Owner Of Popular Instagram Account Sued For Stealing A Meme

Popular Instagram account F**kjerry has seen its owner Elliot Tebele sued for stealing a meme, per GIZMODO.

If you're not one of the account's 14 million followers or have no idea who Elliot Tebele is -  well, he's that guy responsible for helping to promote that infamous Frye Festival scam via social media agency Jerry Media.

F**kjerry is also quite notorious for stealing satirical content from all over the internet and, according to Vice, “Today, Jerry Media employs dozens of people and charges tens of thousands of dollars to post memes for brands on @fuckjerry and other accounts.”

It appears that the profitable run has hit a hurdle, with self-described comedian and content creator Olorunfemi Coker having filed a suit against F**kjerry, Jerry Media and Tebele for stealing his meme to promote the latter's brainchild, Jaja Tequila.

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The meme above looks exactly like the one the account posted earlier this year. And, according to the suit, Tebele personally had a hand in stealing the meme and profited from its use.

It also claims that F**kjerry used his name in a link to the meme, "causing confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive the public that the Defendants' goods or services are authorized, sponsored, or approved by, or are affiliated" with him.

Coker says he at no point gave Tebele permission to use his joke and that all of his attempts to contact the company failed as he was never given a response after sending messages.

“I know I’ve made enemies over the years for using content and not giving proper credit and attribution to its creators,” Tebele wrote after being informed of the suit. “Effective immediately, we will no longer post content when we cannot identify the creator, and will require the original creator’s advanced consent before publishing their content to our followers. It is clear that attribution is no longer sufficient, so permission will become the new policy.”

His representatives have branded the claim "frivolous" and say they "intend to defend it vigorously". However, the post has since been taken down.

Coker, meanwhile, is said to be seeking $150, 000 in damages.

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