The Final Bid Price Of Netflix's Marvel Auctions

Fans of Marvel TV shows have had reason to celebrate. Earlier this month Marvel promoted the Marvel Television Live Auction with several costumes from Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. More than 151 lots were available on the website.

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Among the most desired ones were the Nelson and Murdock costumes and other items that appeared on the screen. Most of the items cost a few hundred dollars, but some of them reached astronomical prices.

Steven DeKnight, Daredevil showrunner, paid $55.000 for a costume from his own show. And this is not the most expensive thing on this list.

10 Willis 'Diamondback' Stryker's Light-Up Battle Costume - $8,250

The costume appeared on Luke Cage on the episodes Soliloquy of Chaos and You Know My Steez. Stryke ( Erik LaRay Harvey) used this costume in a fight scene against Luke Cage. It was sold for $8500.

According to the auction website, the lot contains a jacket, a vest, and a "gunmetal gray foam and urethane light-up power pack complete with several electronic components." There are also a control box, a jumpsuit, a pair of leather gloves, a glass helmet and leather boots. It also has some marks from the filming set.

9 Matt Murdock's Second Iteration Red Daredevil Cowl - $9,000

This cowl appeared on Daredevil on season 2 and 3 and belonged to Matt Murdock (Charlie Thomas Cox). It comes with small marks from the fighting scenes and that might increase the value for affectionate fans. The final price for cowl was $9000, one of the highest-priced items in the auction.

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The auction website describes it as a "plated flexible urethane cowl is painted in Daredevil's signature red with black details. It features clear red plastic lenses affixed to the eyeholes and is labeled for the principal actor."

8 Matt Murdock's Slashed Combat Costume - $10,500

Matt Murdock wore this costume on Daredevil on the Speak of the Devil episode. The scene was a remarkable battle with Nobu Yoshioka and the filming resulted in some marks on the item.  The final bid for it was $10.500, one of the highest amounts at this auction.

The buyer brought home a black mask, a shirt with red details, gloves, wrist protectors, a pair of jeans, knee pads, knee guards, shin guards, belt and rubber boots, according to the website. Like all items, it comes with an authenticity certificate.

7 Matt Murdock's second iteration Daredevil costume - $10,500

Matt Murdock wore this costume during second one and two of Daredevil. The final bid was $10500 and there are some marks on the collar. Despite this minor detail, the costume is in excellent conditions. It is almost identical to the one used by the stunt.

The item is " a crimson red and black foam-padded polyester blend stunt zip-up vest with rubber shoulder straps and a matching Spandex and polyester blend compression bodysuit with a zip-up front, black stirrups, and metal and urethane details throughout. The vest is labeled for the principal actor."

6 Matt Murdock's Stunt Repaired Red First Iteration Daredevil Cowl $10500

Matt Murdock's items are valuable among the fans. Someone paid $10500 for the costume the stunt wore on the Dogs to a Gunfight and New York's Finest episodes. Like other items on this list, the mask comes with multiple marks because of the action scenes. Those features often increase the value of an object during an auction.

It also comes with a certificate of authenticity, like the other items.This lot has "a rubber cowl is painted in Daredevil's signature red with black and silver details, including silver stitching on the front," according to the website.

5 Matt Murdock's First Iteration VFX Cowl - $11500

Matt Murdock appeared using this mask on multiple episodes during season one and two. Therefore it has a special meaning for fans of the show and someone paid $11.500 for it. Although it is peeling in some parts and there are some marks on it.

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The cowl is "painted in Daredevil's signature crimson red with ridged black and silver details, black tape on the interior and four yellow VFX dots affixed on the front, as well as a padded black foam rubber and polyester stunt hood," according to the website."

4 Matt Murdock's Distressed Red Second Iteration Daredevil Costume - $19.000

This costume was sold for $19000, an impressive amount if compared to the previous items on this list. It appeared on Daredevil on the episode Resurrection. Murdock wore it when he woke up after a fight near a river. Therefore, this item is "torn, punctured, and stained with dirt and faux blood throughout by production", according to the website.

The auction website also describes the costume as "a crimson red and black Spandex and polyester blend compression suit, a matching polyester and nylon vest, a pair of matching gloves with a Spandex arm sleeve, a padded black Spandex zip-up undershirt, a black Spandex and polyester tank top with rigid rubber details at the neck, and a pair of black leather boots with rubber soles marked '#1' by production."

3 Benjamin 'Dex' Poindexter's stunt Daredevil impersonation costume - $35.000

This costume was worth over $35.000 in the auction and appeared in several episodes during the season 3. As most items used by a stunt, there are multiple marks over the costume and also intentional punctures.  The  Benjamin 'Dex' Poindexter's stunt Daredevil impersonation costume was one of the most valuable items sold.

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The costume includes a red cowl with black details, a compression bodysuit with metallic details, a vest with strip closures, a hood, a pair of boots, a hood, leather gloves, a billy club holster and rubber billy clubs.

2 Matt Murdock's First Iteration Daredevil Costume - $55.000

Steven DeKnight, Daredevil showrunner, paid $55.000 for this costume. Matt Murdock appeared using it during the second season of the show. It looks like a great - and expensive- souvenir from his project. It is also one of the most impressive costumes from the auction.

The item includes a red cowl, lens, stitching on the front from Melvin Potter's repair work, a compression bodysuit with rubber pads, a vest, hood, a pair of sneakers, a billy club hoster, a billy club, resin grieves and leather gloves.

1 Matt Murdock's Red Daredevil Costume - $65,000

This costume appeared on several episodes during season 3 and was the most expensive item sold in the auction. The final bid was $65.000.

The unknown buyer brought home a red cowl with back and metallic details, lenses, a hood, a compression bodysuit with rubber pads on the shoulder. It also includes a belt used the first two seasons, a pair of boots, gloves, a billy club hoster, two billy clubs. There are some marks from the film sets like a hole in the hood and a missing tip in one of the billy clubs.

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