From Teen Popstar To This Is Us: 15 Photos Of Mandy Moore's Evolution

The marvelous Mandy Moore has grown up right before our very eyes. From talented teen pop sensation to awesome acclaimed actress on the hit TV drama, This Is Us, the beautiful Moore has been impressing fans for decades with her raw talent, relatable realness, and long-lasting loveliness.

She has always maintained her “good girl” image when many other young celebs in the same boat have seen scandals and salacious stories about them. But Ms. Moore is a different type of gal, who seems to have her head on straight and a good work ethic with moral values she holds dear. She is not only one to watch, but one to emulate.

Of course, she’s a natural stunner, and we have loved watching her looks and style evolve over the years. We envy the fact that she’s never had that “awkward phase” most of us have suffered through, and we adore her sense of style and beauty that radiates like the sunshine from the inside out.

With the incredible success of This Is Us, Moore has become more popular than ever, with fans tuning in week after week to see Moore and the rest of the phenomenal cast work their magic on the small screen. But even when Moore was a teen popstar, she was beloved far and wide by audiences who found her look and sound to be fun and fresh.

Here are 15 pics of the fabulous actress from teenage years through the present day. Gorgeous and glowing, Moore is a modern woman with a flair for being nothing short of fantastic!

15 Pop Of Red

The budding popstar looks like a beautiful bright bombshell in her fitted red tank top and cute hairdo atop her head. As she was just starting out in this crazy celeb world, the beyond adorable Mandy Moore looked as cute as a button and innocent as a baby bird. She looks like the girl next door who is ready to blossom into a young woman, but she maintains her innocence and girlishness all the while. She was on trend in her colorful tank top, pop of bold lipstick, and “messy” hair, but she had her own signature style that came shining through. Moore has come quite a long way since rocking this simple look, but we will always remember the teen queen we first fell in love with. Red is definitely this gal’s color!

14 Music Maker

Just look at that well-deserved proud smile beaming from ear to ear on the pretty face of Mandy Moore! Here we see a young Moore holding one of her CDs. She must have been over the moon with delight and excitement after putting in all that hard work into her budding musical career. Here the peppy pop tart is a California blonde with bronzed skin and a fresh-faced glow.

This is the Moore that all the young girls and preteens wanted to be like as they listened to her pop music, feeling cool and hip just like their idol.

While Moore doesn’t do much singing these days, she must look back on those teenage moments fondly and with great memories to cherish for a lifetime. It seems like just yesterday we were watching Mandy Moore music videos on MTV!

13 Still Green

In this attractive photo, Mandy Moore is trying to look a bit edgier through her more seductive pose and by dyeing her blonde hair to a darker hue for a little mystery. She looks absolutely terrific no matter her hairstyle, and the green jacket looks like a million bucks against her skin. That gold butterfly necklace is dainty and unique, and her natural and shiny lip gloss makes her pouty lips pop.

Seeing Moore ditch that cutie-pie image for something more grown up is a nice change of pace, and she seems to be very confident and secure in herself.

All the blonde-haired teens who followed Moore at this time likely wanted to dye their hair a subtle brunette too. After all, Moore does look gorgeous with a darker 'do.

12 Plaid And Pretty

Back to blonde, here we see a super happy Mandy Moore rocking a sleeveless pink turtleneck sweater and a long plaid skirt to match. These spring-like colors look very nice on the lovely Moore, although this style is not exactly what we’d see on a celeb nowadays. But back then, Moore was certainly in style and feeling extra pretty. Her adorable rosy cheeks match her pink top and that big and broad smile seems genuine.

Plaid is usually reserved for frumpy flannel shirts, but Moore took the classic print and brought something new to the fashion table.

Not everyone could pull off this colorful look, but with a figure like hers, Moore looked cute and stylish. Her long hair is lovely, and her posture proves she is happy with her fame.

11 Fringe Benefits

Va va voom! Look at Mandy Moore in her cropped feathery-fringy top and asymmetrical, to-the-knee denim skirt. You can tell she feels foxy and grown up, and she looks amazing. Although this pic was taken many years ago, the style is still fresh and would look great on anyone with the guts to wear it today. Not everyone is comfortable showing off a sliver of midriff, but if you have the confidence like Moore does, this outfit is super cool. Denim never goes out of style, and a cute top like this one is a winner too. Moore looks youthful and stylish, carefree and fun. After seeing this pic, that shirt must have been flying off the racks! Fans love to copy their idols’ style and this one was a home run.

10 Booties On A Cutie

Colorful and model-esque, here we see a younger Mandy Moore stepping out of her clothing comfort zone and donning an eye-catching look that is skin-baring and chic. Those bright booties are to die for and those striped short shorts are not for the faint of heart. In her bold and bright yellow t-shirt and her lovely lip color matching those incredible booties, a svelte and youthful Moore is stylish and super cool.

Long bangs and pretty makeup enhance Moore’s already fabulous look, and those long legs are certainly enviable.

We would be amazed if Moore would step out in a look like this now, but back then, she looked like she just walked off the pages of a fashion mag. Booties were never so beautiful! But were they “made for walking?”

9 Leather Lass

Leather pants and a cute tank top with the word “candy” on it is a super adorable and foxy look that is exactly what Mandy Moore is all about. Perhaps that shirt is an ode to her popular song from back in the day, otherwise it may just explain why she is so darn sweet! Either way, Moore looks totally stylish in this cool outfit. A black choker necklace looks edgy and stylish, and her light blonde hair looks great with this style.

Not every gal can pull off a pair of fitted leather pants, but Moore always does it right and the fit is simply fabulous.

Her pose is cute with a hint of sass, and whenever Moore’s pic is snapped, it always comes out looking fresh and hip. This leather lass is a style sensation!

8 Flower Power

A pale dress with a pop of color thanks to a bright flower makes this sweet outfit shine on the body of a fresh-faced Mandy Moore. Always smiling delightfully from ear to ear, this blonde beauty takes a simple dress and makes it something truly special. Her shoulder-length layered hair looks modern, and her natural-looking makeup allows Moore’s true beauty to shine through.

It seems like Moore looks good in any color and every style, making her the perfect gal to model any type of clothing.

She always looks genuinely happy and confident, and with great looks like hers, we can understand why. We should all add a big flower to our dresses or shirts. If Moore loves the floral look, she may be on to something. Smells good to us!

7 Legs For Days

Now here is a look that is classy and sassy! Just look how the impeccable Mandy Moore rocks this shoulder-baring satiny top and shiny pants. Pointy shoes pop out just so, and her legs look they are a million miles long. We all know Moore as a singer and actress, but in this photo, we ought to add supermodel to the list. While those pants may not be for the everyday, we wish they could be because they are so hot! Moore has just the right pose to show off her enviable legs and amazing shape. She has a natural way about her that does not seem forced or fake. Hopefully Moore kept these pants and gets to wear them to this day. They’d still look just as cool in 2018 as they did back then.

6 Pixie Pop Princess

Short hair, don’t care! The always foxy Mandy Moore shows off her absolutely beautiful facial features in a super chic pixie cut in a light brown shade. She looks so stylish and adorable that we don’t miss that longer hair one bit. While we all know that the celeb grew her hair back eventually, this choppy pixie look was a classic while it lasted. She took a chance and it was a hit.

We can see Moore’s gorgeous light eyes, rosy cheeks, and delicate features. She looks more mature and classy in this cut, but no matter what hairstyle the star chooses to go with, she looks great.

Not every person can rock such a short style, but when you’ve got a face like Moore, anything goes. Pixie princess all the way!

5 Brunette Babe

Here we see a more recent pic of the delightful Mandy Moore rocking shiny brunette locks with a haircut that suits the star to a tee. She looks as gorgeous as ever and her long side-swept bangs frame her pretty face just wonderfully. She loves to use natural-looking makeup to enhance her features, and she always rocks her pose for the camera perfectly. While a blonde-haired Moore is fun and easy-breezy, when she goes for the darker brunette look, something changes, and she seems more mature and edgy. Her shimmery shirt is super cool and goes well with this overall look. Kudos to Moore’s hairstylist for giving her something a little different, but totally amazing. Long layers and loose waves are what a great hairdo is all about.

4 Pure And Simple

Doesn’t Mandy Moore look innocent and adorable in this dress? Sure, there is a cut out in the middle, but Moore knows how to keep it classy, never trashy. Her smile is a delight as always, and natural makeup is Moore’s go-to. Her hair looks cute and her posture is perfect. The mustard hue of this dress is something a little different, but it looks great on Moore, as nearly everything does.

She has grown into a beautiful and admired woman, and her style is always on point. As one of the stars of This Is Us, Moore must be proud of how far she has come in her career.

She has always been true to herself, and that is one reason fans have followed her career from the start. She’s talented and beautiful — a star no matter what she wears or does.

3 Ravishing In Red

Now this look is a real show-stopper. Looking ever so elegant and stylishly sophisticated, the magnificent Mandy Moore steps out for the cameras and steals the show. This long, tiered red dress is absolutely amazing, and paired with perfect red lips and her winning signature smile, Ms. Moore looks like a true A-lister. Her simple hair allows the gorgeous dress to be the star of the show and that cute clutch is the perfect accessory to her outfit. Little jewelry and glowing skin is all Moore needs to finish off this impressive event-worthy look. Any red carpet event Moore goes to is surely something special, but when she shows up in a delightful dress like this, she raises things up yet another notch. This lady is a stunner in red!

2 Polka-Dot Darling

Polka dots and ruffles seem like something a kid would wear, but as we can see, Mandy Moore took the cute look and made it all woman. She looks chic and stylish in her one-shoulder dress in white and black. Her shoulder-length hair is just right, and that dress is just divine. She looks like she loves the dress, as we can see in her pose for the camera. This dress is perfect for a romantic date night, a red carpet moment, or for any reason at all! When you look as good in it as Moore does, you’d want to wear it all the time. Polka dots are classic, but this dress is modern and full of fun. Those ruffles are ravishing, but not as amazing as the woman wearing them!

1 Beauty In A Beret

Here Mandy Moore looks artsy and cool with a city vibe that is modern and laid back. A cool beret is always stylish, and the autumn colors in her outfit look really nice against Moore’s skin tone and hair color.

She has a natural glow about her and can pull off this sort of look with sophistication and elegance. Moore is a classic beauty and no matter what she wears, she looks effortless and stunning.

Whether on the set of her hit television show or just walking around the city in real life, Moore turns heads wherever she goes. She has surely grown into an impressive woman who will be on the radar for years to come. From pop teen singing sensation to admired television and film actress, this wonderful woman is a force to be reckoned with. Moore is indeed magnificent!

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