Hollywood's 10 Most Divorced Celebrities

Why are there so many divorces in Hollywood? Well, let's open a case study called Brad and Angelina and Jennifer. In 2005, Brad Pitt was married to Friends star Jennifer Aniston. That same year, he made a pretty average movie called Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie. They were the eponymous Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

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Of course, there were love scenes. At what point did those pretend love scenes become real? Who knows. But pretty soon it was bye-bye Jen and hello Angie for Brad. See, actors hang out with other actors on sets. And stuff happens... a lot. Here are 10 (mostly contemporary) celebrities with multiple divorces.

10 Pamela Anderson - 4 Divorces & A Toyboy Meltdown

Pam Anderson was the quintessential 1980s beach babe when she bounced down the sand in TV's BaywatchSince then, she has been married and divorced four times. In fact, the longest-running of those four unions was the one to grungy rocker Tommy Lee between 1995 and 1998. Kid Rock lasted around a year.

Until recently, she was loved up in France with her French toyboy, footballer Adil Rami. Seems he was maybe playing away on her because in June of 2019, she stormed onto social media to say it's so over.

9 Christie Brinkley - 4 Divorces

60-something former supermodel Christie Brinkley has been married and divorced four times, most famously to and from singer/songwriter Billy Joel. Her most scandalous divorce was from architect fourth husband Peter Cook in 2008. The divorce was nasty.

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Reports of his cheating and, what we might call his online adult content habit, together with his battling to get his hands on a chunk of her change, made the tabloids happy and Brinkley totally miserable. Not surprisingly, she has remained single ever since.

8 Raquel Welch - 4 Divorces

Raquel Welch has won a Golden Globe. Not many people know that. But it was not, not, not for 1966's One Million Years B.C. Let's just say they made the best use of her assets in skimpy animal skin outfits. The star of the show was her voluptuous figure.

She has been married and divorced four times and, like Christie Brinkley, has been a single lady since 2008. And the Golden Globe? It was the Best Actress gong for her comic turn in 1973's The Three Musketeers.  Our Raquel makes many of those "sexiest women" of all-time lists.

7 Brigitte Nielson - 4 Divorces & A Baby At 55

56-year-old Brigitte Nielson has been married and divorced four times, most notoriously to and from Sylvester Stallone. Okay, the marriage lasted less than two years, but they were a kind of Hollywood golden couple for that brief time.

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She is currently married to number five, producer Mattia Dessi. So? Well, he is in his early forties. And, oh yeah, they had a baby, Frida in 2018 via IVF. She had a busy 2018, having been reunited with Stallone for Creed II.

6 Billy Bob Thornton - 5 Divorces

Back before Angelina Jolie morphed herself into a combination of Mother Theresa and Mother Earth, she and Billy Bob Thornton were married. They were, believe it or not, the kind of grungy couple who got up to no good in the back of limousines and wore vials of one another's blood in vials around their necks.

Billy Bob was a bad boy, even back then. Angelina was his fifth, but not his last wife. In 2014, he married number six, special effects movie person Connie Angland. The triumph of hope over experience, we would say.

5 Joan Collins - 4 Divorces & One Or Two Toyboys

Here's one for the books: Joan Collin's current husband Percy Gibson was born nearly fifteen years after she started her English film career. He's now a 50-something. Did we mention she is 86-years-old? And still going strong, apparently.

Joan has been married and divorced four times, most famously to singer-songwriter Anthony Newley. That was most definitely not a marriage made in heaven. Percy is a "producer", which means he has done one or two things and then settled down to help Joan count her, no their, money.

4 James Cameron - 4 Divorces

James Cameron is a rich, powerful and talented Hollywood writer/producer/director. And he plans ahead. Avatar 5 is already penciled in for 2027. Terminator: Dark Fate recently hit the silver screen.

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He tends to marry strong and not so silent women like producer/director/writer Kathryn Bigelow and actress Linda Hamilton. Hamilton, as the whole world knows, plays strong woman Sarah Conner in the Terminator franchise. With all he's got going on, we wonder how he managed to find time to get married five times. The divorce bit is easier to understand. Linda Hamilton has said marriage to him was terrible on every level.

3 Larry King - 8 Divorces

Just look at that happy smiling face. Eight divorces? No way! ...Yes, way. He's probably got his divorce lawyer on permanent speed dial. One of his ex-wives, Playboy Bunny Alene Akins, married and divorced him twice.

His eighth divorce from wife Shawn King was granted in 2019. King, a well-known and well-respected TV, and radio host, and presenter is 86-years-old and not in the best of health. Surely there won't be another marriage and divorce cycle in his future? Watch this space.

2 Jennifer O'Neil - 9 Divorces

Jennifer O'Neil was Hollywood's darling in the 1970s, making a string of movies before moving over to television. Her first big hit was 1971's Summer of '42, which opened the door to even more successes. But in private? Her life was a white-hot mess. In total, she had numerous stints in mental hospitals, eight husbands, and nine divorces.

Her fifth husband, her manager and a convicted felon by the name of John Lederer, robbed her blind. Her sixth,  Richard A. Alan, was her limo driver. He had this thing for working girls. So, she married and divorced him twice. At some point, she became a born-again Christian. She's been married to record producer Mervin Louque since 1996. He must be a keeper.

1 Zsa Zsa Gabor - 8 Divorces

Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor and her two sisters, actresses Eva and Magda, managed to rack up getting onto twenty divorces between themselves. That's a lot of marriage and divorce. Zsa Zsa was married to hotel heir Conrad Hilton for a time.

She also tied the knot with actor George Sanders. It didn't last. But years later he tried again with sister Magda. That ended badly as well. Zsa Zsa lived well and traveled in a jet setting kind of crowd. She was a great success professionally, if not personally.

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