Sober Celebs: 10 Celebrity Teetotalers

Being a celebrity means having your name constantly in the media. Fans want to know every detail there is to know about their favorite actor, singer or business mogul. Where they shop. Where they hang out. And even what they like to drink to unwind. Champagne toasts and popping bottles are what come to mind when we imagine our favorite celebrity parties.

Although you may think that being a celebrity means surrounding yourself with alcohol, there are actually a lot of celebrity teetotalers that do not drink alcohol anymore or have never even consumed it. Without further ado, we will be presenting 10 celebrity teetotalers that may or may not surprise you.

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10 Jim Carey

This one took us by surprise because of his recent presence in the media and weird behavior he has been displaying in interviews. However, Jim Carey has made the list of celebrity teetotalers because he simply does not drink.

He, as an actor, is pretty awesome and versatile. It is no wonder he can be so funny because he does not have alcohol to cloud his mind from jokes and improved punch lines. Known as an over the top actor, a good one, no one can attribute his success to the use or abuse of alcoholic drinks. This celebrity teetotaler is simply a great comedic actor because he is just that funny.

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9 Kim Kardashian

It makes sense that Kim Kardashian West is now a celebrity teetotaler and the reasons why will make you smile. She has had recent additions to her family and is featured on her reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which has been on too many seasons to count, and she has a husband that is not necessarily hidden from the blogs.

She has also recently started a campaign that fights for prison reform, where she has helped release 17 inmates in 90 days. These are role model moves and it is no wonder this celebrity teetotaler does not want her judgment cloudy when helping to give individuals freedom!

8 Kim Cattrall

We all know her as Samantha from our favorite Sex in the City TV series and movies, but would you ever think that she does not drink alcohol? If you have ever seen these movies you know Ms. Cattrall is portrayed as a very promiscuous lady that does not stay away from a relaxing drink.

She is known as someone who does not like doing anything for more than an hour if she is not entertained. All of that said, she does not drink nor does she desire to. Perhaps she is portrayed in so many roles where she does drink, that she does not want to imitate that life at all.

7 Tyra Banks

We know this supermodel from her very popular TV modeling reality show America’s Next Top Model. She is always in the bright lights at fashion weeks and guest hosting on different TV shows but does she actually sit back when it’s all over and have a cold one?

The answer is no! Tyra does not drink and it makes sense because she is a flawless-body supermodel. As unhealthy as drinking daily is and the fact that it can help add extra pounds, it is probably a good idea that Tyra does not drink. It is mentioned in her book that she has publicly stated that she does not drink alcohol.

6 Robert Downey Jr.

You may know him as your favorite Avenger superhero, Iron Man, or you remember him from his breakthrough film Chaplin. Nevertheless, Robert Downey Jr. is now a teetotaler. He has been for the last 15 years and there’s a good reason if you know anything about his drug abusive past which he has clearly overcome.

He is openly expressive about his past and talks about it frequently. His success in the Avengers series is an example of his enormous success. Robert Downey Jr. made this list of celebrity teetotalers due to his dedication to living a healthier, alcohol and drug-free life.

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5 Russell Brand

+Actor and comedian Russell Brand has been sober for an impressive 10 years and is why he deserves to be on the list of celebrity teetotalers. Movies, like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek, are just some examples of why someone would not think that he is a celebrity teetotaler.

He portrays this wild and unruly character so well in TV shows and movies that you could mistake him for an alcohol drinker. It seems that Russell Brand, who once used drugs and alcohol, has really turned his life around. It also seems that it was a smart choice to make on his part due to his increased success in the TV shows and movies he is featured in.

4 Kristin Davis

There seems to be a trend with the cast from Sex and the City. Kristin Davis has become a teetotaler and has a really great reason why. She admits openly that she is a recovering alcoholic and that she does not drink anymore.

It is no question that the effects of alcohol can drastically ruin someone’s career. Kristin Davis is an individual who realized that she has a problem and because of that, has one of the most memorable roles as Charlotte on Sex in the City. She has made this list of celebrity teetotalers because of her determined attitude to say goodbye to the past.

3 Leona Lewis

Most people need a drink or two to come out of their shell and maybe even become the life of the party. This next celebrity teetotaler, Leona Lewis, has made this list because she does not drink alcohol at all and never has. Her reason is simply that she does not like the taste.

An even deeper meaning would be that she learned from the mistakes of other singers who came before her. A lot of people probably wish they did not like the taste of alcohol enough to stop drinking it. Leona Lewis is known for her breakthrough song Bleeding Love and her presence on The X Factor will not be known as an alcoholic, but a celebrity teetotaler.

2 Daniel Radcliffe

Being sober for over 10 years is very impressive for this once child star of the popular book and movie series Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe makes the list of 10 celebrity teetotalers because he has turned his life around after using alcohol as a way to cope with the huge fan base that overwhelmed him after filming the Harry Potter series. Daniel openly admits his use and abuse of alcohol during the filming of these movies and has stopped because he basically had an ‘Aha!’ moment.

He realized that being a celebrity alcoholic was not great for him or his career. Therefore, we salute you Daniel for your dedication to being a celebrity teetotaler.

1 Kendrick Lamar

Poetic Justice, one of his most popular hit songs, is this celebrity teetotaler’s motivation to stay alcohol-free. Kendrick Lamar has made this list of celebrity teetotalers because of his commitment to do things differently.

Kendrick has spoken openly about his family history of drug abuse and it is the reason why he will not drink alcohol. He is actually an advocate for a drug-free life and does not want anyone to make the mistake of taking a drug and getting addicted. It makes sense that Kendrick is a celebrity teetotaler because he is not generally seen drinking or popping bottles like most rappers. Even listening to his music you will find that he does not mention the use of drugs very often.

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