James Woods Uses His Twitter To Help Californians Affected By Wildfire

As the state of California continues to control the many wildfires that have devastated the area, many people are trying to desperately save any loved ones or belongings that they can. Hundreds of thousands of people have become homeless, and the death toll is currently at 31. Many celebrities have also been affected, and are also trying to do what they can during this time. But one celebrity has decided to go out of his way to help however possible.

Actor James Wood has turned his Twitter feed into a so-called "bulletin board" to help victims, their loved ones, and non-profit organizations in many different ways. This includes reuniting those previously separated, finding shelter for animals, and located missing people. The hashtags #CampFireJamesWoods or #SoCalFiresJamesWoods have been used interchangeably so that those tweets can be easily found on the social media platform.


Woods' efforts have not been in vain; they've achieved plenty of amazing results. Fellow actor Charlie Sheen was able to locate this parents, Martin and Janet Sheen. Meanwhile, actress Alyssa Milano evacuated her five horses from her home in Bell Canyon. The latter instance was seen as controversial by many Twitter users, as Woods is conservative in his political views, whereas Milano is liberal. But Woods was quick to quiet down such comments, explaining on his Twitter that he was only looking to help. When tweeting out that her, her children, and horses were safe, Milano echoed the actor's point.

While it's not clear whether Woods' actions directly helped Milano's plight, the fact that he would go out of his way to help those affected by these recent California wildfires is fantastic nonetheless. As he continues to help others during this terrible time or giving out plenty of helpful tips for surviving the wildfires, more death and destruction is sure to ravage California for quite some time. But with people like Woods willing to do whatever they can to help others in their most desperate time of need, perhaps more people will be able to themselves or others.


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