10 Wild Reasons Celebrities Have Been Sued

Most people envy celebrities because of their fame, lavish lifestyles, and of course, endless riches. Unfortunately, being rich doesn't instantly absolve you of all of your problems. Sometimes, it even adds to them. In fact, celebrities get sued considerably more than the average person.

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It's been said that most even have funds set aside for all the frivolous they have to battle throughout the year. And when we say frivolous, boy do we mean it! Here are 10 ridiculous things celebrities have been sued over that make the phrase "more money, more problems" seem painfully accurate.

10 Mila Kunis Sued For Stealing A Pet Chicken

Everyone has a past, but when you're a celebrity, you can probably bank on someone in your life throwing your past indiscretions back up in your face for financial gain. That is exactly what Kristina Karo did. The woman alleges that she and Mila Kunis went to school together when they were both in first grade. As such, Mila often came over to her house and eventually became attached to her pet chicken named Doggie. After it disappeared, Mila supposedly confessed to stealing said chicken. The result was Kristina having to endure severe emotional distress. Conveniently, however, she didn't sue Mila's parents at the time this apparently happened. She waited until Mila was a bonafide TV star to try to hit her up for $5,000. Go figure.

9 Michael Jordan's Look-a-like Couldn't Handle Fame

Most people consider it an honor to be compared to a famous celebrity. Some people even take advantage of the innocent mix-up, and have a little fun signing autographs and taking pictures. This was not Allen Heckard's experience after being repeatedly mistaken for one of the world's most famous basketball players--Michael Jordan. Apparently, people would come up to him for autographs so frequently, it disrupted his quality of life. Instead of just politely explaining that Michael's fans had made a mistake, Allen decided to sue Michael Jordan for $52 million, citing defamation of character. He also went after Nike's founder Phil Knight, for helping turn Michael into a household name.

8 The Woman Who Thought Diddy Caused 9/11

Rap mogul Diddy, known formally as Sean Combs, has been blamed for a lot of stuff (like scamming his artists and even playing a role in the death of 90s rap artist, Biggie Smalls) but most of it amounts to conspiracy theories. Allow us to bring to your attention one more, lesser-known, conspiracy surrounding the rapper. Way back in 2011, a lady named Valerie Joyce Wilson Turk filed a $1 trillion lawsuit against Diddy, in which she accused him and Rodney King of causing 9/11. According to her, he also knocked her children down after succesfully knocking down the World Trade Centers. As if those claims aren't wacky enough, she also claimed that he was the father of her 23 year-old-son, and that he stole one of her casino chips, valued at "100s of zillions of dollars."

7 Rob Dulaney Sued Kim Kardashian For Filing For Divorce

Kim Kardashian's short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries still inspires snarky headlines to this day. The fact that Kim filed for divorce after only 72 days was enough to get the world talking, but the fact that it came after Kim's highly-publicized wedding special, which apparently made her $18 million, caused special interest in her relationship woes.

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Some people claimed that it was all a publicity stunt, and organized boycotts of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. One person who felt especially slighted was comic, Rob Dulaney, who went so far as to sue Kim, Ryan Secreast and E! for their part in what he felt was a "sham wedding."

6 Tina Seals Claimed Beyonce Wasn't Blue Ivy's Birth Mother

Ever since Beyonce's stomach folded during an interview, there has been chatter about whether or not she actually carried her first-born, Blue Ivy Carter. Of course, Beyonce has asserted that she did actually carry and give birth to her daughter. However, that hasn't stopped the conspiracy theory from gaining traction. One thing that didn't help those rumors was a 2014 lawsuit filed by Tina Seals. In the suit, the woman claimed that she, not Beyonce, was Blue Ivy's biological mother. This same woman has also claimed to have mothered tKim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter North, and all three of Micheal Jackson's kids.

5 Kimberly Griggs Claimed To Be Michael Jackson's Muse

Michael Jackson might have passed away in 2009, but his estate is still hit with lawsuits by people who think he's infringed on their rights. Considering he was one of the most famous artists in the world, it seems par for the course. There are still some lawsuits that stick out more than others. One, for example, is a case that was brought on by a woman named Kimberly Griggs in 2012. Griggs sued Michael Jackson's estate for $1 billion, claiming that an apparent relationship between them was the inspiration for some of his biggest hits. She also claimed that he promised to sign over the rights of his music to her, before he died.

4 Ashleigh Johnson Sued The Jonas Brothers For Being Injured At Their Concert

Getting to see your favorite artists live in concert can be a fun, exhilarating experience. It can also be dangerous, if fans get too rowdy. This was the case for Ashleigh Johnson in 2010, after she attended a Jonas Brother concert at The Grove.

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Apparently, a group of fans pushed her into a guard fence, and caused her serious mental, physical and emotional injuries. If Ashleigh's claims are true, then that totally sucks for her, and she have sued the people who caused her trauma. Instead of counting her losses, and rethinking her decision to by seats purchase seats close to a fence, she decided to make this the problem of the Jonas Brothers, as well as a company called Caruso Management.

3 Smartphone Case Company Sued Kim Kardashian For Promoting Their Competition

With over 100 million followers on Instagram alone, it's safe to say that Kim Kardashian is influencer goals. When Kim endorses a product, you can practically bet that people will flock to it, making the company who hired her more money than they know what to do with. That's just what happened when Kim endorsed LuMee, a company that creates light-up phone cases. Their sales skyrocketed as a result. Unfortunately, things didn't bode quite as well for LuMee's competitor, SnapLight. In 2017, the company filed a lawsuit against Kardashian for copyright infringement, and claimed that her endorsement of LuMee made it "extremely difficult" for them to compete in the same market.

2 Diamond Dallas Felt That Jay-Z Stole His Famous "Roc Nation" Hand Signal

Even if you don't listen to Jay-Z's music, you likely know two things about him. One, that he's the lucky man Beyonce chose to be her husband. Two, is that he's always representing his record label, Roc Nation, by positioning his hands into a diamond formation. In 2005, Diamond Dallas sued the rap mogul for copyright infringement, claiming that it was him that actually came up with the gesture, which is calls the "Diamond Cutter" in 1996. Dallas also claimed that Jay-Z's uses of the gesture had become so popular, that people would accuse him of copying the rapper. Ultimately, the suit mandated that Jay-Z must stop using the gesture, but considering that it's been 14 years, and he still regularly flashes it, you can probably guess the outcome of this case.

1 Lucie J. Kim Sued Miley Cyrus On Behalf Of Asian Pacific Islanders In Los Angeles

A photo of Miley Cyrus using her hands to change her facial appearance surfaced in 2009. Dubbed by some as a racially charged gesture towards Asians, Miley Cyrus was forced to apologize for the photo. Lucie J Kim, however, wasn't going to let Miley Cyrus off that easily. In response to the photo, Kim filed a $4 billion lawsuit, citing that Miley had committed a civil rights violation. If you're wondering why Kim chose the astronomical sum, it's because she felt that every Asian Pacific Islander (totally one million) who lived in Los Angeles was entitled to $4,000.

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