10 Famous Rock Bands Who Give The Most Expensive Concerts

With loud guitar riffs, incredible drum solos and show-stopping vocals, attending a rock and roll concert is always exciting, even if it leaves you with a slight earache for the next day due to the volume.

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Rock bands are well-known for putting on crazy shows that are packed full of atmosphere, creating one of the best live experiences that money can buy.

However, money has become a big part of that experience, with many rock bands now charging incredible, eye-watering sums of money for fans to go and see them in concert, and within this list, we will rank the 10 most expensive bands to see in concert.

10 Metallica ($115 Average Price)

Metallica is well-known for being one of the greatest heavy metal bands in the history of music, with the band having traveled the world countless times, putting on classic shows everywhere they go.

However, they are also very smart businessmen. Their recent 'WorldWired' tour saw the band gross $70 million from just 13 shows, proving how much money can be made from live music in 2019.

With an average ticket price of $115, there were some extremely expensive tickets available. One cost nearly $700, which many fans are clearly happy to pay.

9 Twenty-One Pilots ($132.73 Average Price)

Twenty-One Pilots have a very unique sound compared to traditional rock bands, but it is one that has quickly taken off, with the band becoming incredibly popular in just a short space of time.

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Unlike the vast majority of bands on this list, Twenty-One Pilots don't quite have the longevity to warrant charging such incredibly high prices to their concerts, yet because of the way the music industry is changing, it is something they are able to do.

8 Kiss ($117 Average Price)

Kiss is one of the most legendary rock bands of all time, and they are currently embarking on the 'End of the Road' tour, as they travel the world putting on their final ever live experiences.

However, they're certainly charging plenty for that, with the average ticket price costing $117 for those shows, meaning fans will have to part ways with a lot of cash in order to see them one final time.

Kiss do tend to go all out with their live concerts though, with huge pyrotechnics often being found at their shows, especially this time as they look to go out with a bang.

7 Iron Maiden ($153.85 Average Price)

As one of the greatest heavy rock bands of all time, Iron Maiden will go down in history. With their countless incredible songs and long past, the band is one of the best to have ever come out of Britain.

While their average ticket price is high, at $153.85, they pride themselves on their ability to put on a show, one of the best shows you'll find in music, period.

They always feature huge audio-animatronics, pyrotechnics, fire, and constant set changes, having various ones appear throughout the show, ensuring that the audience gets their money's worth.

6 Aerosmith($170.58 Average Price)

Another of rock and roll's most well-known bands is Aerosmith, who also happens to be one of the most expensive band's to see live in concert, with an average ticket price of $170.58 to see them.

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You had better walk this way to the bank if you're hoping to see this great band, as they aren't one of the cheapest bands to see in the world. However, they are one of the best.

Steven Tyler is an immense frontman who doesn't disappoint with his performance, still having the vocals while also still being able to strut his stuff around the stage.

5 The Cure ($196 Average Price)

Yet again, another rock band that has been around for decades. The Cure is well aware of just how much fans new and old are willing to pay to see them, and they charge an average price of $196 to see them on tour.

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The band is well-known for putting on incredibly long shows, often playing over 30 songs. Their performances aren't as showy as ones other bands on this list provide, but they still make sure everyone gets to hear all their hits.

4 Queen & Adam Lambert ($241.33 Average Price)

Next on the list is Queen & Adam Lambert, with the legendary rock band having an average ticket price of $241.33, making them one of the most expensive rock bands to see live in concert right now.

Even though Queen is one of the best bands of all time, with an incredible library of music, it does seem like a very high price to be charging when you consider the fact it isn't the original line-up of the band.

While Adam Lambert is a terrific singer, he is no Freddie Mercury, which makes it interesting that the band decides to charge as much as they do for a ticket.

3 Paul McCartney ($258.32 Average Price)

While The Beatles may be a thing of the past, Paul McCartney is still very much performing consistently at the biggest venues possible, having just been announced as a future Glastonbury headliner for next year.

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McCartney is well aware of his value as being a member of The Beatles and the fact that he is one of the last remaining great rock and roll stars from a bygone era, which is why he charges so much for his tickets.

The average ticket price to a McCartney concert comes in at $258.32, making him one of the most expensive rock artists to see in 2019.

2 The Rolling Stones ($268.36 Average Price)

As one of the greatest rock bands of all time, it isn't too surprising that The Rolling Stones have one of the most expensive average ticket prices, with tickets costing $268.36 to see the British icons strut their stuff.

Thankfully, unlike many older bands, The Rolling Stones are still able to put on one hell of a show as they are more than capable of still moving around a stage, with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger constantly proving they are as good as ever.

While the band might have aged, they are not showing signs of slowing down, and even though their tickets are expensive, they're still brilliant.

1 The Eagles ($354 Average Price)

Another one of the most expensive rock bands to see live is The Eagles, with an average ticket price coming in at $354, which is an unbelievable sum of money, with tickets on the secondary market averaging at over $1,000.

While The Eagles are an iconic and legendary band, it is an extreme amount of money to pay for just one concert, especially when you can pay for a full festival ticket and have some money left over for that.

Of course, for diehard fans, it might be worthwhile, but to the average fan, it is a price that many are simply not willing to pay, no matter who is playing.

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