fear of being arrested, or worse.

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But many times, when it comes to mainstream media, people often tend to tip-toe around important topics, or not even cover other things that could be immensely relevant. On his podcast, Joe provides audiences with a platform where literally everyone gets a chance to come in and talk for hours about topics, race, gender, drugs, diseases, anything, without having to filter anything. This makes for incredibly interesting conversations, that cover a number of categories unmatched by any other podcast.

3 He’s Candid Like No Other

You already know he’s unapologetic about who he is. That’s part of why he’s so successful because being genuine seems like such a rare thing to find in the industry. With Joe Rogan, what you see is what you get, and he won’t tone it down just because someone might be offended.

Rogan will always speak his mind, and not just on his podcast. He’s expressive, and freely gives his opinion on a wide variety of topics, with a personality that might come off as annoying for some people. However, Joe’s been doing Joe for five decades now, and that’s part of the charm and why it works for his brand. Plus, it makes for incredibly compelling entertainment and education to see a man like Rogan discuss ideas with some of his more polished guests.

2 He Thinks Inside The Box

If you think about it, there aren’t many podcasts that can compare to The Joe Rogan Experience The format is completely different from what we’re used to from a podcast, because it doesn’t follow a particular line of thought, it’s not overly produced, and can actually become pretty incoherent at times.

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Joe took a form of entertainment that’s almost been done to exhaustion and made it a success. And he didn’t need much besides his over the top personality and a microphone to begin. When they try to differentiate themselves, people always try to think outside the box and make things as outrageous as they possibly can. He did the opposite, and look how well it turned out.

1 He Keeps It Simple

This is directly linked to what we mentioned above. What makes Joe the successful person that he is, is that he keeps everything simple. Nothing in his life, professional or personal, is extremely complex. And while sometimes complex equals better, Joe Rogan is the apple that falls far from the tree in this aspect.

His podcast is the best possible example of this. When you boil down to its essence, The Joe Rogan Experience is just two human beings sitting down and having a chat. About everything and nothing. Plain and simple, yet so deep and meaningful. There are no fireworks, and yet it’s impossible to feel indifferent after listening to an episode. Joe’s formula is poetic and unique in its simplicity, and that’s exactly where he found his way to success.

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