Every Cast Member of Law & Order: SVU's Net Worth

The hit show Law & Order: SVU is the top crime drama show on television to date. It has had a successful twenty-one season run on air and it hasn't stopped. The show was created by Dick Wolf for NBC centered around the Special Victims Unit in New York City's police department.

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There's nothing better than sitting back after work and watching Elliot Stabler, Olivia Benson, Odafin Tutuola, Amanda Rollins, and Dominick Carisi take on New York's worst sex crimes. It's even available for weekly marathons. With the show's popularity, the cast members have racked up hefty net worth.

13 Mariska Hargitay: 50 Million

The show's matriarch and most prominent character Olivia Benson is played by Mariska Hargitay. She stands at the top of the list with a net worth of 50 million. On average she makes $450 thousand per episode of Law & Order SVU. Hargitay has been playing Benson since the show premiered on NBC in 1999. Fans have seen Hargitay immerse herself into her on-screen role and make the transition from detective all the way to the captain of SVU.

Hargitay before landing the role of Benson has appeared on television shows such as Seinfeld, ER, and Baywatch. Her role as Benson has had her receive multiple awards and nominations from Emmy's to the Golden Globes.

12 Ice-T: 40 Million

Ice-T stands at a net worth of 40 million. Odafin Tutuola has been a detective/sergeant at SVU since the 2000s. Portrayed by Ice-T, he was a former undercover narcotics officer who was transferred to SVU.

Ice-T has also made a majority of his net worth as a rapper, musician, record producer, and author. In the 1980's he made himself known in the underground rapping scene and was later signed by Sure Records in 1987. Ice-T, besides playing Tutuola on-screen, also owns his own record company and has done voice acting.

11 Christopher Meloni: 30 Million

Every detective needs a partner that is willing to take a bullet. Christopher Meloni played the character Elliot Stabler and was Benson's partner. Meloni has a net worth of 30 million. He played Stabler from the shows start until its 12th season. Stabler was the family man with a wife and kids but had a bit of a temper that got him into trouble.

Meloni was a producer and star of the SyFy show Happy! as Nick Sax. He also made a supporting role appearance in Man of Steel and played Roman in the HBO show True Bloods.

10 Richard Belzer: 16 Million

Every fan will remember the self-titled conspiracy nut of the SVU department, John Munch. Richard Belzer played the iconic role and has a net worth of 16 million. Belzer played the role since the shows beginning until its 15th season. Riddled with numerous ex-wives and conspiracies about the government, Munch was surely a character to weep over when he departed.

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Belzer has also portrayed this character in other shows of Law & Order. You might also remember Belzer from his scene in Scarface as an M.C. Besides being an actor he is also a stand-up comic who has appeared on Saturday Night Live in 1975

9 Dann Florek: 10 Million

The SVU department has to be kept in check every once in a while and that's where Donald Cragen comes in as their captain. Played by Dann Florek, Florek stands at a net worth of 10 million. Florek stayed on until the show's 15th season where his character retired from law enforcement. He reprised his role in the 16th season in episode 21.

Florek has had multiple appearance shows such as playing Dave Meyer in NBC's L.A Law and the show SmartGuy.

8 Raul Esparza: 9 Million

Law & Order: SVU has had some notable assistant district attorney's and Raul Barba is at the top of the list. Raul Esparza plays the aggressive yet effective ADA and stands at a net worth of nine million. Esparza's character was introduced in the shows 14th season and stayed on until the 19th season. His departure from the show hit a lot of fans' hearts.

Esparza is also a hit on the theater stage taking part in the 2000s Broadway revival of The Rocky Horror Show. He was also in Taboo, Cabaret, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Company. Esparaza was also a series regular in the television show Hannibal as Dr. Frederick Chilton.

7 BD Wong: 8 Million

Dr.George Huang is SVU's psychologist for various seasons in the show. Actor BD Wong has a net worth of eight million. Wong has appeared in numerous Broadway shows, television and film.

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Wong won a Tony Award for his performance in M. Butterfly and was nominated for a Critic's Choice Award for his role in the American drama thriller series, Mr. Robot. He also played Dr.Henry Wu in the Jurassic Park franchise films. You might even remember him from your childhood voicing the character General Captain Li Shang in Disney's Mulan.

6 Diane Neal: 10 Million

Alongside Barba, Casey Novak was an ADA who got what she wanted in the courtroom. Diane Neal makes her net worth from her role in Law & Order: SVU and various TV appearances. She also made her initial appearance on SVU as a female rapist in the episode "Ridicule."

She has also made an appearance in NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans as CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin. For three episodes she played Allison Holt in the USA show Suits. In American crime thriller The Following, she played Lisa Campbell for four episodes.

5 Kelli Giddish: 8 Million

Southern born and bred, Detective Amanda Rollins joined SVU in season 13 and has been a series regular. Actor Kelli Giddish portrays the character and has a net worth of eight million.

Giddish takes on the role of a tough as nails detective who transferred from Atlanta PD who comes from a dysfunctional family. From 2005 until 2007, Giddish played Di Henry on ABC's All My Children. Looks like Law & Order: SVU was the perfect fit for Giddish having also been part of crime drama shows, Chase and Past Life.

4 Peter Scanavino: 1 Million

Dominick Carisi Jr. is the definition of Staten Island Italian. Carisi, also known as Sonny, is the fresh new detective in the squad room later turned ADA.  Peter Scanavino joined the show as the character in its 16th season. This isn't the first time Scaravino was on Law & Order: SVU.

Scanavino guest-starred in Law & Order: Criminal Intent and later made guest appearances on SVU until the 14th season. He also made appearances in The Blacklist, The Good Wife and Deception.

3 Danny Pino: 3 Million

Danny Pino portrays Detective Nick Amaro from the shows 13th to 16th season. Amaro becomes a handful on SVU as he struggles with what he witnesses on the job, his strained marriage and his anger issues that put his job in jeopardy.

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Pino has played Detective Scotty Valens in series Cold Case by CBS. In the special about Lucille Ball from the hit show Lucy, Pino played her husband Desi Arnaz. He is currently  Miguel Galindo on the show Mayans M.C. He plays the drug cartel leader based on a spin-off from the hit FX show Son's of Anarchy.

2 Dean Winters: 5 Million

Dean Winters, besides playing the character "Mayhem" in the Allstate Insurance commercials, played Detective Brian Cassidy on SVU and Benson's former love interest. Winters has a net worth of 5 million.

The other roles he is noted for include playing Ryan O'Reilly in the prison drama Oz. Winters also made guest appearances in Sex and the City, CSI Miami, and NYPD Blue and many more.  He also plays the Vulture on the comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Winters was also in the film John Wick as the character Avi.

1 Jamie Gray Hyder: 1 Million

There's some new blood in the squad room by the name of Katriona Tamin. Jamie Gray Hyder portrays the new detective in the 21st season. She has a net worth of 1 million with acting, voice acting, and modeling.

Any gamer will recognize her for voicing Lieutenant Nora Salter in the game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. She also voiced Echo in Killzone Shadow Fall. Hyder also played werewolf Danielle in True Bloods for 11 episodes. You might also see her in guest appearances in NCIS, Bones, Criminal Minds, and Graceland.

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