Hollywood A-Listers React To Stan Lee's Death

The beloved Marvel Comics legend, Stan Lee, has officially passed on Nov. 12; 2018. ET Online reported that paramedics responded to Lee’s house in the Hollywood Hills earlier this morning for a medical emergency. Lee was immediately transported to Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, where he sadly passed away shortly after.

The star was 95 years old and left us with what we can only describe as a legacy. The shocking news saddened millions across the world, many of which were fans of Lee’s and his creation of Marvel Comics. His work led to countless Marvel stories told through comics, television, and film, that created fan bases worldwide. Many followers of Lee took online to express their sympathies, including countless Hollywood celebrities, many of which starred in Marvel films.

These celebs took to Twitter following the tragic news to pay their respects to the genius behind the films such as the Avengers, Spider-Man, and X-Men, to name a few. Ryan Reynolds was one of many to express his gratitude for Stan Lee’s work, in a Tweet posted earlier today. “Damn… RIP Stan. Thanks for everything,” Reynolds wrote, who played the Marvel character Deadpool.


In addition to Reynolds post, Chris Pratt too took to his social media to share a snapshot of both he and Lee, and a beautiful message that followed. “I consider myself extraordinarily lucky to have gotten to meet you and to have played in the world you created,” part of Pratt’s post said.

It goes without saying that Stan Lee touched the hearts of many with his work and that he will be truly missed, and rightfully so! Rock legend Gene Simmons also shared a loving post on Twitter in regards to Lee’s passing. Simmons wrote: “Thank you for making my childhood so much more exciting with your astonishing superhero characters,” he said. “You will be sadly missed. RIP,” Simmons finished off, and he truly will be.

The list of celebrities expressing their love for this legendary man’s work goes on, from Seth Rogen, Zoe Saldana, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Chris Evans. “He exuded love and kindness and will leave an indelible mark on so, so, so many lives!” Chris Evans wrote.

We can only send our love to Stan Lee’s children, who will continue to carry the torch of the incredible adventures and stories that have been created and left behind for us. RIP Stan Lee.


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