Gerard Butler Shows Damage To Home Caused By California Wildfires

Southern California residents have been forced to leave their homes as the Woolsey and Hill Fires have been blazing through the state. Malibu, Hidden Hills, and Calabasas have been making headlines thanks to the fire, as well as the famous residents that are being affected by the blaze.

Actor Gerard Butler recently shared on social media that he lost his home during the fire. On Sunday, he revealed a devasting post showing his Malibu house in ruins. After being evacuated the day before, he was allowed to return back to his residence only to discover it was gone entirely.


Butler isn't just thinking about himself during this challenging time. He used the post to discuss what a tragic time this is for those who live in California. The PS. I Love You star also used social media to praise and thank the Los Angeles Fire Department. He referred to the firefighters and first responders' efforts as inspiring, as well as heroic.

Along with calling out the courageous spirit of the LA Fire Department, Butler asked his 2.3 million followers to support those who are working so hard to stop the fire, save lives, and protect animals. He provided a link in his bio to a website where donations can be made for the LAFD. His words must have resonated with his followers because the post has been liked over 470,000 times, with a slew of comments supporting the actor.

In addition to showing the photo of his Malibu home in ruins, Butler also posted two different videos on social media regarding the devastating fire. One is of the A-lister shaking his head as he stands near what is left of his house. He also used Instagram Stories to share a video of the entire area where his home used to stand.

Over 250,000 people have been evacuated due to the fire. The LAFD continues to battle the blaze and prevent the death toll, which is currently 42. Butler is just one of many famous names who has suffered property damage during the fire, as well as seeking help and support for those that are putting their lives on the line to stop the blaze.


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