Ellen DeGeneres' Birthday Party Has Star Studded Guest List

It is traumatic for some when they turn 30. It is traumatic for others when they turn 60. After all, at age 60 you are very close to being a “senior citizen” and the Social Security system automatically sends you a notification of what your measly monthly retirement pay will be if the program still exits.

There are a few who celebrate getting older because that means they are part of the winning team that survived and they celebrate in style. It helps a lot if your significant other is the stunningly gorgeous Portia de Rossi who loves you so deeply and has been in love with you for a decade when she throws the most amazing party that Hollywood has seen for a very long time.

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International Business Times reported that the who’s who of Hollywood showed up for Ellen’s birthday party. In fact, the party was so star-studded that you could not squeeze any other superstar in the rooms.

As we noted in the story about Dakota Johnson, who went to the party, People reported that Dakota and Chris Martin were inseparable and obviously very much in love.

Drew Barrymore came with her date.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lawrence and also came and had a great time.

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Others who made their spectacular appearance at the event included Adele, Kim Kardashian, Michael Keaton, Oprah Winfrey, John Legend, The Weeknd, and so many others.

Live performances at the event were made by P Diddy, French Montana, Pink, Pharrell, and others.

Oprah is just a few days and a few years older than Ellen. Ellen is getting closer to being a billionaire.

Oprah is a billionaire three times over. Both of these women are similar and made their careers by being kind and respectful of their audiences especially women. It is obvious to all of the fans that these two women are amazing.

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It is not that often when celebrities get to have some real fun enjoying each other’s company. And it is important to note that Ellen gave away a million dollars to good causes in celebration of her 60th birthday. That is super cool. Portia, we love you and thank you for making one of the very best birthday parties we have ever seen.

Please note: This author was born on January 29, 1958, four years to-the-day after Oprah and I am only three days younger than Ellen, so please invite me to the party next year!

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