'Grey's Anatomy' Star Sarah Drew Begs Fans To Stop Attacking Her Co-Star

Many fans of Grey’s Anatomy are not happy that Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) has moved on from his divorce from April Kepner (Sarah Drew) and started a relationship with Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary), and they are voicing their opinions loud and clear on Twitter. But Drew doesn’t appreciate fans attacking her co-star, and she is asking them to stop.

“I need to say something to some of you. I say ‘some’ because I know that many of you are not participating in this,” Drew, 37, tweeted this week. “Look, I know these characters mean so much to you — believe me, they mean a lot to me too — but I do not feel defended when you attack my friends.”

Drew went on to say that McCreary is her “beautiful, loving, and loyal sister” who is a brilliant and fiercely talented team player. She says that McCreary always shows up and dedicates herself to the stories the writers and producers ask her to tell.


She concluded by asking people to stop attacking McCreary for doing her job. Drew says that when fans hurt her co-star, it hurts her. And when they are kind to her co-star, they are kind to her. So, she asks, please be kind.

Drew announced in March that she would be leaving the popular medical drama at the end of this season, and fans have taken to social media to express their anger. Apparently, they are also taking it out on McCreary.

Star Ellen Pompeo—who plays Meredith Grey —says that when character departures happen there is a lot of uproar. She says there is chaos along with feelings of sadness and anger. She says it is a lot to deal with and fans don’t help. Instead, they end up making things harder.

**spoiler alert**

Our last scene together... @ijessewilliams #japril

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As for what will happen to the character of April Kepner, TV Guide is reporting that the preview for the next episode may have given away one of the season’s biggest events. In the clip, fans find out that April is involved in a serious accident. And, while Meredith swears that they aren’t going to lose her, we later see Jackson rushing into the emergency room and throwing himself over his ex’s body. The question is–is she in a coma or is she dead?

She is laying perfectly still, and tubes are coming out of her mouth. It doesn’t seem likely they would let him on top of her if they were still trying to bring her back to life. Add the fact that Meredith bursts into tears, it seems like April will lose her life before the season ends.

New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy air Thursday nights on ABC.


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