10 Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding Dresses

It is well-known that celebrities have the best of everything money can buy, and this is especially true when it comes to their weddings. The brides want the day to be perfect, from luxury seating to extravagant venues, but the guest's eyes are always on the bride's wedding dress.

Their motto usually follows the saying "go big or go home", and that is definitely the case for these brides.  We have compiled a list of the ten most luxurious wedding dresses celebrities have worn as they tied the knot. They are as over the top as you might expect, as well as enviable to any future bride's eyes. Keep reading to see the ten most expensive celebrity wedding dresses!

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10 Jessica Biel: $100,000

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have an enviable relationship, and her wedding dress costs $100,000. This may seem like pocket change to them, but to us, it is a large downpayment on a house. Jessica was unconventional when she chose to wear a pink gown designed by Giambattista Valli Haute Couture, refusing to abide by the rules of society.

Biel found herself serenaded by Timberlake as she walked down the aisle, and who wouldn't attempt this sort of stunt when she looked this stunning. Their private Italian wedding will go down in history, as well as the sensationally expensive dress she wore on her big day.

9 Petra Ecclestone: $140,000

Petra Ecclestone married James Stunt in a $140,000 wedding gown that sparkled in a way we have never seen before. It was the traditional white color of usual wedding dresses and the strapless design was created by Vera Wang.

She tied the knot in Italy after pulling up in a vintage Rolls Royce at Odescalchi Castle. Their castle venue was epic and it was just as stunning as her dress, with views looking out into Lake Bracciano. She looked gorgeous and we all can agree when we say we wish we could have attended this iconic marriage.

8 Catherine Zeta-Jones: $140,000

Catherine Zeta-Jones married Michael Douglas back in November of 2000 in this custom-made gown. The Christian Lacroix gown was covered in beads and each one was added individually by hand, helping us understand the $140,000 price tag.

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It is the epitome of traditional with its long train and classic white color, not to mention the 10-carat diamond ring she sported on her finger. They were married in New York City's Piazza Hotel, complete with a Welsch choir to help them celebrate in style. This is one dress we will never stop loving as we wish we had the luxury of affording such a beautiful gown.

7 Elizabeth Taylor: $188,000

Elizabeth Taylor married Conrad Hilton in her $188,000 dress, but she has been married eight different times. The gown was designed by Helen Rose in typical 1950s style complete with lace and ivory satin.

This was her first marriage and she was only eighteen years old. They only lasted a year before finally divorcing and she moved on to her next husband fairly quickly as she remarried in 1952. When the wedding was over she sold her dress at auction, this finalizing the end of her and Mr. Hilton forever.

6 Marie-Chantal Miller: $225,000

Marie-Chantal Miller married the crown prince of Greece, Pavlos, in a $225,000 wedding dress. They were married in London at the Greek Orthodox Church and it was an event to remember.

Her gown was covered in pearls and designed by none other than Valentino himself. Her lace train was to die for and the completion of the dress only required the abilities of 25 seamstresses. She was married back in 1995 but this dress is timeless, in its elaborate structure and for the smile, it was able to put on her face.

5 Mariah Carey: $250,000

Mariah Carey was supposed to marry James Packer, the son of a billionaire media tycoon, but their engagement was called off. Packer gifted her a $50 million dollar inconvenience settlement after calling off the wedding, which is why it was acceptable for her to burn the $250,000 wedding gown in her music video.

She was supposed to be married in the custom Valentino gown on the coast of Bora Bora, but instead, it ended up as ash. It might seem like a waste of money, but when you consider her feelings towards him after the split, it was totally worth it.

4 Amal Clooney: $380,000

Amal Almuddin married George Clooney in this $380,000 wedding dress. The dress was designed by Oscar de la Renta and consisted of white lace and an off-the-shoulder design. The dress was the last one he designed before he passed, increasing its iconic nature and desirability.

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The couple was married in Italy at the Canal Grande Luxury Resort with the help of several of their celebrity friends. The wedding was epic, and so is this dress, as we continue to gush over how perfect it would be on us during our own big day.

3 Kate Middleton: $400,000

Kate Middleton married Prince William in this $400,000 wedding gown, and it was world-changing, to say the least. The dress was designed by Sarah Burton and consisted of a nine-foot-long train.

The entire gown was covered in lace from head to toe, with a multitude of hand-crafted flowers to layer the bodice of the dress. A little known fact is the dress actually had a small blue ribbon sewed on the inside to give Kate something blue on her wedding day.

2 Kim Kardashian: $500,000

Kim Kardashian is not known for her subtlety and the same thinking applied to her wedding day when she wore a $500,000 wedding dress. She married Kanye West in the gown designed by Riccardo Tisci in a mermaid style with long lace sleeves.

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They were married in Florence, Italy with a ton of big-name artists to fill their reception with live music, including John Legend and Lana Del Rey. It was a night to remember and a dress that Kardashian fans will never forget.

1 Victoria Swarovski: $1 Million

The most expensive dress of them all is worn by Victoria Swarovski, the heir to the fortune amassed by the Swarovski Crystal Company. She married Werner Mürz back in 2017 and her million dollar dress was a showstopper.

It was designed by Michael Cinco and contained 500,000 crystals across the entirety of the gown. It weighed roughly 100 pounds and the celebration lasted for three whole days to thoroughly wear out their guests. This dress is magnificent and we don't feel worthy enough to rest our eyes on its beauty, despite loving the way it shimmers in the light of her smile.

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