Emmys 2019: 5 Best Dressed & 5 Riskiest Outfits, Ranked

The 71st Emmys premiered on Sunday, September 22nd, 2019, and we know you were all tuned is to watch your favorite shows clean up. Whether it was for Flea Bag, Game of Thrones, or Chernobyl, you also got to see all of your favorite television and movie celebs show up in some pretty awesome dresses and suits.

Whether they played it conservative, elegant, or risky, everyone absolutely slayed. If you're looking for the best ones, look no further. Here are the 5 best dresses celebs, and the 5 who took the biggest risks, ranked.

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10 Best: Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox is always slaying, is she not? This eccentric, poofy, elegant and bold dress has us all applauding her. You'll know this bombshell from Orange is the New Black, and while she wasn't nominated, she appeared at the Emmys as a very honored guest.

While it's not featured in our photo, we were also digging her LGBTQ+ rainbow clutch, and how she used her platform this evening to raise awareness for trans people. All things considered, she definitely makes our best-dressed lists, poof and all.

9 Riskiest: Billy Porter

Billy definitely took a big risk with that huge hat and those sparkly pin stripes. We definitely think he pulled it off, honestly, and we're loving that risky and bold outfit, Billy.

Only this man could pull off that hat, and we're digging the hell out of it. You'll probably know this lovable man from Pose, and he actually took home an Emmy this evening for lead actor in a drama series. Oh yeah, he also broke a record for being the first openly gay black man to do so. Congrats, Billy.

8 Best: Sterling K. Brown

Sterling K. Brown is the only other male to make this list, and we don't regret doing so one bit. Our favorite TV dad (maybe besides Jack) rocked this red suit, black shirt, and red satin tie.

He's looking so spiff and handsome, and it would be a crime not to include him. Honestly, we'd also like to give a shout out to his stunning wife in that stunning dress, Ryan Michelle Bathe. Sterling was also nominated for best lead actor in a drama series for This is Us, but was beat out by Billy.

7 Riskiest: Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore, our favorite TV mom! Honestly, does this woman even age? She is always absolutely killing the game. Pink and red was a theme this evening, for who knows what reason, but we think Mandy definitely took home the gold medal. This dress was sure risky, with that cold shoulder and leg slit, but she made it through the entire night without a costume malfunction, and she looked absolutely stunning the whole time.

Mandy is also from This is Us, and she had a nomination for best lead actress in a drama series. Seriously, Mandy, this wardrobe risk was the best decision she could've made, and we almost gave her the entire list.

6 Best: Kristen Bell

You'll know this bombshell, and one of our favorite IRL moms, from her hit comedy series The Good Place. While Kristen didn't have a nomination, we still absolutely love her in this show and everything else she's done.

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Of course, we also clearly love that colorful, sparkly gown. It's flattering, flowy, sequenced, and has our favorite bright colors. What's not to love? We honestly want to borrow this from her, and we're sure she'd let us. You're killing it, Kristen.

5 Riskiest: Emilia Clarke

Emilia also took a pretty big risk with that super low cut gown (which she made a shout out to J-Lo for inspiring). This absolutely brilliant and beautiful woman was nominated for best leading actress in a drama series, for, you guessed it, Game of Thrones. 

While she didn't take home the crown once again (too soon?), we still love this woman and boy did she look stunning. That dress is definitely risky but pulls it off so dang well. She still looks incredibly elegant, and we also want to borrow this one, but we're sure we'd never look as good as she does.

4 Best: Sophie Turner

We had to also include this other Game of Thrones lady, who was also nominated for the show for best-supporting actress in a drama series. While she didn't take the win (who cares, she's the Queen of the North), she takes the silver medal for best dressed on this list. That sleek, elegant gown is absolutely flattering, modest, and stunning.

She always looks good, to be honest, but we exceptionally love this simple and beautiful gown. All hail Queen Sansa. We also kind of want to steal that sparkly necklace, to be honest.

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3 Riskiest: Taraji P. Henson

You'll probably know this absolutely fierce and gorgeous woman from Empire. While she wasn't nominated this evening, she still stole the spotlight with this risky and flowy dress.

She definitely is taking all kinds of risks with that low-cut, loose, and sheer gown, but boy she looks confident as ever. Honestly, every risk taken this evening was definitely worth it. Taraji looks stunning, and we have to commend her for taking such a risk with that revealing gown.

2 Best: Sandra Oh

While all of the ladies from Killing Eve slayed the evening (and we wanted to include them all), we're definitely going to focus on Sandra here. She snuck up on us with this beautiful, sleek, elegant, bright pink gown.

It's low cut, and she almost made the riskiest list, but she looks so stunning (and somehow modest?) that we thought we'd give her the gold for best dressed. You'll know this brilliant gal from Grey's Anatomy, but her newest show is Killing Eve. She was nominated for best leading actress in a drama series for it but didn't take home the gold. However, she at least won in our hearts, and that's all that matters, right?

1 Riskiest: Zendaya

Zendaya, Zendaya, Zendaya. She clearly takes home the gold for riskiest dress, but we could've just as easily given her the win for best dressed. That sheer, satin corset and that green skirt - let us just say, we honestly wish we looked as good as her all of the time. We love that leg and that low-cut, and that she STILL looks elegant and beautiful. This bombshell was in the newest Spider-Man franchise as MJ, but she was at the Emmys for her HBO show, Euphoria. 

While she had no nominations, she didn't need any to steal the show. Tell us your secrets, Zendaya, because we love you way too much, and you are slaying that risky dress.

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