Instagram Tests Out New Scroll Feed, Users Hate It

Instagram briefly switched to a horizontal scroll feed and everyone freaked out! Instagram gave nearly any user who discovered this update a mini-heart attack earlier this week when the company was quietly testing out horizontal feed for some users. Anyone on Instagram knows how scrolling works, and any change to that would definitely come as a surprise, which is why the reaction from the recent change makes total sense!

According to The Verge, Instagram had previously been testing out this scrolling feature since this past October in the Explore section of the app, which allows you to view other profiles, feeds and posts from pages that are suited to your Instagram liking. Although this was meant to appear solely on the Explore page, this appears to have made it past that and straight into the app users’ main feeds this week.


This new features essentially turns all posts into a single Instagram story, instead of endlessly scrolling vertically, to view anyone and everyone you follow, it would appear it one post. In this case, users would scroll as if you were going through someone’s Instagram story or a post that features more than one photo. The update also allowed the user to simply tap once on the photo in order to change it to the next and came complete with a scrolling bar at the top to show how far you have progressed within your feed.

This came as quite a shock for those who were used to the traditional way of scrolling on the app, which is why the company instantly removed the feature and reverted back to the normal way of scrolling. Instagram head Adam Mosseri, commented on Twitter earlier this week after the update took place, claiming it was a “small test”, that “went broader than we anticipated”, essentially claiming that a bug in the system is to blame for the massive change.

The horizontal feed went live for only a few minutes, before the online world erupted with complaints, leading the company to instantly fix the issue and give the people what they wanted! Although this may have been quite temporary, many believe that a horizontal feed is expected in the future, so prepare you, selves folks. The worst is coming! Let us know if your thoughts on a possible horizontal Instagram feed.


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