Cash Me Outside Girl's Rap Song Goes Gold

Cash Me Outside Girl's Rap Song Goes Gold

Bhad Barbie’s single “Hi Bich” has gone gold.

Don’t let your memes be dreams, as the saying goes. Who would’ve thought that someone who got their start as a punchline on Dr. Phil would go on to become an internet meme, and then go on to turn that meme into a multi-million dollar music empire?

Danielle Bregoli, who now also goes by her stage name of Bhad Barbie, just recently hit her first musical milestone. Her second single, “Hi Bich”, just went gold. That means it sold more than 500,000 copies.

That’s a pretty incredible statistic considering she doesn’t even have an album and really only has seven singles to her name. But maybe not so amazing when you consider the fact her music video for the song has been viewed over 84 million times on YouTube.

via TMZ

Not bad for a 15-year-old who only signed her first multi-million dollar record deal in September. She’s also the youngest female artist to chart on the rap and hip-hop category with Billboard, where “Hi Bich” eventually hit 29th.

It’s unusual, but in the digital age, compiling whole albums of songs isn’t necessary. It might even be inefficient from a business perspective. Artists can charge more per song than they can for an entire album, so if you only release singles you get more money for less work. In that respect, Bregoli is a music trailblazer.

And her trail is only set to get wider. She’s already doing collaborations with more established artists. Her latest, “Gucci Flip Flops,” features rapper Lil Yachty commiserating with Bregoli about their fabulous wealth.

Be warned, there are definitely explicit lyrics.

And to top it off, she’s going on tour. Starting in April, Bhad Barbie kicks off her Bhanned in the USA tour hitting 25 cities worldwide, including Dallas, Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Germany, Amsterdam, Paris, London, and Copenhagen.

Tickets are on sale now for you to contribute to the death of art as we know it


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