Every Member Of The Olsen Family's Net Worth

When it comes to famous families, Hollywood truly has a lot to offer. From ancient, rich dynasties to more recent money, there is really no escaping the Kardashian phenomenon. The Olsen clan is a great example of the latter, where three members in particular managed to rise from anonymity into creating one of the most profitable fashion empires out there and a stellar acting career.

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Ever since the early 2000s, the Olsen sisters have been in the public eye thanks to their several endeavours in the entertainment and fashion industry. And years later, they continue to make headlines and to revel in their millions, thanks to a lot of hard work and smart management of fame. But what else does the family have to offer? Let's take a look at the net worth of each member of the Olsen family!

5 Trent Olsen - $800,000

Perhaps one of the least well-known members of the Olsen clan is Trent Olsen, the brother to all the most famous members of the family. Now 35 years old, Trent tried to break into the acting industry when he was still entering his teens. Curiously enough, even though he was chosen to be a part of an HBO series entitled Tales From The Crypt, his parents didn't let him follow the same trajectory as his siblings.

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However, Trent eventually made a series of appearances, most of them related to his sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley. Between 1993 and 2004, he was featured in a series of tapes and documentaries about the twins, including The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of the U.S. Space Camp Mission, The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of the Mystery Cruise, and You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Sleepover Party.

Eventually he was also able to act in an episode of Full House, as an extra in the movie Old School, and was featured on an episode of Comedy Corner. In addition to his acting endeavours, Trent is also a musician and artist, very much into charity. According to WaliAki, his net worth is estimated to be around $800,000.

4 Courtney Taylor Olsen - Between $100,000 And $1 Million

Courtney Taylor Olsen his half-sister to all of the best known Olsen sisters, including Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth. At only 22 years old, Taylor began focusing more seriously in her acting career back in 2014, perhaps in the hopes of following the footsteps of her older half-siblings.

Even though she already starred in two movie productions, Malignant Spirits: Sense of Fiction and YOLO: The Movie, a few years have passed since fans last heard of Courtney procuring any further roles. She did appear as herself in the reality television series BNow!, but aside from that, there haven't been any signs that this particular Olsen family member is interested in pursuing a career in showbiz. In spite of all of this, according to Celebs Trends Now, she has a net worth estimated to be between $100,000 and $1 Million.

3 Elizabeth Olsen - $5 Million

There was a time when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were the most famous out of the entire Olsen clan, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe does have a special kind of power when it comes to instantly catapulting its actors into world-wide fame, fortune, and success. But of course, Elizabeth's road to success was paved with a lot more than just her most recent features in the Marvel movies!

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Three years younger than the twins, Elizabeth - who could easily be considered the long lost twin number three, considering how much they all look alike - began her career in front of the cameras by featuring in her sisters movies. Her first dab took place in 1993, when she was featured both in Our First Video and The Olsen Twins Mother's Day Special. After that, she quickly made the jump to acting roles beyond those related to her sisters, although she did quite a few more since then.

After a small role in Full House, Elizabeth saw her career being propelled forward and was featured in movies such as In Secret, Very Good Girls, and  Kill Your Darlings. Her net worth is estimated to be around $5 Million, mostly due to her role as the Scarlet Witch. However, this number will probably keep going up!

2 Mary-Kate Olsen - $200 Million

One would think that the Olsen twins were born attached by the hip, considering that you seldom hear about them or see them in public as separate individuals. This is probably due tot he fact that these two began their career as a duo, and everything they've built in the past decades is probably due, in bog part, to their brand as twin sisters.

Mary-Kate and her sister Ashley began their career at a very young age. They weren't even one year old when they were selected to share the role of Michelle Tanner in the hit-show Full House. Their collective talent was simply too much to ignore, and soon products dedicated to the Olsen twins began popping up everywhere, most notoriously TV movies and a series of video cassettes (remember those?). Tons of merchandise were also produced with the pre-teen public in mind, and their rise to stardom was pretty steady.

Aside from projects with her sisters, Mary-Kate was featured in television shows including Weeds, Factory Girl, and Samantha Who?. Her final acting project was a movie based on a novel, entitled Beastly. But it was thanks to her and her sister's endeavours in fashion that they made even more money, and as of 2019, the twins are believed to have a combined net worth of $400 Million.

1 Ashley Olsen - $200 Million

The other half of the most famous twin sister duo in the world had a very similar life to the one of Mary-Kate, which just comes to further support our previous claim that these sisters were the human versions of peas in a pod. After a string of successful acting roles that included  To Grandmother's House We Go, Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, How the West Was Fun, It Takes Two and Two of a Kind, an empire began to be built.

They were only teenagers when perfumes, backpacks, and all sorts of merchandise girls under the age of fifteen would simply die for started popping up in American stores all across the country. Much like her sister, Ashley chose to retire from acting after making two solo appearances sans Mary-Kate in  The Jerk Theory and I'm Still Here. Both sisters have stated that they would only return to the world of movies and televisions in the role of producers, as opposed to that of actresses.

Thanks to the fashion empire Ashley has built with her sister Mary-Kate, the Olsen legacy will probably live on for many years to come. And because they share a net worth of $400 Million between the two of them, it's safe to assume Ashley's net worth is around $200 Million.

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