Jennifer Aniston's First-Ever Instagram Post Almost Broke The Internet

Jennifer Aniston officially joined Instagram last week, and her first-ever post on the platform is going to take some beating.

A few decades ago, celebrities were untouchables that we regular people rarely got the chance to speak to and interact with. We were reduced to sending them fanmail, most of which would never be replied to due to the sheer amount most celebrities would receive. Other than that, we'd have to bank or one day bumping into them, which was probably about as likely as winning the lottery.

Fast forward to today and we have no such issues. Thanks to social media, we can interact with the rich and famous whenever we like. In fact, some people have become so used to it that they use various platforms to hurl abuse at celebrities rather than let them know how much they love them and enjoy their work.

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As dark a platform as social media can be, it often reminds us of how lucky we are to have it via a post that sends the internet into a frenzy. Jennifer Aniston did that last week when she joined Instagram. That's right, up until very recently, Aniston had abstained from joining Instagram. Less than one week later and not only is she now a part of the hype, she has an impressive 15.1 million followers.

Keeping those 15 million followers entertained will be challenging, especially after Aniston set the bar so high with post number one. A selfie featuring the other five stars of the hit TV show, Friends. Yes, they do all still hang out together, thus making way too many of us believe that a Friends reunion, even if it is just for a one-off special, is still a possibility.

So far, almost 14 million people have liked Aniston's Friends selfie. Her follow-up post was pretty entertaining too. Clearly, the number of people wanting to view, like, and comment on her first post sent her phone into a frenzy which it couldn't quite handle. Her third and final post (so far) is a pic of Aniston as a child next to another of her recreating it. Entertaining again, and definitely the best follow on Instagram so far in 2019.

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