How Clint Eastwood Bonds With His 64-Year-Old Love Child Who Tracked Him Down

Legendary actor Clint Eastwood, who was tracked down by his biological daughter 15 years ago, is said to share a special relationship with her and his newfound extended family including a lookalike grandson.

Over a decade ago, mother of two Laurie Murray, now 64, decided it was time to execute the search for her biological parents. Murray, who was placed for adoption at birth and adopted by a couple in Seattle, received incredible news from Eastwood biographer Patrick McGilligan that her biological mother (whose name has not been revealed) had been connected to the then-unknown actor Clint Eastwood. In fact, McGilligan discovered that Eastwood and Murray's biological mother were involved in a serious relationship while the actor was engaged to Maggie Johnson, his first wife. When the original adoption documents were found, Murray's biological mother had written down Eastwood's name as the father. Imagine Murray's shock and surprise when it was revealed that the Hollywood star actually was her biological father!

According to Daily Mail, sources close to the Eastwood family say that the actor received the news well and according to one family friend, Eastwood didn't seem to even know that Murray's biological mother was pregnant at the time. The reunited father and daughter have shared a special relationship over the years, building a bond over their mutual love of golf and the great outdoors.

While it is said that Murray's biological mother was contacted but expressed her wish not to communicate, Eastwood is said to have stepped into the father role to Murray exceptionally well and is a good grandfather to Murray's two grown children, Lowell Thomas IV ("LT" for short) and Kelsey. Eastwood attended both LT and Kelsey's weddings and is said to have even hosted Kelsey's wedding at a resort that he owns in California. While Murray has a clear resemblance to her natural father, it's grandson LT who looks strikingly similar to the actor as well as Eastwood's 32-year-old son, actor Scott Eastwood. Neither Eastwood or Murray responded to Daily Mail when they reached out for a comment but LT replied, "All I would say is that he’s been a great father to my mom, and always great to me and my family whenever we see him."



In fact, Murray's family is said to have flown on the Warner Brothers' jet with their famous relative, gone on skiing and Hawaiian vacations together as well as spending a few holidays together.

Even though Eastwood and Murray reunited several years ago, it wasn't made public knowledge that the actor had met his long lost daughter until earlier this week when Murray joined Eastwood's seven other children at the premiere of their father's latest movie, The Mule. Photographers incorrectly listed Murray's name as "Laurie Eastwood" which sent the online world atwitter with curiosity when the photo was released on Monday. The family friend has also revealed that Murray is a very private person and never boasts to anyone that her father is Clint Eastwood.

"Laurie is a very nice woman and very private," the source said. "She definitely doesn't go around telling people this. Laurie and her family are wealthy in their own right... She never goes by Laurie Eastwood... So it wasn't a situation, which I'm sure someone like Clint Eastwood is used to, of someone crawling out of the woodwork looking for money."


The Mule movie premiere certainly isn't the first time that Murray has attended Hollywood events with her famous father so it's unclear how or why she hasn't been mentioned before in the Hollywood gossip circle. In 2004, Murray attended the Oscars show with her father, Eastwood's second wife, Dina, now 53, and the actor's mother, Ruth Wood. They were all photographed together on the red carpet.

"We always wondered why it was never really widely known or widely acknowledged before," the family friend said. "He took Laurie to the Oscars around the time that he was nominated for Mystic River with his mom and Dina. Laurie had a really great relationship with Clint's mom. It seems to be a close relationship and they are together fairly often."

As for how the other 7 Eastwood siblings have taken to the news of their newfound sister over the years, certain Instagram posts have made it clear that Murray is most definitely considered a sibling.

"SO RARE for all 8 Eastwood siblings to be in one room!!!" Eastwood's youngest child, 22-year-old daughter, Morgan wrote next to a photo of the sibling group on Instagram.

"I'm not sure there has ever been a picture of all 8 kids together but here it is," Eastwood's daughter, actress Alison, captioned the same photo.


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