10 Celebs Who Glowed Up After Puberty (And 10 Who Didn’t)

Despite their fame, success and money, celebrities have a tough life. Their photos are constantly splashed across newspapers and magazines and their actions are constantly being dissected and analyzed by reporters, fans and haters.

Because celebrities are always in the media most of them feel an obligation to look a specific way. They try their best to look as attractive and polished as possible, hiring stylists and makeup artists to achieve a certain look that is almost always expected from them.

Of course, some celebrities have great genetics and thus look stunning regardless of what they’re wearing. Indeed, if you look at photographs of young celebrities it doesn’t take long to realize that a lot of them transformed from ugly ducklings to swans. In other words, most celebrities glowed up after puberty.

Other celebrities, however, didn’t. They still remain the ugly ducklings they were when they were children and teens. Worse, some of them showed signs of glowing up but then ruined their appearance, and sometimes even career, by using substances.

20 Glowed Up – Megan Fox


The stunning actress Megan Fox certainly glowed up after puberty. Indeed, Fox has been voted as the world’s most beautiful woman numerous times thanks to her striking appearance.

But Fox hasn't always been this pretty or this popular. The actress revealed that she found her time at school difficult and that she often felt lonely –

“I’ve always gotten along better with boys. That rubbed some people the wrong way. I was not, ever for a second, popular. Everyone hated me."

She went on to say, "I was a total outcast, my friends were always guys, I have a very aggressive personality, and girls didn’t like me for that. I’ve had only one great girlfriend my whole life.” Apparently, as a teen Fox wore braces and used to dye her hair orange. She said – “I was never the pretty girl."

19 Didn’t – Steven Anthony Lawrence


As a kid, Steven Anthony Lawrence was rather cute. Sure, he was chubby but many celebrities, who go on to become real stunners later on in life, usually are. Unfortunately, Lawrence never glowed up after puberty.

You probably best remember Lawrence as Bernard “Beans” Aranguren from Even Stevens. However, after the show ended Lawrence also appeared in Cheaper by the Dozen, ER and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Nowadays however he spends most of his time teaching.

Lawrence thinks that he changed quite a lot since he was a child but apparently his fans still recognize him – “It's really weird. I feel like I've changed so much when I look in the mirror. I don't know how people even barely recognize me. But I'll be walking down the street and people drive by for two seconds and automatically they'll go, "Oh, my God! You're Beans! Ahhh!" God, even I would have to at least do a double-take."

18 Glowed Up – Zac Efron


There’s no denying that the actor Zac Efron is a handsome man. However, he wasn’t always so good-looking. As a kid Efron was cute but you have to admit that his frizzy hair and goofy smile did not predict that he’d go on to become a hunk.

By the time Efron played Troy Bolton in High School Musical, he had changed quite a bit. However, recently the actor underwent an even a bigger change, transforming his lanky teen body into the body of a strong man for his role in Baywatch – “It's pretty hard to train like that 24/7. I love to train, it's just a part of my sort of zen thing that I do to keep myself centred.”

17 Didn’t - Mayim Bialik


The actress Mayim Bialik, probably best known for her role as Blossom Russo in the TV series Blossom as well as for her role as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory, is one of those celebrities who never really glowed up after puberty.

And unlike others who have come to terms with their imperfections, Bialik doesn’t feel empowered by her flaws. In fact, the actress has said – “I grew up with a very different standard of beauty and attractiveness, as did many women my age. It takes a lot of adjusting for some of us to get used to this notion that all of a sudden things women were teased for and hated for I’m now supposed to flaunt. It’s just not how my brain’s going to work, but I think both things can be OK.”

16 Glowed Up – Emma Watson


Back when Watson was a child and a teen, she hated her eyebrows. She said –

“I used to hate that I had strong eyebrows. As a nine-year-old I desperately wanted to pluck them and make them two thin lines."

Nowadays she has come to embrace them however and has learned how to take care of them. The actress Emma Watson who will probably forever be remembered as the bookworm Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series looked very different when we first met her. Back then she had frizzy hair and bushy eyebrows and even though J. K. Rowling thought she was too pretty to play Hermione, none of us expected her to transform into the beautiful young woman she is today.

15 Didn’t – Jessie Cave


The actress Jessie Cave played the annoying Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter series. Her character briefly stole Ron Wesley, played by Rupert Grint, from Hermione, played by Emma Watson.

Cave’s appearance hasn’t changed very much at all. To this day she remains the chubby-cheeked pale girl that we all got to know in the Harry Potter series. She now also sports big geeky glasses, hoop earrings and quirky clothes and has actually started her own fashion label. Even though the actress is 30 years old she looks about 14.

Cave said that after the Harry Potter franchise ended she met her agents and was horrified by the experience. “When I got my headshots done there was this woman screaming at me to blow my lips out. She kept saying: 'You want to be like Scarlett Johansson, don't you?' In the shot my eyes are popping out, I look terrified. I realized I'd rather not get a job than go through pain to be something I'm not."

14 Glowed Up – Taylor Swift


Can you believe that the photo of the young girl on the left is that of a young Taylor Swift? We can’t either, and yet it’s true. The above photo just goes to show how kids and teens transform as they grow older.

Taylor has commented on the photo above, saying – “'Everyone's got some embarrassing photo. My high school pictures are, like ... it's tragic. My style forever was going to be cornrows. I took my school picture with the cornrows. It really thrust me into understanding what it's like to not have anywhere to sit in the cafeteria.'

13 Didn’t – Iggy Pop


The famous American singer Iggy Pop also known as the “Godfather of Punk” is another celebrity that never glowed up after puberty. Thankfully, he was very talented and his looks did not stand in his way of achieving fame and success.

Maybe it is because of his looks that Iggy Pop doesn’t care much about his appearance. Indeed, the singer described his style as a “beach bum”. He said – “[My style is] kind of beach bum, really. I would say, slightly expensive beach bum, I suppose. I drive a Rolls [Royce]… but it’s used. But not that used.”

12 Glowed Up - Scarlett Johansson


However, being pretty can be as much a curse as it is a blessing. Johansson has said that thanks to her good looks she has lost out on many interesting roles –

“That has happened to me before, yeah. That’s always an unfortunate thing to figure out. Why can’t you see?! For me, I would imagine casting someone, you would want to challenge yourself in some way.”

Scarlett Johansson was certainly a cute child and teen but few could have predicted that she would turn into the stunning beauty she is today. Indeed, Johansson is one of the few lucky celebrities who glowed up after puberty. Imagine if she hadn't? She probably wouldn't have played the amazing Black Widow, and that definitely would have been a sad thing.

11 Didn’t - Lindsay Lohan


The actress Lindsay Lohan was a cute child and teen so we all expected her to grow into a beautiful young woman. Unfortunately, that never happened. The actress’s enormous fame led to her becoming an addict which seriously impacted her appearance.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2013 Lohan admitted her problems – “Alcohol. That, in the past, was a gateway to other things for me.”

Recently Lohan has also been accused of  getting work done. Some say that the actress wants to attain perfection hoping that her perfect looks will restore her acting career. Unfortunately, we really don't think that it will do much for her. Sometimes, you fall too hard down the rabbit hole, and you just can't come back out.

10 Glowed Up – Zooey Deschanel


New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel was a chubby child and teen but over the years she has transformed into a true beauty. Indeed, nowadays girls and young women all over the world attempt to emulate Deschanel’s appearance, something we’re sure that the actress didn’t foresee back when she was a teen!

Indeed Deschanel has previously confessed that school was a difficult time for her and that she was bullied and teased –

“Nothing could be as hard as middle school. There were insecurities that I think I would have worked through a lot faster if I’d had certain tools and could have connected with certain people earlier.”

Interestingly, this is kind of addressed on New Girl. She does occasionally get made fun of for her bubbly personality and quirky dress choices, but Jessica Day owns it all anyway, and doesn't make anyone feel bad about the choices she makes.

9 Didn’t – Amanda Bynes


The actress Amanda Bynes was also a cute child and an even cuter teen. Thus, it comes as no surprise that we all had a major crush on her and we all thought she’d grow up to be a beautiful young woman.

And while Bynes transformed from a goofy little girl into a rather pretty teen her fame ended trapping her in a vicious cycle of substance issues which seriously messed not only with her acting career but also her appearance. Not to mention she has lost her mind more than once in a very Britney Spears/Lindsay Lohan kind of way in public, and really, she should learn to control herself.

Nowadays Bynes is slowly returning to normal but it is quite clear that she will never be the beauty we all thought she’d be.

8 Glowed Up – Keira Knightley


It is hard to recognize the stunning actress Keira Knightley in the photograph on the left. As a teen the famous and incredibly talented actress looked rather plain and few could have predicted that she would turn into the beauty she is today.

Indeed, recently Knightley has admitted that she has gotten parts because of her good looks –

“Have I got parts because of the way I look? Yes. I have got parts because of the way I look? Yes. What can you do about it? I look the way I look, I am not willing to cut my face up.”

But no one is upset that she is getting these parts, even if they are just based on her looks. She completely takes over every role she has been given, sometimes even, when the spotlight isn't meant to be on her. That's how good she is. So she should keep on being in films.

7 Didn’t – Rupert Grint


The actor Rupert Grint, best known for portraying Harry Potter’s sidekick Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series was a cute kid but not one that seemed to be on his way of becoming a handsome young man. And indeed, while some expected the actor to turn into a good-looking man such as Prince Harry, Grint never glowed up after puberty.

In fact, Grint has recently admitted that many fans confuse him with the singer Ed Sheeran, who is also known for his rather unattractive appearance –

“It’s kind of 50/50 now. If someone stops me, it could go either way. I could be Ed or I could be me.”

At least one thing is for sure, even though fans might not think he is completely good looking, they will always show him love. That's what happens when you are part of such a massive franchise such as Harry Potter.

6 Glowed Up – Nicole Kidman


The actress Nicole Kidman certainly glowed up after puberty. As a teen, Kidman was gangly and had frizzy hair. Few could have predicted that she would go on to become one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

Indeed, the actress recently confessed that she hated the way she looked as a teen, especially her weird curly hair and her height – “I wish I had known I would become more confident about my looks. I used to confide in my mum Janelle, who was tall too - 5ft 10in. She used to tell me that men liked tall women.I would say: 'I am not interested in men - I am interested in boys.'”

5 Didn’t – Haley Joel Osment


The actor Haley Joel Osment, best known for his roles in films such as The Sixth Sense, which earned him an Academy Award nomination, A.I Artificial Intelligence and Pay It Forward, never glowed up after puberty either.

The actor, who was never very handsome as a teen, ended up putting on weight as he grew older which did not enhance his appearance at all. In addition, the actor grew his hair as well as his beard and we can’t say that either his longer hair or the beard look that good on him. At least he's making decent money in Hollywood, but unfortunately puberty was not so kind to him.

4 Glowed Up – Georgie Henley


The actress Georgie Henley is best known for her role as Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia. While back then Henley was a cute, chubby child, few of us had any hopes that the actress would grow up to be the stunner she is today.

Fans still can’t get over how good Henley looks, and some have even dubbed the actress the new Emma Watson.

Henley herself however doesn’t think that she looks that good and has confessed that she doesn’t have much confidence in her body – “I am definitely not into the exposed look. I am not one of those people who flashes their stomach or anything like that, because I don’t have the confidence. I have confidence in my personality, because I think that if I talk to people hopefully they will like me, but I don’t have confidence in my body.”

3 Didn’t – Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran was a cute kid but at the same time no one expected him to grow into a handsome man. And indeed, as the years passed it became apparent that Sheeran was not going to glow up after puberty.

Sheeran knew this himself and perhaps that is why he focused so much on his singing career. The singer has said – ‘'It was just a way if it ever feels awkward I just take out my guitar. I was quite an unfortunate looking kid and I feel like God looked down on me and thought you need help getting laid mate.” That is probably one of the saddest things we ever heard.

2 Glowed Up – Kirsten Stewart


Who could have thought that Kristen Stewart would grow up to be such a stunning young woman? Indeed, it is hard to believe that the photo on the left is of Stewart. Puberty has clearly agreed with the young actress for she certainly glowed up after it.

In terms of her personality, Stewart feels like she hasn’t changed much at all – “I couldn’t relate to kids my own age. I have felt that I should have been an adult since I was aged about 5. I remember when I turned 18, everyone asked me if I felt more mature, but I felt the same as I always did. Juggling work and school, and helping my mother; I’ve always had a lot of responsibility.”

1 Didn’t – Marilyn Manson

venia-mag.net; irishmirror.ie

Marilyn Manson was certainly not the best looking kid and he did not glow up after puberty either. Indeed, most of the time we can’t even see the real Manson anyways because he is hiding behind makeup and dark shades.

However, there have been times when Manson opted to go bare-faced. Most recently, Manson did not wear any makeup a week after his dad passed away.

Indeed, on the day that his dad passed away Manson shared a photograph of his younger self with his dad on Instagram which included a sweet caption -  “He taught me how to be a man, a fighter and a survivor. How to drive. How to lead. He will always be the best dad in the world. Somehow and somewhere, I know he is with my mom now. I will keep my promise and never let you down. I miss and love you dad."

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