10 Celebrities Who Choose To Live in Quiet, Small Towns

Most celebrities chose to live in Los Angeles because it is where everything happens. But being part of the A-list team on show business means that this celebrity will spend a significant part of his/her life under the spotlight and having their steps followed by paparazzi.

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For some artists, Hollywood means work. However, that does not mean they cannot settle down in small towns to enjoy during their time off. They can make their own fortress, where they will hardly be seen joining the city activities, or just use it as a chance to have an ordinary life.

10 Taylor Swift, Rhode Island

Taylor Swift has always loved the spotlight. The singer has all the attention for her music or just through her feud with Kanye West.

But the singer, who was born and raised in Pennsylvania, decided to go against the flow and live in Rhode Island. Just over 1 million people live there and the average age is considerably higher than Taylor's.

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Still, it doesn't mean she has an ordinary life. At her mansion, which is valued at around $17 million, Taylor often receives her A-list friends.

9 Meryl Streep, Salisbury

Meryl Streep has received 21 Oscar nominations, more than anyone else in history. Although the actress has owned Hollywood, she decides to live far away from there.

The actress lives in Salisbury, Connecticut. Streep and her husband found in the city the perfect place to escape the Hollywood lifestyle and they spend a lot of time there, even though they have properties in New York and Pasadena.

The couple has a 90-acre house, that is hidden by massive walls. Although Streep is very discreet, people in the city are very proud of having her as a neighbor.

8 Julia Roberts, Taos

Julia Roberts has several properties in the USA; however, there is a place, in particular, she likes to call home. She has a ranch in Taos, New Mexico, located at the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Julia, her husband, and their twins spend a lot of time there, away from the spotlight.

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The city has only a bit 4.500 inhabitants and has a boho and artsy vibe. Her ranch has 40 acres and the place is so unique that it was the place chose to host her 4th of July wedding.

7 Bruce Willis, Bedford

Bruce Willis was one of the most popular actors in Hollywood when he decided to move to a quieter place. Together with Demi Moore, the actor's wife at the time, the couple moved to Idaho, where they raised their children.

In 2014, he bought a 22 acre land in Bedford, New York, where he lives with his wife Emma Heming, where they are raising their child. The lovely town has approximately 18 thousand inhabitants and is among the 250 wealthiest cities in America. Willis has some A-list neighbors, like Glenn Close and Ralph Lauren. In 2019, the couple has put the estate up for sale.

6 Bill Murray, Charleston

Bill Murray is another celebrity who decided to move to a small town. However, unlike other famous people who did the same, he really appreciates having a regular life around town and is famous for being very accessible.

Murray lives in Charleston and he is often seen supporting the local baseball team, River Dogs, and also in restaurants, bars, and shops. The actor runs some businesses in the city like a restaurant and a cafe.

Murray doesn't mind when people approach him and sometimes he even photobombs in tourist photos.

5 Jon Bon Jovi, Middletown

Jon Bon Jovi might be one of the most important rockstars in the world and still travels the globe performing for fans, but he knows where his roots are.

He and his wife, Dorothea Hurley, have been living in a house in Middletown, New Jersey, since 1999. They bought the land in 1995 and planned each detail of the house where they raised their children.

Middletown has around 50 thousand inhabitants and the famous rock star seems to have a very down to earth routine when he is in town. People are in use to see around and taking part in events, especially if they are for charity.

4 Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively, Bedford

One of the most famous couples in Hollywood has decided to make a company to Bruce Willis and move to Bedford. It just reinforces the city's reputation of offering a low key but luxurious life for their wealthy inhabitants.

The couple seems to enjoy life indoors. “We never leave the house,'' said Blake in an interview "We're together all day whether we're making gingerbread houses or baking cookies, or sitting around and watching movies all piled up.”

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Their home has a 1.7 acres garden, a paneled living room, formal dining room, library and sun porch.

3 Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban, Leiper's Fork

Nicole Kidman has intensely lived the Hollywood life. After marrying singer Keith Urban, the Australians actress wanted to slow down and have a more discreet lifestyle.

The couple bought a 36-acre farm in Leiper's Fork, a rural village in Williamson County, Tennessee. The small town has only 650 people. The couple is often seen outdoors with her two children and they are very happy away from the paparazzi. The couple sold the house in 2018.

They also have another property in Nashville, where the family has kept a very low profile life and daily routine.

2 Tom Hanks, Ketchum

Tom Hanks has a handful of properties on Los Angeles, but when he needs to relax he scapes to his refugee in Ketchum, Idaho - a small and charming town among mountains.

The place is quiet but not far from a vibrant nightlife, skiing area and resorts. According to the actor, this is his home away from home. Ketchum is very popular among billionaires, that are also attracted by the outdoor activities. It gives a very exclusive vibe to the city.

Hanks is not the only celebrity in the city. Clint Eastwood also has property there.

1 John Mayer, Paradise Valley

John Mayer endured throat surgery in 2013 and, according to the actor, it changed everything about his voice. However, it seems that his voice was not the only change.

During his recovering time, the singer felt he needed a place to rest and work on himself. He bought a property in Paradise Valley, Montana, where he could just be an ordinary person. The singer says he fell in love with the city immediately. He even named an album after the city.

Paradise Valley has less than 15 thousand inhabitants. Is surrounded by mountains and even has a small oasis.

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