Demi Lovato Criticized For Risky Prank, Shares Her Own #MeToo Story

Demi Lovato held a Q&A session on Twitter to answer some fans questions. What was supposed to be a "get-to-know-me" time quickly turned into a public relations nightmare as many fans were outraged with a prank Lovato once planned.

A fan account asked Lovato which was the funniest prank the singer has ever pulled. And Demi responded in a now-deleted tweet:

"I hired a lady of the night in Vegas and sent her to Max's hotel room to surprise him. She walked into his room without permission and grabbed him in his 'area' and he freaked the f--- out hahahaha".

Many fans thought that this joke was not funny but definitely very inappropriate. To make it worse, she even laughed at the matter, as what Lovato planned could have been seen as a sexual harassment. Fans were outraged that the singer could have possibly thought that her action was funny.


Many fans took to her defense, saying that even though the joke is controversial, her intention was completely harmless. As far as we know, Lovato didn't tell the lady of the night to grab her security guard, so it could have been the woman's choice of action. Some fans said that Lovato received more hate than the person who did the groping—which made no sense. Other said that the hypocrite Twitter users just tried to make Lovato looks bad.

Sexual assault has been a serious problem in Hollywood recently. However, the accused producers and artists are mostly men. While it's not as common to see the roles reversed, an assault should be taken as an assault and nothing less. A Twitter user pointed out that if the case was in reverse and the man tried to pull that prank on Lovato, no one would defend him. He would immediately be shamed by the media and the public.

Lovato later wrote that even if she tweeted that she was craving for jelly beans, many would feel offended. Apparently, she was implying that people just keep making up stories, which have nothing to do with the real backstory. Many fans took to the comment section and told her that if she takes sexual assault as light as jelly beans, she definitely had lost her mind.

A few hours later, Demi Lovato asked fans to listen to the lyrics of her 2013 track "Warrior." The song was penned to depict the resilience and the strength one has in order to overcome unbearable pain and extreme difficulties. Many thought the song was about a breakup, while others thought that the song was about her relationship with her father. However, given the current situation, Lovato decrypted the song. It appeared to be a reflection of Lovato's emotional recovery after experiencing sexual abuse. She told Twitter users that they "don't have to educate" her about what sexual harassment is because she is very well-aware of that herself. The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer said that people make silly mistakes once in a while, and everyone should try to show some compassion instead of demonizing them. No one know someone's full story, so it's unreasonable to accuse someone of something.

She quickly added another tweet afterward, saying sorry to those who felt offended because of her not-so-thoughtful words.

What a weekend! What do you think about this controversial debate?


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