Jessica Jones Vs. Black Widow: 15 Reasons Why Jessica Would Win

Jessica Jones has risen in popularity over the past few years after Netflix decided to pick up her show and give her story a new spin. Jones is a human who was saved by a doctor that was open to a number of medical experiments that later gave her superhuman strength. She has since used this strength to her advantage as a Private Investigator and has overcome the odds in fights with some of her biggest fights, including ones against her own mother in the most recent series. Jones has never been someone who has wanted to use her powers. It was only after her boyfriend lost his life that she realized she could use her powers for good.

While Jessica Jones has been seen as a street character throughout the series and someone who can adapt to normal life despite her powers, Black Widow is an Avenger. She has been fighting her entire life and has been brought into The Avengers because she is one of the best in the world at what she does.

While Black Widow and Jessica Jones are both female additions to the Marvel films and TV shows, they are two women who are yet to cross paths and do battle against one another. The following list looks at just 15 reasons why Jessica Jones would be the one walking away from a fight with Black Widow. It appears that Natasha Romanoff has more weaknesses than many fans of her are aware and Jessica Jones has many more strengths that her current Netflix series has revealed.

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15 Black Widow Is Human

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Jessica Jones is also a human, but she is a human that has super strength thanks to a number of experiments that saved her life. Jones would have lost her life along with the rest of her family if medical professionals hadn't attempted to do experiments on her, but she isn't happy that she was the one who was able to live.

Black Widow is just a human with incredible martial arts skills and weapons that have been made for her by Tony Stark. There aren't many of Widow's weapons that could affect Jones, who also has incredible levels of stealth and speed.

Widow has to remember that Jessica only has to hit her once with enough power that she could wound her fatally. Jessica Jones herself can be injured by bullets and can be taken down; she isn't immortal like many other superheroes, but her super strength has allowed her to learn how to protect herself against the challenge of people who are much stronger than Black Widow. Most recently Jones was able to hold her own against her own mother, who had incredibly advanced powers, so Black Widow would be a welcome break for her. Stylist called Jessica Jones the greatest feminist superhero of our time, which shows just how much of an impact her recent exploits have had on her fanbase.

14 Jessica Has Incredible Levels Of Stealth For A Human

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Despite how she is often depicted, Jessica Jones is a human. She could be taken down in the same way as a human but she has a number of super abilities that give her something of an edge over many other heroes. The fact that Jones is still considered to be human despite all of her abilities could be something that she can easily use to her advantage because it allows many of her enemies to underestimate her.

Jones also has an increased level of stealth, which means that someone like Black Widow wouldn't be able to keep up with her throughout a fight because her durability is second to none. Black Widow is working with an entirely human body with no extra powers, which means that she will feel weak and she will begin to feel tired at some point in a fight with the Private Investigator, but Jessica won't because she has speed and durability that is almost on the level of a machine. According to Elite Daily Jones has a number of powers that she could use to her advantage in a showdown with the Russian spy and they could be the turning points in a fight between the two most iconic women in the Marvel world.

13 Jessica Is A Mother

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One thing that hasn't been brought into the Netflix series about Jessica Jones in the first two seasons is the fact that she and Luke Cage married and they have a daughter. According to an article by Ranker, Jones daughter is called Danielle Cage (named after Luke's partner and fellow Hero for Hire Danny Rand) and was actually brought into the world by Doctor Strange, someone who was most recently seen fighting alongside Black Widow in Infinity War.

Jones has always been someone who fights because she thinks it's the right thing to do, but Black Widow has just been fighting because it's all she knows.

When it comes to fighting for something that you believe in it would easily be argued that Jessica could be the one who would fight much harder if she knew that she had a daughter to protect as well. Black Widow fights alongside a number of her friends so she knows what it's like to want to ensure that her friends are safe, but never underestimate the power that a mother can have when she realizes that her daughter could be in danger. Maternal instinct is something that could definitely be a huge factor here.

12 Jessica Has A Lot Of Anger Inside Her

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Stylish revealed that Jessica Jones has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, something that has forced to alienate herself from her friends and turn her back on her superpower. She has been fighting one of her biggest battles with herself ever since she woke up and realized that she was a completely different person.

The anger that Jessica has inside her has caused her a number of issues throughout her life because she once found it hard to control.

Taking down Kilgrave was the worst thing that she has ever done, but it was the only way that she could save humanity from the issues that he was already causing. There was tragedy and destruction in his wake and she knew that she had to end it. Jessica will never take another human life. That was something that she promised herself ,which means that she would never take the life of Black Widow, but there's nothing stopping her from beating her until she can't fight back. Jones' anger has played a huge role in the Netflix series so far and all it would take would be for her to snap and lash out at Black Widow because her super strength is something that Natasha has no answer to.

11 Jessica's Abilities Are Superior

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According to the list of powers and abilities of these two characters listed as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki, Jessica is the only one who would be able to walk out of this fight. Even though Black Widow has been highly trained and is one of the members of The Avengers, it appears that Jones is much higher than her when it comes to her own attributes. Jones has superhuman strength, an enhanced level of durability and speed while Black Widow has her martial arts ability and her acrobatics as her biggest threats.

Many fans overlook Jessica's ability because she isn't part of a team like The Avengers when she could easily slot into that path if needed. The pain in Jones' background and the fact that Kilgrave has mentally scarred her have only allowed her to push forward and use this pain when it comes to fighting. Jones could easily throw anything at Black Widow to hurt her, but at the same time Black Widow has her batons that were made by Tony Stark, which would definitely damage Jones if they came into contact with her, but her speed and strength are something that would definitely allow her to have an advantage over her human opponent.

10 Jessica Is Used To Fighting Alone

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Black Widow has had a team behind her for so long now that she has become comfortable fighting alongside the likes of Captain America and Hawkeye, but Jessica Jones has always been alone. When it comes to fighting Jones has always been on the battlefield against her opponent knowing that she doesn't have any backup.

Luke Cage is the only person who ever got close to Jessica but they were unable to make that work out. Black Widow has formed relationships with her friends, relationships that could be seen as weaknesses if there ever came a time when they could be used against her.

Jones has always been smart about the links she makes with other people because she knows that she can only ever rely on herself. While Black Widow could call in her friends to help her, Jessica wouldn't need help from anyone.

Sometimes it's better to rely on yourself than anyone else otherwise it could be the thing that costs you. Is Black Widow so used to being saved by The Avengers that she doesn't know how to finish a fight anymore? It could be argued that Black Widow hasn't been put in a one-on-one fight in a long time, while Jones has been fighting alone all her life.

9 S.H.I.E.L.D. Tried To Recruit Jessica Jones

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Many fans assume that because Jessica Jones isn't part of a superhero team like Black Widow and is just seen as a street character, this means that she isn't on a high enough level to be able to fight with someone like Natasha.

In fact, According to Mental Floss, The Avengers tried to recruit Jones ahead of Marvel's Civil War. Both Ironman and Captain Marvel attempted to recruit Jones and her husband at the time, Luke Cage, about registering the fact that they were superheroes with the authorities. At this point, the authorities were pushing the Superhero Registration Act which enforced “mandatory registration of super-powered individuals with the government." Jones and Cage were unwilling to sign this and become part of the superhero world so they instead opted to spend time underground.

If someone like Tony Stark is looking up Jessica Jones and seemingly recruiting her to join forces with him, then it's obvious that he saw something in her. It could be that he saw the same thing he saw in Black Widow all those years ago, and rough potential is something that should never be overlooked.

Perhaps there is a reason that she called herself Power Woman when she was part of The New Avengers? There is more to Jessica Jones than meets the eye.

8 Jessica Jones Could Join The Action On The Big Screen

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While this is all seen as hypothetical right now, there could be a real confrontation between the two women in the near future. Krysten Ritter herself has stated that she would be happy to leave the gritty life that she has created for Jessica Jones in order to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has recently lifted itself to the highest level in Avengers: Infinity War a movie that has already broken a number of records.

Ritter told Cinema Blend, "That's an interesting question because I love Jessica and I love any opportunity to play her. Obviously, it'd be really exciting to be a part of those giant, huge movies with those great characters who are already established, so it'd be awesome."

"It'd be awesome if I got to pop up somewhere else. There's always the chance that could happen. I don't really know, they don't tell me anything, so I'm totally stoked about the playground on Netflix." If Jessica is happy to walk over to Black Widow's playground then it shows that she has no fear and it would be more likely for her to pop up in the MCU than for Black Widow to make the move over to Jessica Jones on Netflix.

7 Black Widow Is Unable To Defeat Super Humans

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Black Widow has had many opportunities to defeat super-powered humans but she has been unable to. This could be because of the fact that she is a human being and even with her batons she is unable to overcome the fact that super humans already have an advantage.

Jessica Jones has proved that she can beat stars who are much bigger than Black Widow in the past, she is cunning and she knows how to use her own imperfections to her advantage. Jones managed to overcome Kilgrave by using his own mind games against him and even Luke Cage despite the fact that he was seen as someone who could have easily beaten her given his immortality. Black Widow's biggest positive going into any fight is that she has a background in Martial Arts and she is fast, but Jones is much faster and she also has her own level of fighting ability that she has picked up over the years. According to Comicvine, there are many different outcomes for this match, but it's highly likely that Jones would be the woman that comes out on top if it came down to something like brute strength and Jones was able to disarm Black Widow.

6 There Is A Darkness Inside Jessica

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One thing that the second season of Jessica Jones touched on was the fact that there is this darkness inside her. Black Widow has taken down a number of enemies before, while Jessica has only ever taken the life of one human and it's something that has continued to haunt her ever since. She now knows exactly what she is capable of and she knows that in a fight she could always accidentally injure someone if she loses control.

Black Widow doesn't have the ability to lose control and cause any kind of problems for her enemies, instead, she only had human levels of anger where she can throw everything that she has at Jones but she would easily be able to combat this given her obvious abilities. Jessica Jones takes all of her enemies seriously so it's easy to see her being able to figure out an advantage over Black Widow that she wouldn't have foreseen. Jessica has learned to drink and forget, which means that even if she did go too far and allow herself to lose control, she has already developed a coping mechanism to deal with the guilt that usually follows. The Atlantic looked into the darkness between the women of Jessica Jones in season two where it appears that the show has definitely dug deeper into her subconscious.

5 Jessica Is A Private Investigator

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Jessica Jones job throughout the TV series and in the comic books is as a private eye; it is a career path that suits her and allows her to use her skillset for good while not actually being considered a superhero. It's hard not to see the former caped crusader doing her homework on any kind of enemy and being able to find her weakness. It doesn't matter how many weapons Tony Stark builds for Black Widow. She will always be inferior to the powers that Jones already possess.

While the series states that it was medical experiments that gave her the powers, the car crash actually contained radioactive chemicals in the comic books, which is what originally gave her super strength. Regardless of how the origin story is depicted, Jones has had years to harness the powers that she has and she's very good at her job.

Over the past two seasons, it has shown that she has been able to find weaknesses in every enemy that she has needed to take down, and Black Widow would be no different.

Ranker states that this is a career path that Jones stepped into after she turned down a job in SHIELD, which shows how much she wants to remain under the radar.

4 Jessica Was The Leader Of The New Avengers For A Short Time

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Something that many fans are not aware of yet is that Jessica Jones was actually an Avenger. Mental Floss states that after Jones and Luke Cage married they joined the New Avengers and she took on the name Power Woman to match his Power Man hero name. Not only was Jones seen as the leader of The New Avengers for a while, but she was also the person who decided to form the team. This didn't last for very long, though, since a career in the spotlight drew too much attention to Cage, Jones and their family so they decided to leave the job with The New Avengers and started a new life.

Jessica Jones has been through about as much as Black Widow throughout her time as a superhero and it could be argued that her experience would be seen as an advantage. While there are a lot of new weapons that are being created on a regular basis, there aren't many that can match what Jessica already has. Her knowledge, powers, and experience when it comes to the superhero would have to be seen as a plus when she was stepping into a fight with someone like Black Widow, who often strikes out first and asks questions later.

3 Jessica Has History With Another Avenger

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Jessica Jones history is something that has been well documented in comic books ever since she was brought to life back in 20o1. Even though Jessica's origin story in the Netflix show hasn't been touched on as much as it should have, an article by Ranker states that she went to high school with Peter Parker and was actually present when he was bitten by the radioactive spider. Jones was known to have a crush on the man who later became Spider-Man and was part of one of the biggest moments in comic book history when she accompanied him on that school field trip.

It was only when Parker later became Spider-Man that he inspired her to use the powers that she had for good as well. It was originally thought that Jessica's comic book would lead to her becoming Spider-woman, but luckily this plan was changed and Jessica Jones was born into a much darker universe.

Her history with someone like Spider-Man would show that she has been around people with powers for most of her life and it has allowed her to become used to her surroundings, which would definitely help her if there was an enemy in her midst.

2 Jessica Is Resistant To Physical Injury

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Jessica Jones' unique attributes have been well documented over the past few entries in this list, but one thing that hasn't been touched on is that fact that even though she is a human, she is resistant to physical injury. There have been many times when she has been thrown across a room in the Netflix series and still been able to stand back up and walk away with hardly even a scratch.

This ties in with all of her other powers and it leads to the belief that it would be hard for any superhero to be able to cause her any kind of problems when she had such an impressive level of defense and the ability to protect herself from injury. The only time Jones has ever been seen as weak was when Kilgrave was able to get inside her head and control her mentally. Since Black Widow doesn't have these kinds of powers, it would be hard for her to do anything that would actually affect Jones. Mental Floss also states that Jones also has the power of flight, which is something that she isn't ever actually able to master but it is still something that she could use in combat.

1 Jessica Was Once An Honorary Avenger

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Jessica Jones is a superhero that hasn't yet been brought into The Avengers, but even though Black Widow is the only real female member of the crew right now, Jones was once an honorary member of the crew too. Jones would be seen hanging out at Avengers Tower along with Luke Cage and her daughter Danielle for a while, even though she didn't actually get involved in the action or show off her superpowers.

Ranker revealed that it was only after she released that her daughter and son needed protection and she was the only person who was up for the job, that she decided to form her own superhero squad. This was when The New Avengers were born, a group that she leads for a while before deciding to go back to a quiet life where she would easily be able to protect her daughter. Jones has done a lot of things to protect her family in the past and has had many experiences that only her hardcore fans know about. It would be hard for anyone to measure up to a 21st century superhero like Jessica Jones, and Black Widow just isn't at that level. Well, not yet, anyway.

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