15 Diva Rappers With Demands More Extra Than Mariah Carey

Just when we thought the lavish lives of the rich and famous couldn’t possibly get more irrational, we are blessed with incredible little gems like a glimpse into their lives behind closed doors. Full disclosure, if you were even slightly suspicious about the level of Diva most rap artists could become, you have come to the right place. Whether it’s Kanye doing what he does best and demanding nothing less than the entire world on a golden platter, or less known artists like the Sremmurd brothers getting just a little too big for their boots- these famous rappers have a tendency to go just as hard backstage as they do for their crowds.

Most of this list won’t come to much of a surprise for most of us. With A List names come a list of requirements with just as much sass and demand, all of which hold their very own level of insanity. However, it is just one of the reasons we obsess over such a wild group of people. Want to be fed enough food to cure world hunger? Of course! Need your very own human extras to be waiting for you to arrive? No problem. From imperative designer soaps, to having $8000 beds installed into green rooms as a price for a minimalist appearance, these 15 rappers with crazy backstage demands are just as ridiculously absurd as you had already imagined and we are loving each and every one of them.

15 DMX Doesn't Play With Fire

DMX has built quite the reputation for himself over the years with his insane music and no-nonsense attitude. With such a legendary status in the game, it would come to no surprise that his presence comes with a list of demands attached.

As the old saying goes, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ and in DMX’s case, apparently that means to practice certain activities very safely. It has become known that DMX has a backstage rider that speaks for itself. According to Radaronline, a bottle of Hennessy and 3 whole boxes of rubber was at the top of the list for rap-expert DMX’s demands. It’s comical, really. But at least we know he has a good head on his shoulders!

14 Jay-Z Keeps Things Lavish

Another huge name in the celeb world, Mister Jay-Z makes the list, once again proving that a high-performance name will always come with a high demand checklist. In Jay-z’s case, the rapper has always requested odd riders for his backstage areas.

In 2014, whilst on tour with Justin Timberlake, he even went as far as requesting to have a full-time cigar roller in his entourage. Ah, the ballin’ lifestyle of the rich and famous. On top of that, here are just some of the crazy requests from our crazy Jay-Z. SmokingGun reported that in his wild demands, the room temperature had to be at a non-negotiable 72 degrees and that there had to be a hot tea service for four people. 48 bottles of Fiji water was essential, along with a good-quality jar of peanut butter and a good-quality jar of grape jelly. Specific, yet oddly relatable.

13 Kanye Doing What Kanye Does

If you don’t know Kanye for his genius lyrics, then you definitely know him for his tantrum tally and eccentric lifestyle- and for that, of course our prim and proper star has made it to the list.

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From having imported Versace towels on hand at all times, to ironed dressing-room carpets and alcohol to be stocked up to the heavens - were we really expecting anything less? Although, the man himself isn’t the only one benefiting from his god-like status. Daughter, North West, comes with her very own set of demands. A specific $8,000 bed to be set up in the green room, a television installed with all of her favourite programs and a personal chef to prepare her favourite meals using only the best, organic produce. You know, the regular list of a child's demands.

12 Drake Enjoys The Finer Side

He will make you cry your little heart out, have you missing your ex lover and sing you into a spiral of feelings. For a price, of course. Drake is well known for his ability to rap songs that everyone can relate to.

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What he’s less famous for, would be the odd list of demands for his backstage antics. From a very specific four dozen natural incense sticks, to Dr. Bronners peppermint soap, to E-Z Wider rolling papers and a pack of Dutch Master President cigars. This world-class musician is painting a pretty Zen picture for himself and his entourage in this rider.

11 Lil Wayne Is Important, According To Him

Perhaps feeling just a little too big for his boots, rapper Lil Wayne has a rider that portrays a need for more importance than others. Forget the gallons of substances, or designer soaps; Lil Wayne demands the type of security expected for a visit from the president himself.

For your average performance from this star rapper, you can expect to provide not only a secure entourage of police escorts, but an organized five star accommodation, and to top it off, a hefty private jet fee. Overcompensating for something, Lil Wayne? Nonetheless, the post end of his list are a compilation of products you would normally see at a teens birthday party: Redbull, drinks, potato chips and assorted candies. So, are we looking after a man of power, or his children? According to this list of demands, we will never know.

10 Future Just Wants To Eat

Future brings to the table a rider that is far less high maintenance than most stars, yet still amusing enough to make it to the list. This popular rapper has a list of backstage demands that are both wildly comical and weirdly relatable.

With an appetite fit for a soldier, Future and his entourage spend their down-time indulging in plenty of food and relaxing atmospheres. According to TMZ, these demands include compulsory lemongrass scented candles for each room, fresh white powdered donuts, chicken fingers, cheddar popcorn and broccoli to keep him full throughout the night. To wash it all down, the beloved star also requires his favourite drinks to fulfil the lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous.

9 Rae Sremmurd And Big Boots

Apparently the Sremmurd boys missed the memo about not being as important as they think they are. With less than a handful of hits and a mediocre following, these brothers have a list of demands that far exceed their influence.

Regardless, to get Rae Sremmurd to perform happily, here is just a few of their immense list of crazy demands. 2 dozen chicken wings, 2 Spicy Crunch Dorito Tacos from Taco Bell, 2 bottles of Ace of Spades, 2 bottles of Moet Chandon, 1 bottle of Hennessy, Beach Balls and $300 in single dollar bills. Sounds just a little bit excessive, right? Well, that’s not it. For reasons beyond our comprehension, the Sremmurd boys also require an expensive, 15 passenger van prepared with a pole for airport transfer, compulsory super soakers, and first class tickets on Delta Airlines!

8 Meek Mill Loves Meat

Meek Mill makes the cut with a list of backstage demands that, although aren’t really demanding, are just outrageous enough to peak our interest nonetheless. Mister Mill, with what must be an entourage of hungry animals, does not require the eccentric needs of most stars, nor the excessive security or maintenance. Meek likes meat, a lot of meat. Enough meat to give your average diet a good run for its money.

He likes meat like real jerk chicken, ribs, steak, BBQ chicken, shrimp and roast turkey. That’s just the beginning though. Add to that list salmon, Trout, Mahi-Mahi, Snapper, Orange Roughy, Chinese Stirfry, Spaghetti, Lasagna, Linguine and Veal. Whether it is to feed himself, or some kind of wild beast he chooses to hide in the green room, we will never know. At least we do know that he won’t be performing hungry.

7 M.I.A Requires Her Own Kind Of Army

It’s not that what M.I.A wants is outrageous for her standards. However, for a star that already lives quite the peculiar lifestyle, her demands are obscene enough to tip her over the edge from rapper to D.I.V.A.

At the top of the list- and the main reason she has made it to the list- M.I.A requires female extras to be on board for every stop of her tour. She requires actual human beings on her rider. Whether it’s for the purpose of stage presence or hype material, the reason just doesn’t seem as outrageous as the demand itself. Add to the list the usual star-quality products such as non-carbonated Fiji spring water, organic dried blueberries, quality assorted olives and a variety of quality chocolates like Ferrero Rocher. Then top it off with the expense of superior drinks, and M.I.A is ready to go!

6 Puff Daddy Has Some Bald Demands

This classic artist comes to the list with demands that are more prudish than crazy, but there was no way we’d let Puffy Daddy off the hook with a demand so seemingly prim. A requirement that upholds extreme importance in Puff Daddy's backstage demands is to be sure that ‘Before serving, all food and ice must be inspected for hair, package, paper, etc., and all catering staff must wear hair nets.’

Either the world class rapper has had enough of bad experiences with hair, or this is yet another case of celebrities demanding treatment of grandeur for their presence. Once added to the list was a full time umbrella holder for his majesties service, it can be assumed which explanation we are leaning towards.

5 The Game Is A First-Class Child

The Game is yet another star that believes in their importance more than anyone else seems to. This rapper is happy to indulge in the platinum lifestyle, even with just one best-seller to back it up. When The Game hits your city, you can expect that he’ll be flying in with nothing less than a first-class ticket and absolutely will NOT be lodging in any old Motel.

The rapper also insists that, instead of wearing any form of identification, all security must be briefed in knowing exactly who he is (apparently laminate isn’t the way The Game rolls). But just when you thought this star couldn’t be any more macho and self-centred, he ends his list of demands with what you’d expect his polar opposite to request- Jolly Ranchers, Snickers and all the candy a kid could desire. You are quite the mystery, A lister.

4 Snoop Dogg With His Simple Pleasures

Snoop Dogg enters the list with backstage demands that are both crazy and laughable, but, weirdly enough, exactly what you would expect from the King himself. Particularly back in the late 90’s, if you wanted to see ol’ Snoop Dogg do his thing, you would have expected a daggy list of crazy demands to go with it. His highest priority? A Playstation.

All this rapper really cared about was playing video-games with his group when he had some down-time. Forget the drinks, the fancy security or designer charms, here’s the best of Snoops PS demands: “VERY IMPORTANT: Snoop's dressing room should have one complete Sony Playstation with miscellaneous 1999 sports video cartridges (Madden 99, NBA Live 99, NCAA College 99, Triple Play 99, and four controls) and an appropriate video screen... please trust that this will be some of the most important money you spend.”

3 Nick Minaj And 24 Roses

The Goddess of the Rap game, Nicki Minaj is a world class artist with a world class rider. Not so surprisingly, this Diva has her fair share of demands- all of which would be completely absurd for your average act, but not our curvaceous star.

This rapper starts off her rider with some healthy picks: a deli tray, dried cranberries, salad and Wishbone Light Italian dressing. But she is not about to blow our minds on-stage without a kicker for herself backstage. Add to the list: Belgian waffles and three whole buckets of spicy fried chicken! However, food isn’t Minaj’s biggest priority in these demands. She’s all about setting the vibes, so you had better add two dozen pink or white roses and three large Baked Goods scented candles to the equation, along with imperative space heaters and a mist humidifier. Other than that, this star is pretty humble, so long as you provide a set of new, sparkly, fine silverware for her royalty.

2 LL Cool J Gets Oiled Up!

If we’re talking personality, LL Cool J is certainly one of the more favoured rappers to work with. Although he won’t demand much and is far from high maintenance, that doesn’t mean that his preferences for backstage remedies aren’t some of the weirder requests.

AskMen.com report that the man himself likes to set a certain vibe for his backstage escapades, requesting that he is provided with 24 roses and a non-negotiable bottle of Johnson & Johnsons baby oil. Our loved rapper is also interested in the smaller celebrations in life, specifically, Spaghetti Tuesdays and Beef Wednesdays. He sure is a man of routine!

1 Ja Rule And His Personal Beef

Forget all of the single oddities in Ja Rule’s crazy list of backstage demands, there is just one request from this famous star that sets his rider apart from the rest. Apparently, something that seems to stem more importance than keeping fed and hydrated during his tours, whatever beef Ja Rule seems to have with his bus driver runs deeper!

In the rapper's lodging section of his demands, a specific section requests that "When there is a room provided for the bus driver, this room is to be located on a different floor from artist." What juicy gossip must be going on behind those doors? What a wild ride! (All puns intended).

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