Halle Berry's Reaction To 'Catwoman' Box Office Bomb Is Priceless

Halle Berry hilariously opened up about her role in Catwoman.

Halle Berry has starred in many notable films, not least 2002's Monster's Ball, which saw her win the Best Actress Oscar. While there's no denying that she's as talented as they come, she also has one of the biggest movie duds under her belt, too. 2003's Catwoman was an undeniable box-office disaster, taking $82,102,379 against a budget of $100 million. What's more, the actress was widely panned by critics for her role as the feline anti-heroine. Some stars would wallow in self-pity, but not this girl. According to Glamour, Berry opened up about the experience when she accepted the Matrix Award from New York Women in Communication on Monday—and it's hilarious.

"Everybody around me said, 'Girl, don't do it. It's going to be the death of you. It's going to end your career.' But guess what I did? I followed my intuition and I did a movie called Catwoman and it bombed miserably," Berry said. "While it failed to most people, it wasn't a failure for me because I met so many interesting people that I wouldn't have met otherwise, I learned two forms of martial arts and I learned not what to do." Halle went on to say that although the film tanked, she still earned "a s***-load of money that changed my life."


The 51-year-old wasn't shy about explaining how awful the movie was and despite her decision to move forward with it against the advice of others, she learned some valuable lessons. Berry firmly believes that following your heart doesn't always mean that you'll come out on top in the conventional sense, but that you're going down a path that will lead you to positive gains you may not expect.

"Following your intuition doesn't always mean you're going to be successful or win the prize, but it means you're always going to learn the exact lesson or get the exact accolades or the exact check that you're supposed to get for yourself. Never compare that to anyone else."

That's some pretty sage advice. Berry's last role was as Millie Dubar in Kings, starring alongside James Bond himself Daniel Craig. which was released in theatres on April 27, 2018. Let's hope this one does a little better than Catwoman— although, as long as there's a big check at the end of the rainbow, then Bery is still the cat that got the cream.


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