Donald Jr & Vanessa Trump To File For Divorce

So far, it hasn't been Donald Trump Jr.'s year as the son of the president is filing for divorce. 

According to US Magazine, his spouse of 12 years has apparently had enough, and she's been unhappy in her marriage for the last couple years. Reportedly very guarded over the privacy of her family, Vanessa was reportedly alarmed about the increased attention they were receiving once Donald Jr.'s father threw his hat into the political ring. She officially filed for divorce proceedings on Thursday.

The couple, both 40, are currently separated, although little is known about how their five children are being cared for. Certainly, security will continue to be a prime concern in the wake of a mysterious letter mailed in February to their posh apartment in New York City. An unidentified white powder was in the contents, causing Vanessa to cough and suffer from nausea to the point where she needed medical attention. Currently, she and the children are doing well.


The split and news of other sagging fortunes are especially sad for someone who was in prime position to take advantage of more auspicious turnings of events more than a year earlier.

Don Jr.'s father has now become politically the most powerful man in the world, and the progeny had his chance at the wheel of the Trump Organization. That's like helming the U.S.S. Enterprise once Jean-Luc Picard decides to spend his golden years as an archeological hobbyist. But thanks to a drop in Manhattan property values and plummeting revenues on the myriad of golf courses owned by the company, you'd think Don Jr. was being handed the rudder to the Titanic.

Complicating things even further is the possibility of authorities breathing down his neck after a pivotal meeting with Russian officials at Trump Tower in New York back in June 2016. Don Jr.’s repeatedly denied that those discussions addressed any ideas of collusion to fix the election; thought it remains a topic of the investigation down the road.

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