From Wizard To Pop Star: 22 Pics Of Selena Gomez And Her Fashion Evolution

Selena Gomez went from squeaky clean Disney star to Billboard chart breaking bad gal, trading her mouse ears in for endorsement deals with some of the biggest brands in the nation. From Pantene to her very own Coach line, along with a sponsorship with Puma; Selena Gomez has definitely “glowed up” since she first hit Hollywood.

Fans first saw Selena as an innocent and sassy tween star when she played Alex Russo, a teenage wizard with magic powers living in New York City on the hit Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place. Growing up on camera, stars usually change their look quite a bit. Even during the show’s run between 2007 and 2012, Selena switched her style up more times than we can even count.

Growing up before the cameras and becoming a massive superstar, Selena switched up her Disney actress image, breaking into the music industry with hit singles and sold out tours. While often in the public eye for who she is dating, Selena has graced the cover of tabloids to high fashion magazines for her eclectic and ever-changing style. We’ve put together the top 25 pics of her transformation from Disney princess to daring diva.

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22 Back in The 'Barney' Days

Via: People Magazine

Kicking off our list is a throwback from 90’s children’s show Barney & Friends back in 2002. Selena (right) sits on a big yellow bouncy ball alongside Barney the big purple dinosaur and her future Disney channel cohort, Demi Lovato. Little Selena looks almost exactly the same in denim shorts and a pink striped polo tank. Selena was just 11 years old when she was a cast member on the show, helping child audiences around the country learn how to count, share and learn the true importance of friendship.

21 Little Miss Minnie Mouse

Here’s Selena at the 2007 premiere of Disney’s High School Musical 2. She’s posed with the iconic Minnie Mouse, matching Minnie’s style with a long red tunic and dark bottoms. This is around the same time Selena’s show Wizards of Waverly Place premiered. She was just 15 years old! Here she’s decked in a casual ‘07 look with jeans and a coral colored graphic tunic that reads “Let’s Rock and Roll” in striped black and white print. Her dark-wash straight leg skinny jeans hit right at her peep-toe teal heels. 

20 The "Long Bob" Begins


By 2008, Selena had become a household name. Here, on the CNN Hero’s Award Show red carpet, Gomez is strutting her then trademarked full fringe bangs. Her hair is straightened and cut at a more mature bolder shoulder length. Per the occasion, Selena is dressed very conservatively in a knee-length black pencil skirt and ruffled white tank. Her patent leather heels sit at about two and a half inches from the ground. Her makeup is clean and simple, not over-done. Although this is giving us “White House Chic” the style is way too old for a sixteen-year-old! No matter how quickly Hollywood ages you, this is a total yawn.

19 Hello, "Jelena"

Via: Seventeen

2009 also sparked the release of Jelena, the world’s favorite tween romance. According to Pop Sugar, this is the first image of the couple seen together in public. Selena is affectionately holding Justin, wrapping her arms around his chest. Here Selena is in another all-sequin look, this time with tights and a smokey eye. She’s definitely growing up before our eyes here. With a couple of layered necklaces and Justin’s broken leg cast, this image surely made American pop culture history.

18 Best Friends For-Never?

Via: Disney

With Wizard’s of Waverly Place under her belt, Selena and her then BFF and Disney screen-star Demi Lovato were inseparable. They grew their own social media following after uploading a series of YouTube 'vlogs' answering their fans biggest questions. Many don’t know that the two starred on the children’s TV show Barney & Friends back when they were super young. They even released a song called “One & The Same” for their Disney tv movie Princess Protection Program. The friends fronted this pop-rock jam, both sporting asymmetrical side bangs, causing a wave of teen girls to try and imitate the two stars. 

17 Polka & Dottie

Via: Teen Vogue

Here’s Selena the following year in an adorable Marc Jacobs polka dot tulle black dress at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party. She’s working her signature side part bob with curly ringlets. She paired this polka-dot look with black sling-back peep-toes. The heels feature a mirrored mosaic for a little more edge, matching her metallic silver bubble clutch. Her make-up is soft and natural, however, her barely-there lip color is a little too washed out. This look could’ve been nicely complemented by a bright red lip.

16 'Strong' is Definitely Beautiful!

Via: Pantene

Va-va-voom, 2011 was a glow-up year for Selena. She started rocking middle-parts and hair extensions and became an emblem of self-assurance and confidence. Her worldwide fame grew so rapidly, she was awarded the title of Global Brand Ambassador for Pantene. Here she poses for a Pantene commercial, as the brand’s newest fresh face. Her shiny chocolate locks look stunning in waves, reminiscent of 1970’s Farrah Fawcett. She’s smiling super big for their advertising campaign for the slogan “strong is beautiful.

15 Ball Gowns & Bow Ties

Back to her traditional shiny metallic dresses, a newly wrist tattooed 2012 Selena Gomez channels old-Hollywood glam with this sheen deep-V halter dress at the American Music Awards. Of course, her date Justin Bieber matched her classic look with a black and white tux. The two looked like mini models evoking 1920’s Hollywood opulence. To match her metallic dress, Selena’s sported silver drop flower earrings, a silver bangle, and silver hand purse. She also wore metallic silver nail polish, such attention to detail! Her hair was styled smoothly in a sculpted side-part and tasteful waves. This look was definitely a win for the night!

14 "Day Glow"

2013 was an odd year for all of us. Selena had just starred in Spring Breakers a cultural hit that tanked with critics. Electro-dance music became mainstream and so did everything that went along with it, including this questionable look at the Billboard music awards. The intricately slit white bodycon dress creates a ripped illusion, but the neckline and shoulders are accompanied by neon glow sticks? We’re hoping Gomez leaves this look behind her.

13 Peace, Love, Coachella

Via: Just Jared

During the 2014 Coachella music festival Selena showed up to the three-day concert with then pals, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, who were just 16 and 18. Selena rocked her bohemian hippie chic look here with a white floral lace long sleeve dress, brown floppy hat, bindi forehead jewel and black combat boots. However, shortly after the three pals appeared together at Coachella, Selena told the press she was ending her friendship with the famous sisters claiming they were a "toxic distraction" claiming Kendall and Kylie were encouraging her to be a party girl. 

12 "Feelin' Twenty-Two"

Via: YouTube-AMA

When Selena turned the ripe age of twenty-two she really started growing up in the eyes of the fashion world. She started styling looks with less gaudy accessories and wearing long sleek (and much less shiny) gowns and dresses. She let cameras follow her AMA journey, here she is working a simple and elegant fresh face at the American Music Awards, with long flowing locks. This is the year Gomez released her hit single “The Heart Wants What It Wants” and popularly touted her new superstar BFF, fellow pop songstress Taylor Swift.

11 Hello Dolly!

Via: Latina.com

At the 2015 Met Gala, Selena stunned fans in this white ensemble by Vera Wang, accompanied by a white floral head fascinator and black tassels. Her rich red lip complimented both the look and the red carpet. This key-hole front and the low-back dress was the first good fashion risk we Selena take at a high profile event. It worked in her favor, the tabloids were loving this look! It worked perfectly with the night's theme "Modern China Doll." The star looked happy, healthy and ready to shine. She was no longer hiding behind long locks or a thick side part, her hair pinned back into the flowers gave the world a chance to see her stunning face.

10 revival

Via: Billboard

It almost seems as though we’ve watched Selena transform overnight. By 2017, she was riding the high of her hit album Revival, her song “Good For You” was #1 on the Billboard hot 100 and she was named 2017’s Woman of The Year. Who could forget her groundbreaking collabs with pop new-comer Charlie Puth “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and DJ Kygo “It Ain’t Me” the world had recognized Selena as a hit music star, quickly divorcing from her Disney star image. Fans grew more and more obsessed with her angelic baby face and thick long locks. She worked red carpets and interviews with domineering confidence mixed with her positive and sweet innocence. At this point, who didn’t have a soft spot for Selena?

9 Blonde "Lob" Bombshell

Via: US Weekly

After reaching a peak in her musical career, Selena decided to switch up her look. While still keeping her edgy image, she drastically traded her long dark locks for a short blonde bob. The platinum “lob” (a portmanteau for long bob) was no easy feat to have, her stylist told People Magazine that the blonde makeover “took 9 hours [...] about 300 foils, and 8 bowls of bleach, all with 2 stylists working together simultaneously.” She rocked the blonde look in her music video for “Bad Liar” and made sure to shoot a few Instagram shots for memories. However, the look didn’t last too long, 30 days after the transformation she was spotted back to her classic brunette bob.

8 Gone For 'The Weeknd'

Via: Glamour

At 2017’s Met Gala, Selena stunned the world, confirming her relationship with Canadian R&B star The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye). This was particularly surprising as The Weeknd had just ended his relationship with Selena’s former friend, supermodel Bella Hadid, who was also in attendance. Selena innocently rocked a Coach ensemble, with pink eyeshadow and a glitter choker, sporting her classic lob. She openly embraced her relationship before the cameras, the first celebrity boyfriend she has publically appeared with on a red carpet since Bieber!

7 Nothin' But Blue Skies

Via: People

This may look like a standard paparazzi photo taken of Selena on a lovely spring day in New York. Although you can barely tell by the photo, Selena had just received a life-threatening operation, undergoing a transplant, donated by her best friend, Francia Raisa. Selena had come out about her battle with lupus, that affects the organs and joints. While keeping her operation super secret, she opened up during her recovery, thanking her friend and God for a successful surgery. 

6 Coach x Selena

Via: Coach

The Coach Spring/Summer 2018 lookbook features Selena in front of New York City skylines, with a warm summer glow. She’s decked in Coach embellished ensembles, modeling her latest Coach x Selena Collection. The whimsical campaign features a theme of bunny rabbits, flowers and bows. The promotional videos are fun and feminine, with soft glow and warm pink and orange hues. Selena has created handbags, sweaters, iPhone cases, key rings, wallets, cardigans and winter hats for the brand, all mostly styled with her bunny rabbit logo.

5 "We Are All DREAMers"

Via: Elle

Behind the scenes of her Coach x Selena Collection shoot, Selena got political, donning this “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) tee with the text reading "We Are All Dreamers." Her shirt was definitely her making sure the whole world knew where she stood out in the crowd.

4 The Power of Puma

Via: Puma

Despite health concerns, and revealing to the world she had been hiding a sickness. Selena signed a multi-million dollar deal with Puma, collaborating on shoes and endorsing the brand on her Instagram. Oh and if you didn’t know, Selena is still the most followed person on Instagram, with 141.7M followers. Page Six reported each of her sponsored Puma posts were $3.4M. According to Maxim, the shoe company only had 8.5M followers, and Selena’s Puma posts have triple the engagements.

3 The EX-Factor

Via: People

Back with a vengeance, just days after her breakup with The Weeknd, the paps caught Selena hanging with her ex Justin Bieber in LA. Smiling, she rocked this outfit alongside Biebs in a thrasher hoodie. The two were spotted riding bicycles and leaving each other's apartments for roughly a week or so, but later fizzled out. A few months later, Justin was seen dating Hailey Baldwin, and quickly asked for her hand in marriage while vacationing with her in the Bahamas. Sources close to Selena say she wishes nothing but the best for Justin and Hailey.

2 Share a Coke with Selena

Via: Coca-Cola

For the last two decades, superstars have partnered with soda giants like Coke and Pepsi for national advertisements. Alongside her many endorsements, Selena has worked as a spokesperson for the international soda pop giant Coca-Cola. In 2016, she was apart of the “Share a Coke” campaign. Gomez was featured in several Instagram videos sipping a classic coke glass bottle from a red and white striped straw. As part of the campaign, lyrics from Selena’s hit songs “Love You Like a Love Song” and “Me & the Rhythm” are featured on the coca-cola labeling.

1 Vogue, Cover Girl!

Via: Vogue

We’re ending the list with this iconic photoshoot from Vogue. Selena donned the cover of American Vogue for the first time ever in March 2017. Speaking out about her issues with anxiety and stress, Selena decided it was best to remove herself from the limelight, friends and even family to detox from the stress. Coming out stronger than ever, Selena worked this hippie floral jumpsuit with signature gold hoop earrings. The shoot in the Malibu hills featured Selena driving a little red Corvette. 

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