10 Celebrities Who Own Their Own Company

What we see on TV and in movies is only the persona that an actor puts on... but who are they, really? The way a star chooses to invest their money and time can say plenty about who they are as a person, and many celebs choose entrepreneurship along with the acting careers. Some brands are the trademark of a celebrity's name and are well-known all over the world, while others, not so much.

Fans would likely never guess that Steve Carrell has a general store or that Snoop Dogg actually has a large stake in a site everyone loves: Reddit. So what do others starts do in the free time? Here are ten that are changing the business game and leading their self-created brands.

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10 Jessica Alba Created The Honest Co.

Many people recognize The Honest Co. either from online shopping or in stores such as Target. What many don't realize, however, is that Jessica Alba is actually the one behind it. While her acting career isn't totally poppin' at the moment, her brand certainly is on-trend. With products that are made with healthier alternatives, she's made a big impact on clean living. Her products are mainly baby-related, consisting of everyday items such as wipes, cleaning supplies, diapers, etc. Parents can also feel at ease with products like baby lotions and bath additives, knowing they're created with children in mind.

9 Jaden Smith Is Changing The Environment With His Dad

Jaden Smith receives quite the hype over his wardrobe, but what many don't see is his passion to create a better world. His relationship with his father, Will Smith, is one that many would envy, and it's with him that Jaden has created something truly spectacular. The idea behind Just Water is to cut down on pollution, specifically where plastic in the ocean is concerned. Just Water is an environmentally-friendly brand that not only spreads awareness of an important discussion but also makes serious moves toward a world we can all appreciate and care for.

8 Reese Witherspoon Is Keeping Things Southern With Draper James

She's a little on the quiet side when it comes to being in the media, but Reese Witherspoon has her own company to occupy her free time: Draper James. The brand is on-trend with all things lifestyle, from apparel to housewares. Reese uses her southern charm and roots to create a brand that's chic and down-home, stylish and cozy. Fans of the star are likely well-versed in her wares but those who don't know should check it out -- you might be surprised at what a 'lil southern accent can do for a home!

7 Kingdom And State Is Tan France's Very Own Clothing Line

Queer Eye made a pretty big splash when it appeared on Netflix, and fans of the original show were totally psyched to see it resurfacing. This time, though, the show has gotten a bit of a makeover and redesign, and the Fab Five have literally changed lives.

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One, in particular, has also started a business in his area of expertise: Tan France. His clothing line, Kingdom and State, is surprisingly affordable for many budgets and features clothing that everyone will fall in love with, complete with a bit of authentic Tan flair.

6 Flower Beauty Is A Cosmetic Creation By Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has never been one to remain stagnant when it comes to her professional life and from the late '80s to now, she's been one busy bee. Flower Beauty is her first and only cosmetics line, and it's one that many people are absolutely falling in love with. From stunning eyeshadows to unique and classic shades of lipstick, the brand has taken off. The star features many products on her social media, including how to use and wear them. It's clear to see how proud she is of it, and she should be -- we live in a cosmetic-fueled world.

5 ShoeDazzle Is Founded By Kim Kardashian

When ShoeFab took over ShoeDazzle, Kim Kardashian's name was a bit lost among the big-brand competitors. However, back in 2009 -- almost a decade ago, now -- she was one of the starting co-founders of the brand.

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It began as an affordable site for women to purchase tons (and we mean tons) of unique and diverse shoes, and many were able to grow their collections this way. From the office to the club life, the site had it all, and Kim Kardashian is definitely one of the co-founders to thank for it all.

4 Clint Eastwood Actually Owns A Golf Club

It might not come as a surprise that Clint Eastwood, who generated some relatively negative press in recent years, is, in fact, the owner of an entire golf club. The club, which caters to the golfing elite, is set in the beautiful oceanside of Carmel, California. The amenities are seemingly endless and the course itself is stunning, featuring views of the coastline for miles. Additionally, members can opt to actually live on the course, as Tehama offers real estate options for those who are so inclined. We can't vouch for the cost of living, but it sure is pretty.

3 Steve Carell Owns A General Store

It seems so fitting that Steve Carell, who seems so down to earth and compassionate even in his on-screen roles, would own a small general store. The store, located in Marshfield, Massachusetts, is your typical small-town grocer with an old-fashioned touch. The store itself is actually a historic part of the town, which Steven and his wife, Nancy, grew up not far from. When it was up for sale, the star took the chance to not only own a piece of history, but to own a piece of his hometown, too. It's a sweet story and something Steve and his family care deeply about, and it's open to the public and fully operational year-round.

2 Funny Or Die Has An Interesting Co-Founder: Will Ferrell

It shouldn't be surprising that a comedian such as Will Ferrell has a part in a site such as Funny Or Die, but it's still amusing. The star actually has his own page on the site, dedicated to hilarious videos and a brief history into the background of his acting career. It's appropriately fitting that he would be found on the site, as it's definitely good for a laugh when you're having a bad day. The actor shares the company of other celebs such as Zach Galifianakis and Jeff Goldblum, all of whom have their own videos that are updated regularly.

1 Snoop Dogg Is An Investor For Reddit

Reddit is loved by millions worldwide, and the rapper invested roughly $50 million into the site, which brought it fully into the new age as the single most valuable site on the web. His contribution made him a major investor and allowed Reddit's financial stats to skyrocket, putting it on the map above all others. All of this took place back in 2014 and since then, Reddit has only continued to grow, outlasting the competition... Then again, we wouldn't expect anything less from Snoop.

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