10 Crazy Expensive Things Leonardo DiCaprio Has Bought

Once upon a time in Hollywood, there was a young, handsome, and talented aspiring actor named Leonardo DiCaprio. Several years later, he became one of the hottest stars in all the land, with four Oscar nominations and a win under his belt, aside from multiple other awards and a plethora of critically acclaimed movies.

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Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in projects such as The Wolf Of Wall Street, The Revenant, Blood Diamond, and The Aviator, and has made headlines thanks to his vast efforts in fighting climate change. With a net worth of $245 million, DiCaprio is one of the richest Hollywood stars at the moment. But how does this particular celebrity spend his money? Let's take a look at 10 ridiculously expensive things he has bought!

10 Gorgeous Watches - Up To $4,500

A gorgeous and stylish man has to pay a lot of attention to the way he presents himself. DiCaprio is arguably one of the most stylish starlets out there, always looking dapper in whatever he wears. And the man sure loves his accessories, from designer sunglasses to stunning watches!

The latter in particular is something he has no problem splurging on. Reportedly, he buys watches that go for $2,600 and is the proud owner of a Carrera Calibre, which sports a price tag of $4,500.

9 Star Wars Vinyl Cape - $18,000

Everyone has a little bit of nerd inside them, and Leonardo DiCaprio is no exception. Just because he is one of the most famous people in the world doesn't mean he isn't entitled to love the same things as your average Joe. Like the Star Wars franchise, for example!

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As a matter of fact, the star loves Star Wars so much he is no stranger to the world of collecting action figures, amongst other types of memorabilia. Owning hundreds of action figures from the franchise isn't the biggest proof of his love, though! Apparently, Leonardo has dropped $18,000 on a Star Wars vinyl cape.

8 A Jean-Pierre Roy Painting - $38,000

Art can be a fantastic investment. Very often, rare paintings and pieces are sold for thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars at auction. Many Hollywood stars see this, and have no problem diving into the world of art and start compiling some seriously enviable collections.

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One of Leonardo's most expensive purchases within the realms of art was a Jean-Pierre Roy painting, that he bought for a whopping $38,000. And yet, it's not even close to being the biggest investment he made on art!

7 A Dinosaur Skull - $35,000 To $40,000

Well, we all know extremely rich people can take a liking for some weird things. Any lottery winners end up going bankrupt because they make purchases most people can't understand simply because they had the buying power.

Even though DiCaprio tends to stay in the normal lane when it comes to the way he spends his money, he also has some more distinct tastes. For instance, the actor is a very big fan of dinosaurs, having paid between $35,000 and $40,000 for a Mosasaurus skull.

6 Bono's Guitar - $100,000

Leonardo DiCaprio is far from being selfish and keeping his astonishing fortune all to himself. He's spent millions of dollars on charities all around the world, especially those that dedicate themselves to saving the planet.

He also participates in several charitable auctions that support humanitarian causes, as was the case of the auction held to support the victims of Haiti's earthquake in 2010. In this particular auction, DiCaprio, a huge Bono fan, bought the artist's guitar for $100,000.

5 A Sweet Ride - $100,000

Who could resist the urge to splurge on some beautiful four-wheeled rides if they had the money to buy them? Obviously, a rich and famous star like Leonardo DiCaprio appreciates some nice cars, such as his Toyota Prius and a Tesla Roadster.

However, back in the day before the company was bankrupt, Leonardo was very much a fan of Fisker Automotive, even going as far as becoming an investor. At one point, he spent $100,000 on a sweet Fisker Karma Hybrid. He rides in style, but stays friendly towards his ideals!

4 Renting Private Jets - $200,000

Being a major Hollywood star sure comes with a ton of perks, but it also comes with plenty of downsides. The lack of privacy is probably the biggest one, since everyone seems to want a piece of you every time you're out in public.

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This is probably why DiCaprio prefers to travel in style, often renting private jets when he needs to travel. Considering the average price for renting these bad boys is $200,000, we can only imagine how much he's already spent in total!

3 The OG Ruby Slippers - $3 Million

Who would know DiCaprio is such a huge fan of old Hollywood? Sure, we can all appreciate the artistry and glamour that go along with older movies, but that's pretty much it. Leonardo, however, took his love to the next level in a particular instance of his life.

We all know the original movie of The Wizard of Oz, and apparently, DiCaprio not only likes it, but he also adores it. In a past auction, the movie star bought the original ruby slippers from the movie, that were valued at a staggering $3 million!

2 A Los Angeles Mansion - $4.9 Million

The rich and famous of this world love nothing more than to live in major style and comfort. Pretty much everyone who works in the entertainment industry needs to own at least one property somewhere around the city of Los Angeles. After all, that's were all the fun, excitement, and studios are!

Aside from owning his own private island, Leonardo also has other investments when it comes to housing. One of the most impressive ones once belonged to singer Moby, and the actor reportedly bought it for himself for $4.9 million.

1 A Jean-Michel Basquiat Rarity - $9 Million

We told you that $38,000 was far from being DiCaprio's largest investment in art! In fact, it doesn't even come close to the Jean-Michel Basquiat piece the actor bought for himself for $9 million! Yup, he spent more on this particular drawing than he did on his house and cars combined.

Unfortunately, due to a series of uncanny financial events, the actor ha to bid farewell to Basquiat's masterpiece and hand it over to the FBI. It's okay Leo, we're sure you can do even better. Perhaps a Picasso next time?

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