Fetty Wap Gets Generous At A Supermarket

Fetty Wap Gets Generous At A Supermarket

Fetty Wap gave out grocery gift cards in his hometown just in time for Easter.

The rapper best known for such hits as “Trap Queen” and “My Way” returned to his hometown of Paterson New Jersey on Tuesday to give back to the community the raised him.

Appearing at the Price Rite grocery store in Center Mall on Main Street, Willie Maxwell II, who goes by the stage name Fetty Wap, handed out hundreds of gift cards to local residents. A lineup stretched around the block filled with families eager to both shop for Easter dinner and get a free meal at the same time.

In an interview with Northjersey.com, Wap joked that he still needed plans for holiday dinner. "I hope somebody gives me a couple invitations," he said.

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Fetty Wap spent his early life in Paterson before rising to fame and fortune on a successful career as a rapper. He later added singing to his repertoire, and now refers to his signature sound as “ignorant R&B”.

But despite his success, Wap has never forgotten his hometown. "Anything I can do to help especially with my hometown I’m going to always be there," Fetty said.

Fetty stood for hours taking photos with fans, signing autographs, shaking hands, and of course, handing out grocery gift cards. Many of those in attendance came straight from attending classes at a nearby high school.


"I’ve been a Fetty Wap fan ever since I was young and I lived in Paterson my whole life and I never met him and it’s going to be my first time," said 15-year-old Ismael Mella. "It’s going to be crazy."

This isn’t the first time Fetty has graced his hometown with a free giveaway. Last November he partnered with the local school board to give away 500 turkeys for Thanksgiving--the third year in a row he’s done so.

"We’re very excited to have somebody who loves the city as much as us come into the store and want to give back," said Marie Sweeney-Tevis, director of marketing and community relations for Inserra Supermarkets. "That’s really great."

Fetty Wap recalls growing up on nothing but food stamps, and credits that for his humility and generosity.

"Coming from not having anything to being able to do a lot more than what I did growing up," he said, "to be able to live a different lifestyle, it kind of really empowered me to help as many people as I could."


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